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Which car has the best cost/benefit ratio? the entry-level version of the contribution or the top-of-the-range version of kia rio? well, if your budget ranges between 268,900 and 518,900 these mexicans, then you can buy from the cheapest newspaper to the that it contributes more equipped then which of the two is better weight for weight that is what we are about to discover

And look so that we do not make fools of ourselves the size is more expensive than the kia rio much more car but it is also more expensive and the strong that it is his fault that most of us mexicans do not have enough to buy one for that reason the river also has its charm and for something it is the second best-selling car in mexico if it is the leader in sales and the

Nissan is getting very close to it verse, what i don’t understand is that you have such a hard time upstairs, it’s not that i hate the river. rather, i propose this to you because it’s better if you tell me what you don’t like about the fort and you tell me what you do like about it. river to tra to done the kia forte is the best car the river the fort the river the forte

Let’s see well my people the main competition in the neighborhood is called nissan inverse and on top of that and you already want to add more competition there is the chevrolet aveo the volkswagen vento the m5 the chevrolet onix yes, which one is more convenient for the nissan versa any river east 9 another video forte’s main competition is yeta centra and mazda3 frankly

They all have their charm but fort as such has its own charm vehicle with very good habitability the experience feels very good handling is quite good it is a comfortable car the main reasons why someone buys a kia rio have to do with what i have to recognize in force the cost-benefit the blown screen well it blown me you built-in it is also blown up here too it gives the

Vehicle a little more wave the verso has the screen completely recessed at an angle if the sun hits it from above it is a little more uncomfortable to see the second reason why someone buys a river is because it also looks beautiful from the outside obviously nissan got its act together and when you see it it becomes much more beautiful now however wherever you arrive with

A new river the people are going to turn to see the third reason why someone buys a kia river is for comfort and as habitability in fact i have to admit that the seats of the river are more comfortable or softer than those of the fort for example it has a couple of details that for ccoo has rubbed me in the face such as the android auto and the search for wireless play

The forte does not have it the bersa does not have it videos electric mirrors the side mirrors are quite large visibility is good through the windshield the air conditioning cools with mother the advantage of having a manual air conditioning is that the cost of the vehicle is lower the main reasons why someone bought a forte can be among others the 10.25-inch screen that

You can divide into up to three sections up to a split screen and it looks pretty good it’s very useful something i don’t love is that the colors are very simple but it’s big and it’s functional and it’s very responsive to the touch it has here also other touch controls that is good and volume knob and off that is very very useful the driving experience is quite good it

Is a comfortable car its suspension is not as soft as previous generations of the same but it is not bad it is comfortable i like it also the air conditioning that is automatic with dual zone has many slides and they have an induction charger for the cell phone on this side that i do not like that it does not have usb ce another reason is the electrochromic mirror that you

Do not need to do the function of last night manually it has a sunroof it is not the largest but it has a sunroof another of the reasons why you buy a forte is just the design or exterior that had a renewed one tube a refreshment that was important because if it changes a lot it will be a more modern car that you have to be careful of the rims the rims are very nice but

It is a large tread 17 tread so the tire profile is low if that gives you greater maneuverability it is precise in the curves but that low profile in a country like mexico and the roads that have water because if you fall into a pothole it is most likely that it is equipment t the tire doubles the ring or it even bursts the rodrigo motor tire in wonders if this one wants

Or 2022 is still a good buy our friends from ave in automotive say it is attitude and agility in a youthful car and kilmer cleavage thinks that every day is an attack or pop girl however the question arises and so by the way because it is selling so much since thierry and today it is the second best-selling compact car in our country our friends from motorpasión me xico

They say this is dynamism and technology with a high power of convincing in a dynamic car alonso brugada wonders if the changes are merely aesthetic yes scotti kilmer thinks that all the guides are not even the truth i think he is very very wrong now in case everything this was not enough and rio has a million versions. in fact, that is something that helps almost any car

A lot to be on the best-selling car lists. a kia rio has four or five different versions and you can get each version with an automatic transmission. or manual but on top of that you can also take it hatchback and sedan so when you have a palette of many flavors your palette is going to sell very well you would not think that the main competition of a forte is another cut

It is likely because the reality is that forte has many versions and in addition it has of each version manual transmission and automatic transmission in addition we also have of each one of those a hatchback so with so many flavors we could say that if forte’s main competition is strong and in terms of the interior and the comfort of the car if i also recognize it i hate

