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Altair Club Cars Lancia Delta Integrale – Subaru Impreza WRX STI – ColinMcRae Prodrive. WRC History w/ Tiff Needell

Lancia Delta Integrale – Subaru Impreza WRX STI – ColinMcRae Prodrive. WRC History w/ Tiff Needell

We explore some rallying royalty with the Lancia Delta Integrale and the Prodrive Subaru Impreza WRX STI, with a trip down memory lane from Tiff Needell.

Now break oh nowadays the world rally championship is dominated by the likes of iron dye and toyota but it wasn’t always that way there are a host of lechery cars from raelians back catalogue so i’ve asked if to choose one of his favorites for a look back at one of the world’s muddiest motorsports and here’s what i brought along the car that took the only british

Drivers their world championship titles colin mcrae richard burns gold wheels blue paintwork big wing at the back it is a big subaru impreza very nice but if you step back a decade to the 80s we’ve got absolute rallying royalty with the lancia delta integrale ii and can you remember it with the old martini livery there’s a bit of a homage to look good in those

Colours in there yeah a little bit there doesn’t look too bad in this colour as well i don’t just want to look like i’m gonna drive this you can drive that how about there whatever we’re swap it up a little i’m never quite sure about driving you nice nice get your opinion yeah i’ll be on the wrong side of the road dangerous who’s coming here this is lovely isn’t

It brings back a lot of memories great seats so once you do this so this got the 2 liter 16-valve turbo engine with 218 horsepower as we left hand drive only been left hand drive for the integrality version of the delta well this one wasn’t six constructors titles with it were six consecutive constructors titles ten constructors titles overall yes going back

To other models yeah so this iconic carving of course you know who drove in the 80s those championships don’t you because as you know we only asyou want for drivers championships driven by i know that they smell so hate i think give you a clue a clue it’s funny isn’t it because there’s nowhere near as well know the drivers in this because you have no idea the

Second driver that woke up they want to eat you are cackling on twice and of course the famous italian who was mickey bees you’ll also what twice you never got that a million years lovely peaceful steering wheel look now if you mention that lance got ten constructors titles and actually goes right back the first one was of the fool xia way back in the 70s and

Then the the wonderful lunches draft offs won two world titles magnificent car and then of course that was group for and all this delta thing came about with group kb right – group b with the new regulations 1981 or 82 we had to build 200 cars to homologate for group b and of course that was a time when ld turned up with the cuatro sonny winning and lunch you

Were developing that the other lancia rally that oh three seven yeah rear wheel drive so i actually got flown out with my second evangelistic stories i spent my autosport richard the early 80s right in the beginning lance you didn’t know whether to concentrate on the rear-wheel drive lunch around which is like the new stratos as it were or go full wheel drive

So i actually tested on a runway the prototype delta h it was the it was gonna be the s4 wasn’t at the end so this is the h f which is the high fidelity it goes on another decade of b so i actually drove this under steering box wraparound way and then drove the lancia rally and they were just prototypes neither really work that well and the difference in group

A and group a is the number of cars the xo group b was for ten years and they actually blunts it won the world cup which is still when really would i they beat the contrail still took a world title the night and these day yes they gave up on them on the rear-wheel drive went to the s4 there there you know group week within the actual of course sadly toivonen

Was killed in a lancia and that’s or the end of group b and then income group a and this is the uhf was brought in there to build two and a half thousand cars now as opposed to that 200 okay so the life of the group a which were now sitting in began it’s like going back to school with you let’s get like i love how analogue everything is this momo steering wheel

How many double circles you’ve got on that dashboard they’re all doing a job this battery which i guess they really need only give us a boost this is only a 5-speed manual i think the super around 6-speed manual is the 5-speed manual lovely little gearbox how’s that lag slowed down a bit stoner that was thoughtful and out accelerate there’s a lag coming go yeah

It’s a bit laggy a good old fashioned lag yeah exactly maybe these stalks indicator wipers dog sir the same as you find in a ferrari f40 really and don’t forget the the original scratch offs that shared similar parts with ferrari as well with the 246 dino the same engine same chassis your posh i was dragging on the corner you’ve got the old elephant elephant

Come on story casey what’s that if it gets going it doesn’t stop okay but then that wouldn’t probably with great comfort to the brakes i’m not sure i like that idea i’m in a car that once it gets going this tostone supposed to drive in position like that it looks very italian a short wheelbase guys like it it’s the original hot act really when you think about

