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Altair Club Cars Land Rover Defender 110 2022 – TEST PL (2.0 300 KM) Bardziej cywilizowany klasyk

Land Rover Defender 110 2022 – TEST PL (2.0 300 KM) Bardziej cywilizowany klasyk

Land Rover Defender to prawdziwa motoryzacyjna legenda. W 2022 roku na rynku dostępna jest już nowa generacja tego modelu, która zerwała z bardzo tradycyjnym i siermiężnym charakterem i dostosowała go do standardów współczesności. Czy wyszło to Land Roverowi Defender na dobre? Sprawdzałem to, spędzając kilka dni z egzemplarzem w wersji X-Dynamic SE o rozmiarze 110, gdzie pod maską pracował silnik benzynowy 2.0 300 KM, połączony z automatyczną skrzynią biegów i napędem 4×4. Wraz z ogromnymi felgami 22 cale taka konfiguracja powodowała, że testowany Land Rover Defender 2022 jawił się jako propozycja nie tylko w teren, ale również na utwardzone drogi. Między innymi ten aspekt omawia mój test wideo. Przedstawiam w nim chociażby jak silnik o oznaczeniu P300 przyspiesza 0-100 km/h i jak wypada jego ogólna dynamika, jakie uzyskać można w nim spalanie w mieście i na trasie, a także jak dosyć zwykła benzyna pasuje do tak dużego modelu. Mój test Land Rovera Defender pokazuje też jakość wykonania tego samochodu i sposób jego obsługi, a także pojemność bagażnika i tylnej kanapy. Skupiam się też na wymienieniu możliwości terenowych LR Defendera 110 oraz omówieniu jak radzi sobie na utwardzonych drogach, gdzie spędziłem najwięcej czasu. Osoby zainteresowane nową generacją terenowego Land Rovera w 2022 roku zapraszam do oglądania filmu, gdzie zawarłem wszystkie swoje opinie i informacje o tym modelu.

I invite you to test the successor of a true automotive legend, i.e. the new land rover defender, which is not as spartan and strictly off-road as it is so far, but still provides specific possibilities on the off-road and can also be a car every se trim levels, middle body size 110 and 2 liter gasoline. done with the hero of this test to see its civilization, , made a

Revolution in the nature of this model, which some people certainly did not and that means more computerization and less old school feel. in terms of styling, in my opinion, the refreshing was really good, because on the one hand, the angular body and the shapes of details in the form of e.g. lights refer to the original and you can feel the test spirit of the past in the

Car, but on the other hand, the whole thing has a fully modern overtone, and the presented the copy shows how the defender looks in a typical asphalt visual configuration, because the black lacquer medallion for pln 5,640 is not perfect in masking various scratches, and 22-inch rims for a substantial pln 20,060, which also require thinner tires, are not made for off-road.

An appearance maintained in such a dangerous, let’s say, gangster style, then the of attention, because compared to competing, large suvs here you get not only an interesting appearance , but also a much larger niche of the model. in the interior, the tradition has been successfully transferred into modern garments, because such elements as visible screws on the door or

The central tunnel, the shelf in front of the passenger or such a general, certain, roughness immediately show that we are not dealing with an ordinary model, but impression of antiquity here and the design does not fit the car for the money. not only are details such as the aforementioned screws to build the unique character of this cabin, but also other elements that

Did not have to be here , but were well placed because they create an interesting atmosphere. i mean, for example, additional lenses in the rear part of the body. definitely does not belong to cheap cars, because when you think about it, give, because we have a lot of configuration options in the tested model, which start with the length of the body and 90 it is a smaller

3-door block measuring 460 cm, and the 130 is already a colossus of almost 540 cm in length, and more sheet metal of equipment here, from those going more in the utility direction, as well as luxury and power units, where there is 200 hp and a 3-liter diesel downstairs, as well as then there’s a plugin hybrid or a little more powerful 3-liter diesel engine, and at the top

You can find a 5-liter v8 developing 525 hp. if you add to this the typical for a premium brand, the possibility of retrofitting the car with numerous and expensive accessories, to which there are also off-road accessories, such as a winch or a ladder leading to the roof, then the tested model can be just over the mentioned pln 300,000 or for almost a million. taking this

Into account, the price of the test specimen was reasonable, because in the x-dynamic se version and with pln 50,000 add-ons, it eventually cost around pln 450,000 and offered a really solid level of equipment, if, however, someone thought about buying a defender without going to the salon with the entire amount only in the partner wahacz tv, i.e. carlease polska for a

