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Altair Club Cars Kia Sorento Plug In Hybrid 2022 Review l Mrcar

Kia Sorento Plug In Hybrid 2022 Review l Mrcar


2022 kia sorento plug-in hybrid is it a good plug-in hybrid suv to buy that’s what we’re gonna find out welcome to car hub corner where we help you the consumer master the process of car buying and car ownership if you were in the market for a three-row mid-sized suv that happened to be a plug-in hybrid you really didn’t have many options to consider outside of a

Few luxury brands well kia is changing that with the sorrento which for the 2022 molyer is now going to be available as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid with all-wheel drive the question though is is it worth it to consider the sorrento over other plug-in hybrid suvs like say the toyota rav4 prime hyundai santa fe and mitsubishi outlander plug-in hybrid well make sure

To stick around to the end of the video because that’s what we’re gonna find out the sorento was completely redesigned for the 2021 model year and was initially only available with a pair of gas engines you could get either a base naturally aspirated 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine with around 190 horsepower or on the higher trims a 2.5 turbo engine that makes close

To 280 horsepower for 2022 kia has added both a hybrid and plug-in hybrid drivetrain with all-wheel drive which are also shared with the hyundai tucson and hyundai santa fe when it comes to the electrified drivetrains the hybrid makes 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque and the plug-in hybrid makes a little bit more power than that 261 horsepower and the

Same 258 pound-feet of torque that puts the hybrid and plug-in hybrid right in between the two gas engines in terms of power and it definitely feels like the plug-in hybrid has more than enough performance for an suv like this the power feels very similar to the v6 engines that you get in some mid-sized suvs and aside from having a pretty low towing capacity there’s

Not much else to complain about not only do you get a good amount of power with the plug-in hybrid but you get amazing efficiency as well when fully charged the sorento plug-in hybrid can travel up to 32 miles or 50 kilometers on pure electric range not quite as good as the electric range that you get on some other plug-in hybrid suvs like say the toyota rav4 prime

But definitely pretty decent and once that electric range is used up you get an additional 400 to 450 miles or 700 kilometers in the regular hybrid mode with the gas engine running in hybrid mode the sorrento can get anywhere from 30 to 35 miles per gallon or around seven and a half to eight and a half liters per 100 kilometers that’s a lot more fuel efficient than

The fuel economy of the regular gas models which can only get around 20 to 27 miles per gallon or anywhere from 9 to 14 liters per 100 kilometers which means you could save a lot of money on gas with the plug-in hybrid and if you’re diligent about keeping it fully charged and using that electric range you could go a long time without spending any money on gas the

Performance and efficiency of this hybrid system are great the only thing i’m not too sure about is that unlike say a toyota which has a time-tested and well-proven hybrid drivetrain for long-term reliability the hybrid system in the sorrento is unproven and fairly complicated too the sorrento’s hybrid drivetrain uses a 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine

And turbo engines being more complicated can often be more problematic long-term than a comparable naturally aspirated engine like you get on a toyota or honda hybrid system even though i’m not crazy about the fact that this hybrid uses a turbo i do like the fact that it has a conventional six-speed automatic transmission which is definitely a good thing and even

Though the long-term reliability of this hybrid drive train might be unproven at least kia does give you a really good warranty so you are going to have peace of mind for a very long time this is a great driving suv though it’s very comfortable it has good handling it also has a very nice interior to spend time in kia is a leader when it comes to technology and

The tech that you get inside of the sorrento is really impressive for one thing we’ve got a great looking 10.25 inch touchscreen infotainment system that not only has great looking graphics apple carplay android auto but also has a very logical and clear menu structure so it’s not that difficult to use we’ve also got a 12 inch full digital gauge cluster with great

Looking graphics that’s also fully customizable and gives you all kinds of great information we’ve also got a blind spot camera system in the gauge cluster which is really handy to use along with a highway driving assist feature that gives you true semi-autonomous driving capability on the highway other great tech includes a full-color head-up display a super large

Panoramic sunroof and the back seats are not deprived of features either all three rows of seats can get usb ports for charging devices and in the second row captain’s chairs you can get heated seats and window privacy shades too the second row has plenty of room for adults to sit comfortably and accessing the third row seats is very easy too but there’s not a lot

Of room back there for adults so it’s definitely best suited for kids there’s also not much room in the cargo area with the third row seat up so this is definitely going to be the type of suv where you’re going to keep that third row folded for extra cargo room and only bring them up when you need the passenger space aside from wishing for just a bit more room the

Other thing i wish the plug-in hybrid had was a second row bench like you can get in the gas models of the sorrento with the captain’s chairs the sorrento is only a six-seater so it’s not as practical as the gas versions of the sorrento with the bench that can fit up to seven passengers aside from that though there’s not a whole lot to complain about with the

Plug-in hybrid sorrento and the pricing is not too bad either the pricing range is anywhere from 45 to 48 000 us or around 47 to 57 000 canadian before you factor in any government incentives depending on where you’re located the plug-in hybrid sorento could be eligible for electric car rebates anywhere from twenty five hundred dollars to over ten thousand dollars

Which can drop the price dramatically when you factor in those rebates the plug-in hybrid is definitely a very good buy and it’s definitely worth getting over the regular gas versions and if you live somewhere where electricity is cheap or comes from renewable sources or if you have the ability to charge on a regular basis then this is a no-brainer over the hybrid

Too so even though this does make a lot of sense over the gas models is it worth it to buy a sorento over other plug-in hybrid suvs like the toyota rav4 prime mitsubishi outlander or the hyundai santa fe or hyundai tucson which happen to use the exact same hybrid system as the sorrento well the main thing that the sorrento has going for it over most of those other

Suvs is that it is a little bit more spacious and has that third row seating now the redesigned outlander plug-in hybrid coming for 2023 is going to be a three-row suv too so that’s definitely going to mix things up a little bit but in the meantime if you’re looking for a practical three row suv that happens to be a plug-in hybrid then sorrento is definitely the

Way to go but if you don’t need that extra space then you should definitely be considering the other options like the tucson or the rav4 prime they all cost roughly the same amount of money as the sorrento so you’re not going to be spending any more and in the case of the rav4 prime you also get an amazing reputation for long-term reliability and sky-high resale

Value one thing’s for sure though the sorento is a very good suv in electrified form i wasn’t fully convinced when i drove the gas versions because even though the tech and design is great i felt that it was worth spending just a little bit more to get the telluride which is not only a larger more spacious suv but also a much more substantial one too adding the

Hybrid and plug-in hybrid options to the sorento changes that though it gives buyers more of a reason to choose the sorrento especially for those who are looking for an suv that’s not only more environmentally responsible but one that’s also more efficient and it’s going to save you money too so let me know what you think of the 2022 kia sorento plug-in hybrid

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