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Altair Club Cars Lamborghini Huracan STO BRUTAL V10 Sounds

Lamborghini Huracan STO BRUTAL V10 Sounds

What is up everyone and welcome back to a brand new video! I headed down to my local dealership Lamborghini Hatfield to check out the brand new Huracan STO! This thing is a proper beast being Lamborghini’s highest performing V10 Engine to date! It’s extreme aerodynamics and lightweight from the DNA of a superTrofeo, making it a genuine race car in a road legal model and the colour combination as well finished in Blu Laufey looks even better in person, Big fan of it! This one set just under £380,000 which is a LOT but stock is around £280,000 … Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Huh so in the lamborghini showroom we’ve also got the versace edition number 19 out of 20 worldwide now i’ve only seen one in monaco and one right now so i’ve got 18 to go but how sick is this and the way to tell the versace logo down here and we’ve also got the interior the seats and then we’ve also got the badge number 19 and 20. this this is amazing

And then we’ve also got the svg roadster but the reason we’ve come today is for that so here we have the lamborghini hurricane sto finishing up blue le faye i think we actually have a quick look here is the new sample new lamborghini uh lamborghini color blue lafay lithia and how good does it look i love the blue and orange contrast the seat here here is the

Beast the v10 monster all aerodynamic with the crazy wing air intakes carbon overload this one will be around 380 000 pounds a hundred grand in options they would come out stock the whole car is about 280 15k just to get this painted on the sto i’ve got the blue stitching inside and orange harnesses orange calipers i love the wheels they’re very cool and it

Comes the hood comes out like a mirror the um roof scoop on top and i love the orange like vents that come down big big fan of this and again like i’ve said we’ve also got the versace edition 120 and the svg rose but coming petrol pendanism we’ve come down just check out the sto and again when we heard it the v10 i think it’s way louder than the perfomante

Sounded crazy inside and yeah just excited to see customer specs as looking around at all the configurations i’m intrigued to know how owners will expect this as i bet there are a lot of ways you can make this car look crazy with these color combinations so here we have some of the sketches of what the sto was and how they made it and look at the wing on that

But to see specs like this green and red i mean red interior like that looks amazing i just love i love our creative lamborghini are i know you get like cars when they get released like ferrari’s red lamborghini have done it in a blue and orange and how good does it look if it focus there it goes focused but green and red looks amazing but look at these two

So this one we’ve got a red and like black i love that that is very cool that’s probably one of my favorites actually again red light stitching interior that red looks amazing like a matte finish and then we also move over here kind of like the super trofeo colors gray and yellow and again this car literally looks like a super trofeo but it’s road legal which

Is insane yeah yellow interior this time but just the stitches and look how sharp it is in the wing and aggressive and yeah that is what they’ve made right here you

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Lamborghini Huracan STO BRUTAL V10 Sounds! By SCOOT SUPERCARS

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