It but yeah it is it’s it’s a good driving position to me i’m really impressed actually how well it goes so now you know responsive it is once you got to that initial lag once you’ve got the boost chimed in because it’s funny i’m about to get at the subaru now which is came good really when the regulations changed the cane the car were about to drive because

Group a it got complicated the manufacturers came over to make those you know evolution of specials like mitsubishi you had a new evo for evo five zero six so manufacturers have dropping away from rallying so that’s when they came up with a wrc the world rally car rules which is a subaru did adapt to where the car were about to drive whereas blanchard didn’t

That’s really they they stopped it when the new rules started coming in to shane there’s the end of the rally for launch it lots of haven’t ran in since they assault has stopped after ruling the roost for sale left hand been a break-in too oh believe me – oh the old beat beefy i have to say that used to drive me mad but i first tested his car it’s a bit of

Fun now to go 6,000 but we always see it drove me mad when i first there – these guard because now we got one near at 270 or as power 100 key goes light it’s amazing what difference sort of ten years makes so what indians in this well the funny things we’ve moved on now so the the lancia delta was at the end of the group a regulation as well its course uber

It was success with their group a car cuz mcrae won the championship in 1995 but colin mcrae never won in this car now we won of the group a version yeah this is the world rally car because these wrx is boys x4 experimentalism they’re actually put to get my front drive that cover the ran the ronnie chairmanship you’re right the pro drive link with this this car

Is actually the only registered on a logbook pro drive car in the uk the sei is already done in terms of tuning pro-drive just aesthetically put that big spoiler on the back and things like the grill on the front so make it look a little bit more well just like the rally cars basically this car celebrates the new rules the world manager which which is which

Loosened up the regulations because drew mae was so restrictive you had to build to an hour thousand road car so now with the world rally champion had wings and bits and kamala gate your own modifications instead of having to make so many of them but subramanian don’t they won the world what rally 2001 with richard burns 2003 with all bbbb a 2003 with petter

Solberg mustn’t forget petter the third subaru world champion what’s quite funny as i was linked with going out and testing the lunches i very much linked the subaru because i was actually doing a sports program called five five five so of course the subaru five five five is the cigarette of course ran which is the blue and gold colors they come from so in a

Lot of work with subaru and was lucky enough to sit alongside both colin mcrae and richard boards filming wow i mean even better than that in the shakedown for the spanish rally i did the shakedown test with colin on the tarmac test amazing drove their test car with nikki gris sitting beside me so i actually drove mcrae’s subaru it was the best thing about that

Subaru was the gear but it was just you can jump from fourth to second and it was so much more satisfaction to driver than the flappy pedals this um it’s always easier it’s quicker with the flappy pedals but all those extra skills of double d clutching and absolutely manual and of course this has got a six-speed manual as opposed to the five speed of the integrally

But look at the difference in our cash points whereas the italians had the most complicated dashboard i’ve got freezing whisking he made tunnels revs in the middle speed on the right fuel a temperature that’s it you know when this car came out it was slated for how ugly it was so it was called e oh it’s got the hell out of them what was the bug eye or something

Exactly he was nicknamed the bug eye and then they did a facelift version of it which is far more successful in terms of looks and that was called the blue boy it’s alright but nowadays it’s kind of acceptable to have big spoilers and fins and stuff all over your car it just seems normal really doesn’t it like look at a head but about how about looking behind me

Looking through the big letterbox window i just think it of qalam i try rich of birds and not forgetting pettis over what a wonderful day out driving to iconic rally cars four-wheel drive rally driving experience on the roads and the best bit you can pick up one of these for around ten thousand pounds goodbye you lance yeah a good ones gonna cost you anything

Between 50 and 80 thousand pounds we have six of these one of those it’s not really a head-to-head are they not really competing directly interfere but i’d rather be colin mcrae or richard burns than you are can’t clean or mickey biasi i gotta say though they both bring back loads of memories though they driving the cars i tell you what though it’s just i’m not

Sure about the yellow colour can i have one in martini colors if you want martini and regional martini every they did a special edition that’s gonna cost you over a hundred thousand pounds while the colors cuz i have what do you want they do a nice bless and white special edition one blue black red a best very nice but the subaru blue is still subaru blue you’re

Right you

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Lancia Delta Integrale – Subaru Impreza WRX STI – Colin McRae Prodrive. WRC History w/ Tiff Needell By Lovecars

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