For this moment the buttons are well placed and it’s quite intuitive it’s not like you have to looking for where and how it is easy to get used to being able to manage options that you can see in the instrument cluster that has a digital screen in the center is surely telling them that the steering wheel is very important that the materials that have well-placed buttons

And such things which is true, however, for me the most important thing is the driving position and the softness and the size of the current seats of the space with respect to the ceiling is quite good also i am not tall or a little bit but the people who jump will have enough good space i say and i have more than a fist of distance left, about 70 have gone and we have a

Very soft passenger compartment well the padding of the the seats are quite comfortable in the backrest, it has lateral supports that are not tight for someone of a very large size, the soundproofing of the passenger compartment is good, we also do not have many noises that sneak in from the outside, the bearings are not noticeable inside either, the engine noise is very

Annoying and very moderate the seat can be electrically adjusted forwards backwards up and down the backrest is also electric and the steering wheel is adjustable in depth of height inside the passenger compartment the courtesy lighting also basically in this version that jim line and heat and all the lighting is exterior and interior led about the engine is a 2-liter

4-cylinder that develops a power of 147 horsepower 132 pound-feet of torque coupled to a 9 s automatic transmission go and go like that the flame keel but in the end it is a continuously variable that simulates six changes in terms of engine size in the power of t you are seeing all these things on the screen right now and they are figures that matter if surely pacos

Is telling you all the horsepower and all the pound-feet of torque that the kia forte has and he is also probably complaining about the transmission being put or ivete credit drought and the reality is that it behaves in a much better way than the traditional ones it gets from other brands that to say it that helps maintain moderate fuel consumption it is not the most

Economical but it is around more or less from 9 to 13 kilometers per liter, if you have a heavy foot, maybe you will reach around 910 kilometers per liter, but if you are moderate, maybe you will reach about 13 13 and a half kilometers per liter in the city on the highway, obviously you can go that reaching maybe a few 18 19 kilometers per liter there are reinforced steel

Structure protection bars on the doors controlled deformation zones safety traction control distribution electronic braking ion that together with other details such as cruise control or cross control if i’m not mistaken in all versions makes the river a very attractive car in addition to the six air bags and other things the only doubt i have left now about the iron it is

And all these characteristics for its price are superior to what it gives you strong for its pressure i don’t know but i suspect that possibly today the week did not arrive in terms of security it already has a problem the truth is that it does not have a problem air bags does not have any assistance it is very bad it is not true that it already has a fairly good security

System in fact i set the bar very high when i arrived in the mexican market having six air bags in all its versions is something that has now modified a little but strong in all its versions has six airbags has warning forward collision assistant blind spot cross traffic alert has basic consider all the assistance that you could expect in a vehicle already in this segment

Given the competition that it now has, so in this secret detail check this how by itself it turns on the handle light and opens the mirrors it seems little but the competition does not possibly do it gonzalo is right that it is more car but really it is better weight for weight let’s see what i am going to teach you for because it seems that you do not understand what the

Differences are between river and fort and why one is worth more than the other the differences at a glance the grill between river and fort the fort’s grill is prettier than the river moth i don’t know if you want to be more punctual something we have here that looks very spectacular are the fog lights and they also draw an outward diagonal that makes it look more

Aggressive the headlights have separate led lights that look good they are noticeable much better than this we only think that this river is not as handsome as it is strong when we have the fort on one side but when you compare it with the wind or you compare it with the unics people simply the design of the river is still handsome one thing that is very good is that in

The rear lights we have this lateral led that what it does is that they see you if you are going out they reach you or late-night because this one is of high intensity but the most beautiful thing are the turn signals or the intermittent ones that have this part as if in a grid on this side and yes it is noticeable for those who say you can see – because it’s down you

Can’t see – and as the last detail is this rear spoiler that is like a duck tail type that various piano black finishes call it, basically they are aesthetic details but they look very good and make a difference, well, the turn signals are turn signals are halogen and have a pattern completely different from the pattern that has strong another thing that he considered as a

Success on the part of kia is the profile of the rim this rim with is the lower profile allows you greater precision when cornering the side mirror with the body color i like it better i feel that in this case it looks more aesthetic and both have the bandage with the turn signal here which is also a safety feature which i do not forgive river 21st century chrome handles

