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Altair Club Cars Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid 2022 – The Ultimate Family Car? | WorthReviewing

Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid 2022 – The Ultimate Family Car? | WorthReviewing

This is the seven-seater Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid 4, in Mineral Blue. The Sorento tested is a 2021 model year, hence why I mentioned the price being slightly lower than what it is now. The Sorento is available both as a fully petrol-powered car for £40,590, as well as a plug-in hybrid, which adds quite a few more pennies, costing £46,445. It sure is comfy to drive, good to look at and has more than enough room inside, but is it too much car for what it is?

Welcome to worth reviewing and this is the kia sorento and it is the biggest car that here sell and it is a great looking suv personally i love the look of the car both the inside and the outside as well now i haven’t got a lot of time to spend with the car i’ve only got it for a short while so this is going to be a bit more of a first impressions video rather than

A full in-depth review so let’s take a look inside and show you briefly around the interior and after that i’ll give it a brief test drive so let’s jump in and have a look so at the front the kia sorento does feel very spacious it’s very light and airy in here i mean this car’s got the panoramic roof which obviously opens up a bit more makes it feel a lot more

Lighter in here so this is the kia sorrento 4 and it feels very spacious i mean there’s a lot of tech in this car heated cooled seats memory seats there’s a load of tech you’ve got a digital instrument cluster a large infotainment system full leather interior you’ve got a 360 camera heated steering wheel memory seats electric seats you name it it’s got it it hasn’t

Got a missile launcher it hasn’t got that unfortunately you’ve got a bose sound system and even in the back there’s plenty of room i mean overall this is a very big car so understandably you’re going to feel that nice airy space on the inside as well the only thing i’m not too keen on is the sort of the center console and this bit here looks a bit it’s personally not

My liking so now you guys have seen the majority of the interior the front the back and the boot as well so now let’s get on the road and give it a test drive god they’re so smooth so smooth quiet comfortable and refined let’s go over a bump now with a bit of speed oh yeah that’s comfortable that’s smooth that smoothens out that bump very nicely this sorrento

Starts at 38 000 pounds and this one has a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and 1.6 petrol engine and it produces 261 brake horsepower okay are we ready are we ready how does this thing pull from 30 kilometers per hour do you know what for 261 brake horsepower i’m surprised it didn’t pick up as quick as i’d thought when you put your foot down there is a slight

Delay with the engine thinking crap he put his foot down i better you know get my move on but for most people driving this car aren’t really going to be worried about putting their foot down everywhere i mean they’re going to be thinking quiet comfortable smooth drive you know take care of my mother-in-law in the passenger seat perhaps so admittedly my mistake this

Car was in eco mode hence the reason why it didn’t feel that lively so now it’s in sport mode it should be like a race car let’s go still a bit hesitation trying to pick up the speed but it does feel a bit more lively 261 brake horsepower it still doesn’t feel 261 it feels more like 200 maybe personally wouldn’t quite say 261 but there we are by the way you’ve also

Got eco mode sport mode smart mode sand mud and snow and before you ask what is smart mode i’m not too sure what smart mode does i’m guessing it sort of learns from how you drive and reflects that into the drive of the vehicle i’ve got no idea so don’t quote me on that for first impressions i do like the car to sum this up i do like the car although i would say for

The price i don’t think it’s worth the car i think that if you’re looking at buying a kia or a practical family car definitely look at the kia sportage or the kia sportage or whatever you want to call it much better value for money personally i think it’s more practical for everyday use it’s a lot more it’s practical obviously but it’s big inside as well and for

Driving in town and basically wherever you drive it’s just a lot more suited to most journeys this however although it feels a lot more airy and spacious and comfortable and smooth but it’s personally i don’t think it’s worth it i hope you guys enjoyed watching this first impressions video sorry it has seemed a bit vague of what i’m saying unfortunately i haven’t

Got much time to spend with the car i’d love to spend more time but that’s the way it is but i hope you guys got to feel what it’s like to drive what tech it’s got the price the speed the feel of it the look of it etc etc and if you liked it please give it a like and if you want to see more videos or reviews then please hit subscribe thank you for watching worth reviewing you

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