kia sorento x line review a mini
Altair Club Cars Kia Sorento X-line review: A mini Kia Telluride

Kia Sorento X-line review: A mini Kia Telluride

Since its debut in 2002, the Sorento has grown steadily more powerful, more attractive, and better! Designed and more technologically advanced with each new iteration, The new Kia Sorento sets a new standard for excellence and sustained leadership as a rewarding SUV. The exterior of the new Sorento is characterized by clean, modern lines accented by high-tech details elevating the entire Sorento experience beyond a standard SUV. For the moment, two engines are offered on the Sorento, each with an all-wheel-drive (AWD) as standard and the addition of Field Modes: a 4-cylinder GDI of 2.5 liters and a Turbo 4-cylinder GDI of 2.5 liters! The redesigned Kia Sorento offers more interior space and all-new powertrain choices, including a hybrid version and a plug-in hybrid version.

Hey what’s up everybody welcome to car question matt is riding the kia sorento and we’ve got the x version and it’s already the fourth generation of that great machine we’ve seen an amazing evolution over time because the first version was not that impressive but when you look at where we are right now this is an awesome machine so it’s kind of a popular sport

Utility vehicle it’s affordable you’ve got the tons of goodie bays it’s spacious and you’ve got also the third row which is perfect for children in the back and it’s one of the most capable suv that you can get with those amazing all-wheel drive system but there’s been a major change this year though so we’ve got the sorrento x as i was telling you you’ve got

Those black wheels those captain chairs in the back the 2.5 liter turbo which is really powerful and you’ve got the suspension which is one inches taller than the usual sorrento which is going to be perfect for off-road driving improve approach and departure angle and you’ve got an all-wheel drive system which differ from you guys in the us you can press on the

Terran mode and you can select sand snow and even mud out there i think canadian we are more aggressive when it comes to driving out in the wild the most robust sorrento ever and with the roof rack also which is once again a nice addition you’ve got four choice of engine phev hybrid name it so when you look at the exterior of that new sorrento it’s looking like

A mini telluride you’ve got that muscular feeling when you look also at the front end of the car the led lights you’ve got also the side i really love what they’ve done with the design a little bit less though when you check the rear with those tail lights and by the way we are rolling 20 inches tires with an off-road package that’s kind of strange though i would

Have put simply like 16 inches on that vehicle still it’s great for the look though but be careful with the winter tire you’ve got those continental uh i do not like those at all it’s a real slippery tire probably when you’re gonna roll on the highway it’s going to be perfect if you see some light stuff on that it’s going to keep also the driving feeling of the

Car but if you want something more aggressive go with the nokian or go with a mission even a toyo that’s going to be way better for that vehicle because those tires are really slippery the interior i really love the captain chairs in the back i love what they have done also with the build quality the assembly it’s really strong it’s real solid you’ve got apple

Carplay and radio toe base a lot of usb connector those wireless charger name it the center console everything is well designed so a lot of people talk about those air vents love or eight feel free to comment in the section down there below so our engine is going to be the 2.5 turbo with 281 horsepower 311 pound-feet of torque which is really impressive that’s

Really strong for a four-cylinder it’s mated to a segment exclusive 8-speed the wet latch dct usually i don’t like the city when it comes to snow or off-road but this one seems to do the job and it’s really aggressive when it engage and as soon as you’re gonna shift gear it won’t slip and it won’t create that laggy feeling that i often feel with other dct usually

You could tow with the sorrento v6 5000 pounds but you must be crazy to tow that much with your sorrento it depends also if you do it often but still that’s too much for those kind of vehicle often i see you on the highway it’s not well leveled so you gotta be careful with towing so what exactly is 3500 pounds of towing kia gave us a presentation and i really

Like that graphics which shows you exactly the weight and often we don’t even mind how heavy it is in the back but look at that graphic it’s gonna give you a great idea of what’s the weight that you’re gonna be towing so 500 pounds for that new version with the 2.5 turbo and if you go with any other engine choice it’s going to be 2 800 pounds and this is good

So you’ve got the rolling of the vehicle acceleration are strong and fast you’ve got that braking which is really stable even if you remove the tower from those equations direction feeling usual sorrento the suspension soft but not too hard just like we had in the previous version even if this machine is way bigger than it used to be so you’ve got the terrain

Management system and boy did we enjoy winter where i live so they’re not using the dynamax all-wheel drive system anymore this is the same all-wheel drive system that you’re going to find in the telluride and when you go with the version x you’ve got some additional mode that you can select and those are going to include snow mud and sand so it’s really going

To change a lot in the whole drive capability you can really feel the split and we’re going to do a video about that to show you exactly what’s happening when you choose different mode and simply floor it on the eyes and it will also make some modification to the ecu the reaction and if you select send mode it’s going to hold on this proper gear way longer so

You will be able to get the momentum that you need to go through sand and as for the regular mode if you select sport it’s gonna send more power through the front wheels rather than those in the rear i would have made that the contrary though otherwise the all-wheel drive system will use torque vectoring with center locking differential to provide extra power to

The rear wheels in slippery condition the fuel consumption is gonna be 11.1 a liter per 100 in city mode and once you’re gonna get on the highway you’re gonna see big difference 8.4 which is really impressive for those kind of suv so let’s talk about the minus points though well you will feel some vibration as soon as you’re gonna hit some potholes if the seat

And back are up you will probably also want like that they simply dismiss the v6 and lower it that capacity of towing so if you want to tow you will have to go with the big boy the kia taylor ride also you’re gonna have to be careful with price they kind of increase the price over time but geez they’re offering so much in their vehicle it’s kind of normal when

You check that out but it’s gonna be four thousand dollar canadian more for lx premium package and one thousand dollar for a fully equipped version but once you’re gonna get into that territory that’s gonna be a lot of money because it’s over fifty thousand dollars for those sports utility vehicle but with the size that now the sorrento has it’s more playing in

The major league rather than the minor league that it used to do so on the plus side you’ve got that refined interior i love the look you’ve got a better fuel economy also you’ve got tons of goodies when you buy a kia sorrento even base you got the tons of security feature and each year they were putting more and more into that vehicle and it’s really impressive

With those blind spot monitoring system that won’t open the door if there’s a vehicle which is going to be incoming same thing also if you’re going to try to move the vehicle and you don’t see that vehicle in your blind spot you will get a warning and same thing also for collision up front but as soon as you’re gonna turn the steering wheel let’s say that you’re

Looking there to see if anyone’s coming but you did not see up front the vehicle will react and they’re more and more aggressive than ever when it comes to security but once you’re gonna get into the snowstorm or simply because the back of your car is gonna be covered with snow nothing will work with those system you’ve got also an enormous cargo space a lot of

Space for you for your passenger i kind of repeat myself for each vehicle i try but geez this one is really big for its class so in conclusion well the sorento is a little kia telluride but way more affordable which kind of respond to a lot of customers requests about space luggage cargo towing off-road capability so right now kia is right on target with that

New kia sorento version what do you think about that feel free to comment in the section down there below do a thumbs up subscribe take care

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