I leave chrome for the custom motorcycle exhausts they could have been the color of the body the trunk of river although it is quite wide it is not as wide as the one of size and there is no duck tail or spoiler quoted back here i think it is a much cooler and more modern view the directional one below as the forte has it instead of up here however if we are completely

Honest the river is not only mauve that if you have two brothers and one i have no idea that the other is brad pitt one of the two is going to have to be more handsome and we launched a survey on the channel and asked them what they wanted to know about river and forte let’s see what do they say with axe r tell us hello gonzalo if you had the budget for it i would want

Thematic intermediate of load you would buy and because i definitely believe that the intermediate river is the option in the case of the comparison between diverse rivers that are the main rivals very well snapper gonzález told us they have estimated it a greeting from ciudad juárez my question is in comparison with the others in the same range are they really worth it if

It is the river if it is worth it if it is strong if it is worth it if the river is selling very but very well because its cost/benefit ratio is excellent as far as strength is concerned i think it is a slightly more difficult decision because it has very tough competitors which is the case of mazda3 diet and entertainment treatment but it has not had this impressive when

Vázquez tells us good day gonzalo how would you be positioned converse and central greeting say opposite good for you in both cases river against see and strong against cent after a photo finish if you are interested in more responsibility and you are more interested in a softer and more comfortable brand nissan iván narvales ask us hello gonzalo in its sedan versions

Of river and forte which one offers more space for a family car cut definition a thousand times came home alone gonzalo no question if you had a strong hatchback growing and a mazda hatchback signature trains which one would you choose and because it is more prior more does in terms of speaking the finishes both are very sporty on the outside but if the quality finishes

A little better the demand well regarding acceleration forte people are not going to be far behind it is also a turbo engine so i think we have a new video pending to do that will be this more than 36 thousand versus forte gt hatchback also luis pineda asks us hello gonzalo why is it that the river guides spend so much on me or did the government do it but if i agree i

Agree with the transmission of the kia river aho ra it seems to me that it laughs and gives it smooth, it makes the gear changes at two thousand revolutions or below 2000 while before i know that they made the gear changes at 2200 2013 that difference made the consumption a little higher david cal y mayor gonzález fuel consumption of the automatic transmission rail well

The data sheet says that between 17.8 and 18.2 manual transmission versus combined automatic transmission city road at sea level i know driving it in mazatlan at sea level that i was giving anything between 13 and 15 or 16 kilometers per liter in the city i think they are all the plants for now what do you think if we go to the verdict the 0 to 100 is not missing obviously

We already know which one is going to win the 0 hundred thousand 321 acceleration that for true, i suppose that i still have to select paco in terms of acceleration tests on action because surely he is not counting for the start or the start and we are going uphill we are going to go up to 100 kilometers per hour above three or four thousand revolutions per minute the

Forcefulness is already felt more when you already have speed like right now 60 lives of the accelerator revolutions you feel the kick but if you want to compare the performance from the river at 2000 meters versus the river at sea level well let’s see the salvation at sea level once and for all then 21 acceleration and this is what i love about the river you are a strong

Car and it is a fast car and it is not shy anymore what a shy toothy smug, past 100 kilometers per hour, let’s go we have to remember that we are more than 2,000 meters above sea level and that makes a very important difference because this is not a turbo engine, it ‘s a motor atmospheric and that’s a factor it’s not a sports car it’s a sedan with a sporty look but it’s

Fun to drive i was waiting for the verdict for ccoo tell me the net of the planet efe what do you think the truth is that it’s hard for me to target with jorge because i have cuts and i knew my people knew and he thinks that the fort is the eighth wonder almost the eighth wonder the receipt is much more than river for your money but you also have to put more money and the

River is within the reach of more pockets but that little less you receive the river you do not lose in security you do not lose in performance you do not lose in savings you do not lose in quality of interior materials taking into account the money you pay for the amount of car you receive the forte is excellent but the river pound-for-pound weight for weight makes more

Sense it is better cost-benefit than the kia forte it is pending that you explain to us why you do not buy a river but that is an issue from another video we return

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KIA RIO vs KIA FORTE ¿CUAL ES MEJOR LIBRA POR LIBRA? By Gonzalo. Mi Gusto es ¡Conducir!

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