More spartan and off-road 250 hp diesel copy and a shorter body for approximately 20% of the own payment, which gives pln 48,378 net. then a 4-year lease period and a final buyout of 30%, i.e. pln 72,567. a link to the offer, where you can set the sliders under yourself, i put in the description of the film, and you can also find many other cars on i

Perceive the tested defender because of its wheels, a more common engine variant more for people who want to have a large suv for driving on paved roads and with more occasional going off-road somewhere, and in this way i will on asphalt, a 2-liter gasoline developing 300 hp is doing quite well, the gasoline engine has a really large body to accelerate, because the defender

In the 110 variant is almost 2 meters high, weighs 2,140 kilograms, and its body is difficult to treat as streamlined when it comes to shapes. in general, however, the car is doing quite well, because although i could not count on any sharp reactions and i feel a bit heavy after hitting the gas, i do not traffic or overtake it, regardless of on the type of road. so if

Someone does not drive with a large additional load, then the base gasoline at the same time, it is definitely the least charming engine in this model, because the 3-liter diesel engines, although weaker, have 6 cylinders. the plug-in hybrid offers silent driving, and the flagship v8 is a different league altogether. however, if the performance of 300 hp of gasoline is

Enough for someone, then also in the area of ​​work culture, this engine is ok, because it behaves very smoothly while driving, and during acceleration, a pleasant whistle reaches the ears. is poor, because the vibrations are then too noticeable. in each defender, the driver can count on the presence of automatic transmission and all-wheel drive as standard, and the

Transmission with the gasoline present in the test car worked flawlessly, because even the speed of changing gears was good, regardless of whether i slightly accelerated or forced a few gears reduction, where, of course, an extra moment was needed, but it was inconspicuous while driving, especially for a model of this type. also in terms of smoothness, i did not feel any

Jerks, and the revs were selected naturally and the gearbox did not hold them too low or try to delay the reduction, so it allowed for a stress-free ride. defender should not feel stress at the gas station, although the fact remains that the car burns a lot, because in warsaw i was getting an average of 12-15 liters per 100 km non-urban roads, i managed to drive calmly

To the lowest level of 9-10 liters. increased to around 13 liters, and on highways to almost 15 liters. fortunately, the fuel tank of the tested land rover the driver’s perspective, which is admittedly long, but horizontal, the front glass does not fall down too much, which results in a short glazing. is not very high for the height of the whole car, it is also large.

Unfortunately, visibility is limited by the spare wheel behind it. shape, defender is a car difficult to maneuver, because up to the already mentioned 5 therefore, both in parking lots and simply on narrower streets, you need to be more careful, and in addition, the turning radius of the test car is large. some parking lots, you also need to be careful about the height of

The body, suspension is useful, which allows the car to be lowered by 4 cm or raised in the field, compared to the standard position, by as much as 13.5 cm. in the tested model, we also get a wading depth of 90 cm, a 38-degree approach angle , a 31-degree ramp angle and a 40-degree departure angle. still has great potential in the field, the limits of which i have not tested,

But on some dirt roads the car went very fast, and in order to maximize the chances of overcoming obstacles, everything is supervised by the electronics thanks to the terrain response 2 system, which itself can choose the optimal parameters for the conditions. in the field, but of course not only are the 360-degree cameras that come as standard in the tested version and offer

Really good quality in terms we also have here, in addition to such standard views, the possibility of simulating if although, of course, the perspective here is a bit distracting and it is not ideal, it is still quite well controlled and such views may, for example , provide an additional layer of information somewhere in the off-road , confirming whether a given maneuver

Can be safely performed. rear camera is even in this narrower view, too wide-angle in my opinion, so the elements on the sides of the frame are too stretched. the entertainment info system software is standard for jaguar land rover cars, which means that we even have customizable home screens here. unfortunately, the navigation tile does not include a map. full screen,

But taking into account that we have shortcuts to the most important settings on the side and that everything loads quickly, it’s not in my opinion, clickable elements are sufficiently large. you can easily check everything in the settings, which make good use of the panorama of the screen and these parent menu somehow persist here. we also have a back button, labeling

All settings appropriately, so it’s easy to dig into what you’re interested in and tune in later. android auto, apple car play, so in my opinion it is a modern and refined system. it is very classic under the screen, which works well in an off-road car. here you can, for example, control the operation of the pneumatic suspension or drive. they are normally used for air

