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Altair Club Cars Lamborghini Factory – Aventador & Huracan Assembly Line – Production Process | Mega Factories

Lamborghini Factory – Aventador & Huracan Assembly Line – Production Process | Mega Factories

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Italy’s angry bull sets off with a big grunt thanks to its powerful v10 engine. in addition to innovations in the design of all the models produced, there is a legacy of lamborghini’s genetics from the past. a new generation of dynamic vehicle control, special driving modes that you can change on the go, a special entertainment system, technology and tradition…

A city gentleman with a body designed for daily use. but when you touch the gas, the v10 engine makes your blood boil with its sound and power. lamborghini, the angry bull of the italians, has been opening its eyes to the world since 1963 in this factory in sant’agata bolognese in northern italy. lamborghini, which deserves the “super sports car” title to the fullest,

Emerged with the claim of making a better car than ferrari, which is also an italian rival. according to each new model produced, the factory production lines have also renewed themselves over the years and they are always produced with the latest technology. in addition to lamborghini’s unique exterior design, the legendary engines, which are the heart of the vehicle,

Are mounted here. the legendary v10 and v12 models, 10 and 12 cylinder engines are the distinguishing feature of this angry bull, which passes you with a big grunt. as in all other production channels, production is carried out with great mastery and knowledge in the flooring production department for interior flooring. the parts sewn in the sewing workshop are assembled

At the seat, door and front glove box stations and sent to the main production line. each station produces according to the order and delivers the vehicle to the place on the band, just in time. in this way, a very serial and efficient production model emerges. this giant factory works like a symphony orchestra lamborghini names its traditionally produced models, inspired

By its logo, after the bulls that have become legendary in bullfights. for example, the huracan takes its name from a bull that took part in a bullfight in 1879… and the avendator takes its name from a bull that received the “trofeo de la pena la madronera” award in 1993 for its bravery. the lamborghinis, which progress from station to station on the main band, arrive

At the last quality control station. quality control is very important for a vehicle that will operate at such high speeds. in addition to the controls made at each station, each vehicle undergoes a full quality control when it is completed. since lamborghini has been part of the audi brand since 1997, it is produced under the umbrella of volkswagen ag. but even though

The manufacturer is a german company, lamborghini is always a pure italian bull genetically. here, with its unique design, this super sports car takes the dust off the roads after the meticulous production and control processes of the expert team… lamborghini aventador svj with the perfect sound of the legendary 770 horsepower v12 engine … it can go from zero to one

Hundred kilometers in just 2.8 seconds. there is also a roadster model of this vehicle, which can be owned by 900 people in the world, and only 63 were produced.

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Lamborghini Factory – Aventador & Huracan Assembly Line – Production Process | Mega Factories By Mesi Tech

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