lamborghini huracan sto vs 800 h
Altair Club Cars Lamborghini Huracan STO vs 800 HP Toyota Supra | DRAG RACE

Lamborghini Huracan STO vs 800 HP Toyota Supra | DRAG RACE

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Description yeah guys keeps keeps your hair strong and healthy keeps it growing now it’s time to get on with this race let’s go another episode of dobre cars where fast as a lifestyle darius has a big race today he’s warming up the lamborghini’s tires we have the new supra 2022 up for the challenge not an ordinary supra lucas tells the details yeah so we got a

2022 toyota super he’s saying that it has 800 horsepower does it have 800 maybe maybe not it’s pulling up right now it might have more power but make sure you guys like it subscribe it’s going to be a good race both cars have similar horsepower a little more on the supra but the lamborghini is lighter about 300 pounds lighter got 3 100 and then 3 400 for the supra

So it’s going to be interesting to see what happens gotta stick to the ground and take off quick yeah vote down below here you can see that we’re in the super or the sto let’s see what dari thinks what’s up christian what’s up what’s up lucas you ready sorry it’s pulling up right now your opponent is pulling up brother oh dang that’s fresh i’m feeling pretty good

Gotta warm up a little bit that super is tough it’s been a dream of mine to race a new supra so it’s gonna be super fun and i know that thing is in stock so we’re gonna put this seo to the test let’s go say what’s up with the driver brother i heard that rev and i just thought it fastened the fierce right away yeah yeah yeah so iconic the sound did a big top mount

Turbo single exit exhaust like the old-school supras have you know the old-school supers have that big turbo too under the hood i see all the carbon fiber too it looks oh it’s like north of like ballpark 700 okay well to the wheels crank to the wheel nice so we’re looking at about close to 800 brake horsepower guys that is a powerful car yo remember like i said

When we raced against the trackhawk guys all good racers always keep some sort of secret but this thing is beautiful man um if you guys like to subscribe to dolby cars all right 800 horsepower super versatile lining up right now this is fun you know all right guys so i’m gonna be filming from the sto with dari we’re about to get started we’re lining up

The cars right now so let’s do it it’s gonna be an interesting race supra versus sto definitely a legendary feeling right now just to be lined up with the super right now it’s a really cool feeling let’s do it yo the super is having trouble just sticking to the floor you know like it’s not catching traction but on the raw race i definitely want to see how

It goes from there what do you think christian i think the royal race is going to be a little bit different yeah because i feel like off launch like the super has too much power to stick but we’ll see how it goes from the wall that’s race number one kind of have uh not that good visibility in the back dory so i couldn’t see where the super was but we got a little

Tires in the beginning but let’s definitely run it back um i think we took that one how many car lengths was that quite a few a few car lengths you want to run going this way yeah you’ll be able to stick more are you guys ready and one two three it is go to catch traction but i definitely want to see how he does on the roll race so guys the supra has a

Built-in launch control but he tuned the car so all the dynamics of the car are different so the traction’s kind of hard to get from a dig i think the strength of the supra will be in the road races but we’re going to give it one more try from the dig guys and then move on to a 35 40 rule i think i’m gonna give him a little jump too yeah just be a little safe

Because i mean like i said his built-in launch control right now is operating differently than it feels stock so we’ll make it fair let’s do it that was a better one look like the super stuck a little better but the sto ended up passing it just caught up seo is just too light too quick yeah especially with the naturally aspirated engine no turbo lag the super

Has turbo lag so all right that was a bit better in the beginning of the race it was right there but then as the race went on the lamborghini picked up and i’m pretty sure guys that’s the weight kicking in and the traction the lighter the car the easier to stick a lot of times the more torque the more power depending on the track it looks like his um tires are

Warming up a little bit so that’s good all right guys up next is the roll race so right now we’re pulling down the turbos this thing is built so got to be ready for the power on this car i think that’s where the strength of the super is going to be um right now there’s a lot of power to the back wheels and it’s not able to stick as much as we wanted to so we’re

Going to go up there and do a 40 roll i’m guessing both cars are probably going to do second gear 40 roll that’s where the most power is going to kick in and we’ll see what happens on that result but that was about two car lengths in the last race so that was cool yeah i think he missed some shifts but that looked pretty close whoa that’s super quick that’s

Crazy whoa i couldn’t even hear anything oh yo the super’s mad quick shout out to the super he’s a good driver oh my god whoa these cars are pretty head-to-head on the roll amazing job brother all right cool man that was fun today all right well let’s get out and talk about what happened amazing race guys amazing cars as you can see every car puts down his

Power a different way the road races were a lot closer pretty much neck and neck where the dig was a different dynamic guys what do you think about the race you killed it out there nick thank you for coming out it was definitely a super cool experience just to be able to race up against a new supra that was a legendary race i had a lot of fun great job on the build

Super beautiful inside and out just a lot of fun man great race yeah thanks for having me out guys i had a lot of fun today learned a lot about the car pretty much set up for rolls but doing it from you know dig or roll into it uh it was pretty cool pretty cool day a lot of fun so at the end of the day it’s all about fun so yeah the car definitely builds up a lot

More power on the roll so hey everyone was safe we had fun like they said guys make sure you like and subscribe we’re fast as a lifestyle see you on the next episode

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Lamborghini Huracan STO vs 800 HP Toyota Supra | DRAG RACE By Dobre Cars

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