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Altair Club Cars Lamborghini Aventador vs NEW Tesla Model S Performance: DRAG RACE

Lamborghini Aventador vs NEW Tesla Model S Performance: DRAG RACE

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Hi everyone matt watson here from carlisle so i’ve got an awesome drug race for you here today i’m saying the updated tesla model s performance and next to me is the lamborghini aventador s roadster and can you guess who owns that it’s yanni from yanni mais hey any how you doing i’m how are ya well i’m pretty excited because we’ve been having an ongoing battle

Between your lamborghinis and me in various tesla’s i wasn’t that one however i got upset i said i’m gonna bring my aventador to race the same car oh i won that one yeah you win that by a decent margin actually so then i got a tesla model s p 100 d i said i missed the start quite a few times oh my god i miss the start i won that one that made it 2-1 is that your

Favorite drag race ever no surprise there mine is actually me beating his i’m beginning in mclaren so what we have here then is a rematch however because this is the revised model s performance i have eight hundred and twenty five horse powers from my two electric motors and thirteen hundred newton meters of torque you’re killing me everywhere arm 740 brake 6.5

V12 the only difference this car is a roadster the last races we did that i was in my coupe it’s going to be tough i’m relying on my reaction time click on the pop-up banner up there to vote which one you think is gonna win also make sure you subscribe this channel hit the bell icon to turn the notifications on so you’re alerted when we make a new upload and if you

Want to follow yanni on his channel janna mais there’s a link in the description below also follow me on instagram while you’re at it i’m at watson cars i’d really appreciate it thank you very much let’s stop the chat and get on with the race oh what could stop that come on tesla yeah so gordon he’s guarding launch as well as it should have done gaining on

Him though victory and now breaking and regenerating energy back into the battery and just enjoying the victory at the same time so then what exactly happened while the tesla did the stunning quarter-mile in ten point five seconds the lamborghini took ten point eight seconds i they’re just so cold no traction at all would you like another go i’ve got this launch

Control method though left foot on the brake yeah stop talking to my tires can get colder you think i’m an idiot and then make sure you time it just right when you floor the throttle and then lift off the brake he’s getting agitated oh we got better start than me though come on tesla oh wow quick now he’s coming back kind of holding come on come on yes no

Idea i’ve got him oh so then what happened this time while yanni nailed his launch whereas i didn’t but in the end both cars crossed the line at exactly the same time at ten point six seconds so we decided to have another rematch come on come on grip grip grip grip grip grip for me i can’t believe you got a bear launch at second time that was my reaction and sorry

Tesla fanboys come on grip tie the warmth they should fly off the line now oh god bet it’s not them in that time i knew of the line this is it this is the victory and it’s sweet come on too far it it’s so so sweet oh beat me so then what happened this time while we both launched very well but the tesla took a clear victory crossing the line in an incredible

Ten point four seconds whereas the lambo did another ten point six seconds matan otezla it’s two all night right let’s get rolling race yeah what gear what speed i tell you what ya need to make it fair you just like watch are we doing the problem right does it really matter your instant anyway 30 you know i will go off ahead of you these are a threat to x miles an

Hour i have one so watch that speed be 150 shut your mouth shall we say 115 115 is good let’s do it you ready three two one go awful go come on – 150 god is not far behind he’s gonna do it he’s gonna do it he’s gonna bloody now 115-113 i’ll take that all day every day lucky bugger it’s as instant as this pretty much isn’t it this is a special car no matter what

Anyone say this is a special car you’re such a land boy fan boy aren’t you tick off the box of the brake tests i think i know what’s gonna happen this one is 2.2 tons full emergency stop when we hit the line 70 miles an hour sake may i can’t sit in line so annoying does that mean you have to give me a lamborghini i’ve got feeling he should give me his lamborghini

Alright let’s give it another go look for that line look for that line don’t it up all day every day not that big a difference you could have almost locked your car today to be fair i was that confident i broke late smug get well that was clear you won that one break test i win rolling race i win yeah demise win actually no yeah me you didn’t you see i won –

Drag races and you won the rolling race and the brake test so that’s technically two wins each but as you’ve previously pointed out it’s the drag race that matters so overall i think the tesla won this battle and there is nothing you can do about it as it’s my video and i can do as i please i can turn you into a pirate for one tape unbelievable oh a teapot anyway

I hope you enjoyed the video make sure you subscribe subscribe to yanni as well for carl wrapping and stuff see i can beat him you reckon why you reckon

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Lamborghini Aventador vs NEW Tesla Model S Performance: DRAG RACE! By carwow

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