Conditioning, temperature changes. when pressed, you can activate the heated seats, but you can also use them to change the strength of the air flow or the driving modes. various items can be placed on the display in the center. of the most useful, i would mention the travel computer or the map. track information about tire pressure, for example. functionality here,

But all the most important things are, and in this respect this system is ok, but it is very poor when it comes to speed of service, because it all loads with a perceptible delay after each pressing of the button on the steering wheel and it is it’s just annoying in the long run and should definitely not be the case on such an expensive car. the computer is controlled on

The left side of the steering wheel. it is cleverly designed, because when you press the middle button, the menus are launched, and when you exit the computer, the buttons for changing songs and audio source come back. you can set some other function, or you can change the volume with a roller, on the right side you can control the cruise control, you can also start the

Heating of the steering wheel. trip computer, there is a button on the left throttle. on asphalt, defender does not drive like a true off-roader, because it does not have such a rocking body or a steering system with greater play in such conditions. if i did not know what car i am dealing with, i would say that i am driving a roughly ordinary, luxury suv, in which the

Steering is of course a bit smoothed, but i still feel precision in it, and the steering wheel gives a lot of resistance, even improving confidence driving. the defender suspension, on the other hand, has been tuned a bit stiffer, and although this overall level of comfort still offers a high level, it is not in the form of flowing along the road, but road properties,

But will spend a lot of time on the asphalt, then in the tested land rover he will not suffer from compromises with the alignment of the chassis. security that comes from being in such a huge body. decorative lighting in the interior of the defender is quite numerous. there are illuminated door handles and pockets on the doors, a shelf on the dashboard when it is dark,

The central tunnel is also illuminated. lighting and the colors of these additional elements. the on-board instruments have been illuminated invariably in white, i.e. the color that blends optimally is any color that you choose in the menu. and this approach is, in my opinion, ok, because some more expressive additional lighting in the form of led stripes or something

Like that and it is neither inappropriate nor excessively boring. it is only missing from the control unit for the mirrors on the doors. design reminiscent of the history of this model, but thanks to the good finish and clear shape, the leds in the directions in the side mirrors are placed atypically, because they are vertical. at the back the lights are small and you

Can also see classic inspiration in them, and similarly to the front it has been combined with the present as a result, the tested land rover attracts attention after dark and has its own atmosphere. because they allow for vertical cutting of a part of the light beam so as to maximize the illumination of the shoulders, and at the same time not to dazzle other drivers.

The lights work ok, because they are equipped with a large number of dimmed zones, which for example, on longer straight lines they formed light tunnels, significantly improves safety when driving in the dark. in defender is not very large, but it is quite heavy. here and it is also not so heavy that it would be a problem somehow. reasonable, though not some very expensive

Looking black plastic here. in the upper parts of the dashboard, in the test car, we have soft materials, good- there are also inserts in this cabin made of a material that is not leather, is not eco-leather, is not fabric. in other places, on slightly lower doors, we have hard plastics. quite functional, but when it comes down to it, they work very well. there are also

No unwanted sounds here, so overall when it comes to quality, it all depends on expectations, because taking into account the off-road use of this model, it couldn’t have been otherwise. but if someone is looking for the most noble materials possible for over pln 400,000 , there are suvs on the market that will offer more. me and sit behind me, i have such a large amount

Of free space for my feet. it’s also good above the head, because even with the maximum straightening, should not be problematic because it is practically non-existent. the luggage compartment of the defender 110 version has a capacity of 786 liters and we have a high loading sill here, which is partially compensated by the air suspension. there is also a large opening,

Which is very tall and moderately wide, in part both sides of the trunk we have hooks for some bags. there are also nets to stabilize some narrow objects on the left side. in addition, we have a 12 v socket and you can find here a very useful finish, because it is not a material, but a with the second row of seats folded is 1,875 liters. to sum up, driving the defender

Gave me a lot of fun, because this car has something in it, thanks to which it is not boring, and in addition, due to its nature, it is not a proposition for off-road fans only in such a configuration as the test one, terms of the way of execution and focusing on providing off-road qualities, which certainly increases the final price of this model, i recommend that people

Who plan to use the car only on asphalt should seriously consider, because then even a range rover could be better. tested model is a very successful large suv , with a skilfully selected degree of thank you for your attention and i hope you enjoy his test. if so, i encourage you to give this movie a thumbs up. if you are interested, i would like to remind you about and their offer. and if someone is not there, i also invite you to subscribe to the channel, because more materials on wahacz tv will appear soon.

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