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Altair Club Cars Ladders & Shatters | Ram Promaster Window Installation | Ty & Eli #002

Ladders & Shatters | Ram Promaster Window Installation | Ty & Eli #002

In this video I make some crucial progress in the van build, while also learning some important lessons…the hard way. I will also be taking you through the process of a DIY window installation with no prior experience. I think it came out pretty damn good, but I want to hear from you in the comments!

All right drum roll please we are going to be mounting this here ladder on the back door nothing serious just two little screws at the bottom here but we’re truly christening it that is the first real cut in this project wish me luck all right really all we’re doing is let me give you a better angle here so you can see um all we’re doing is taking these adhesive

Strips that the ladder came with and putting them right onto these hooks that are going to be hanging right on the back of the door just so you don’t have any paint scratching or any uh wear and tear down the road so you stick those on and then there is another set for the bottom where the screws are going to go in so really all we’re doing is hanging this on

The driver’s side back door with enough room that you can see the license plate in between and then screwing it in at the bottom and hopefully calling him today all right let’s do it and now as you probably have guessed we have a fully functioning ladder on the back of the van one of the wonderful things about building a van out in the winter means that

You get to deal with all the joys of the winter while you’re building so that’s what i’m taking care of right now got about six inches of snow the other day clear that off and then we’ll start working hey what’s up you guys hope everybody’s doing well i just wanted to take a minute to fill you in on what’s been going on over in my direction so i’m getting

Back from a ski weekend right now we were in sugarloaf up in maine and it was a blast conditions were perfect it was some of the best east coast skiing i’ve ever done so back to the build the last thing you saw from me was me putting up that ladder on the back of the van the day before i left for vacation i was super excited about it everything was perfect and

Then and then and then i had a bunch of boxes and everything stacked up in the back as i was finishing up with that ladder project i figured hey you know i should probably just clear some of this stuff out of the van i have some extra space in the shop so i’m taking all the boxes out and the box on the very bottom was my big window that is going in the passenger

Slider door that big slider door on the side and as i was moving that out i didn’t ask anybody for help i just grabbed the box and i moved it myself idiot when i was sliding it in to the back corner of the shop it tapped up against the back of the concrete wall i just heard the entire thing shatter to the bottom of the box and when i opened it up there was no

Trace of a window it was just shards of glass and my heart absolutely sunk because as of now that was like the single most expensive piece that i’ve purchased but it taught me an important lesson because when doing a project like this you have to account for like that it’s gonna happen you’re gonna have things that break you’re gonna buy things that aren’t

Gonna fit and they’re not gonna work and i just got my first taste of that i knew it was coming but i really got my first taste of it with that being said i figured out a way to make it work with what i have i’m not gonna replace that window turns out i have two smaller windows and i’m just gonna put one of the small windows that i was gonna use on the back on

That slider door i think it’ll look great it’ll function perfectly and it’s gonna save me from spending money on buying another brand new window for that side so i’m gonna take this van out go to the gym do some stuff that i gotta do and then we’ll come back here to the shop and i will show you what my plans are for installing those windows and hopefully start

Setting up some templates for it catch a little bit all right what’s up you guys i’m filming this on my phone instead of the camera so if the audio is kind of shitty that’s why the reason i had to leave last night is because i couldn’t get this template flush against this window because of this middle divider and rather than drilling through it in different

Spots i was like you know what i’m just gonna come back and tomorrow just take this divider off with a saw that i now have today we’re going to get this off heat this putty up and then this should just pull right off the uh back of the window and we’ll be ready to throw up the template wish me luck let’s do this all right late night at the shop right now

It’s about 11. we finally got this freaking metal piece off of the middle of my window so that tomorrow we can put a real window in its rightful place and with that i’m exhausted i have nothing left good night so what we are going to be using instead is one of the other windows that i purchased originally for the back portion of the van these windows do still

Open they have screens in them so it’s going to be good let me show you we are looking at something like this and i’m going to throw it up to the side just partially so i can see what it looks like on camera but so you guys can check it out too bring it that way a little bit something something like that cool and you can get air right from outside and close

It right back up when you’re done now i just have to figure out how to put it in right here i have the box that the windows actually came in and that’s going to be perfect size to cut templates out i did just cut out one side of that box and i have two windows that are the exact same size so if this template comes out as clean as i wanted to i should only

Have to do it once so let’s hope and pray for the best and we’ll see how it goes first back again for a little van check in um as you can see in this view behind me we are past the window installation there was a reason specifically that i didn’t film a full tutorial on the window installation and that is because the company that i bought the windows from is

Merging with another company so they shut off their supply lines for a while and their website’s completely down so i didn’t want to do a full tutorial and then not have you guys be able to get a chance to get it if that’s what you were watching this video for i’ll take you guys around and just show you basic steps of what i did to get um both of these windows

In and then hopefully that’ll either give you a little inspiration to go further and check out some more specific tutorial videos which i do have a great one that i used also i’ll link it in the description but it’s linea and akila’s video tutorial for the window installations i had a completely different window than they did but there was just a lot of great

Information in that video that i used to do the same process online so for any good window installation you first want to start with a good solid template of your window cut out some windows will be different this is a straight polyurethane adhesive window there is no backing plate to it this is where it’s going to vary depending on which window you have so i

Started with this on the inside once i got it taped up on the wall i actually put four drill holes in the corners of the board here so that when i brought my template to the outside of the van i had those same drill holes that i could just line it up with and i was able to trace this exact template onto the outside of the van before i cut so the next step after

We opened up that hole right there was actually to put a little bit of primer on the outside of the van where the adhesive was going to go on following that was putting the polyurethane adhesive this seemed to work great i’ll link this in the description too but it’s sika flex p2g i’m sure that kind would work just great on any other type of polyurethane window

Too but that’s just what they sent me and they sent the special caulking gun for it too which i believe is just a little bit more powerful than a regular one um they said it would be tough to do it with just like a regular cogging gun so i ended up buying this off the website as well and that made it a super easy installation bang bang and then since i did this

With two people it actually made it a much easier process i would highly suggest getting another person if you’re going to be installing windows i had my buddy tommy grab the inside bracket of this and kind of pull on it while i push from the outside after we put the polyurethane on just made sure the window was set into place and i just kind of stood here with

My hands up against it for about three to five minutes while he taped the outside edges right here and then i stepped back a few times checked it out made sure we were all even and i’m super happy with the way this came out what is up you guys i was just taking out the van for a little joy ride and also a celebratory ride because it’s been a full 24 hours since

We have installed the window now the tape’s ready to come off and the van is fully 100 drivable water sealed everything we hoped it would be and i wanted to be able to give you guys the official unboxing so without further ado here we go geez it’s a little uh more time consuming than i expected i think i put a little too much tape all right so i’m just going to

Apologize in advance that was probably the most anticlimactic unboxing unwrapping of a window ever because most of this tape is still like half stuck on here and i’m gonna have to like scrape it off with a razor blade later but anyways what i really came to show you guys is that we have a fully functioning fully sealed window in the side of the van that i did

With no prior experience so i’m pretty proud of myself for this one and to top it off we have this window on the slider door also done that was a big step for me in the build because it gives me the confidence moving forward that i can cut into my baby and things will be okay and once again i just want to say thank you guys so much for taking the time to watch

The video and i really hope you stick around and see what’s happening next in the build we will see you next week peace um

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Ladders & Shatters | Ram Promaster Window Installation | Ty & Eli #002 By Tyler Patrick

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