kia niro vs kia optima legroom f
Altair Club Cars Kia Niro vs Kia Optima legroom for tall guy comparison

Kia Niro vs Kia Optima legroom for tall guy comparison

A quick sit inside the Kia Niro and then the Kia Optima comparing comfort and legroom for me, a tall guy!

I’m here at car pros kia in glendale uh my buddy in the service department is gonna hook me up and let me sit in a kia niro and uh really kind of test the leg room and i just happen to be a little bit taller than most so just want to show you my experience and a huge thank you to uh car pros kia really appreciate it guys okay here we go so i’m gonna move

The seat back i mean it’s not bad and now i’m gonna tilt the seat and yeah it’s okay like it’s livable but my optima has more more room it’s not this one is better than i remember at the auto show but yeah i suppose it would it would work for me the newer one felt a little more cramped is that is that the case or they’re about the same about the same but yeah

I guess it’s not bad i can make it work okay all right so here i am in my 2018 optima you will notice i can do a full leg extension which i was unable to do in the nero um so to me this is a much more comfortable car and again we’re just talking general leg room uh this is better like this is considerably more room and uh could i live with a nero yeah i i

Could but would i be happier living with this car yes absolutely there’s just kind of no contest so um again that’s just me not everyone is gonna have my femurs so you know there’s just uh you know the matter of comfort is definitely personal um but you know i do think the nero is a nice car and i’d like it to work um you know especially the all-electric

Version or even i think there’s a plug-in as well i know there’s a hybrid um you know in a in a year from now my hov stickers on this car are going to expire so i’m definitely looking for something and i was thinking the nero would be right in my price range um but the new ones they’re 55 000 with the dealer markup so i don’t know about that um i think for

That kind of coin well i mean i just wouldn’t buy that car at all for that price that that’s a non-starter for me a few months ago i found one used or cut i found a couple used with like very low miles for like 29 grand uh you know which admittedly is more than i want to spend on a car but i could see myself making that work maybe you know if i get one with 10

000 miles or whatever i i would probably go for that but for 55 no way i’d buy myself a toy for that kind of money you know i’d be shopping for a newer corvette or something i don’t know man um so you know my little optima is pretty hard to beat i have to say the the plug-in optima it’s a it kind of ticks all the boxes i mean it could be better at a lot of

Things but it could be much worse at a lot of things so i have to say you know at this point i’ve had the car since summer of 2019 uh so that’s 2020’s so you know i’ve had it for like almost three years and i’d say at the three year mark like i’m still i’m still pretty impressed with this car and i’m very happy using it the way i use it so but you know

And a big part of that is comfort right here right there right what i’m talking about lots of leg room so big fan of that for sure and it’s too bad they don’t make the plug-in optima anymore or the plug-in k5 who knows maybe they’ll start doing that uh there are some exciting new plug-in suvs that are happening that i may look into uh when the time comes

And maybe i’ll go that route i don’t know but uh you know if it’s gonna cost 40 or 50 you might as well get a tesla you know and just just surrender to that fact so uh anyway folks that’s what i have for you in terms of uh kia niro legroom um i hope that kind of defines my position on the subject a little bit better uh for those of you that commented about

You know your your experience with the car i really appreciate it um i just kind of wanted to clarify like why i said what i said and uh you know and i hope that i hope that helps uh i just have long legs so that’s that’s my deal uh big thank you to car pros kia in glendale uh my service advisor who i’m not going to mention just because i don’t want you

Know i don’t know if i’m supposed to but if you’re watching this thank you and uh yeah and i also i got my transmission service while i was there and seems to drive you know significantly nicer so you know take care of your transmissions uh as my mechanic george says if it’s an expensive part to replace change the fluid so there you have it all right folks

That’s all i got for you today you know what to do and i will see you in the next one you

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Kia Niro vs Kia Optima legroom for tall guy comparison! By Driven Dave

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