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KIA EV9 The EV to be

KIA EV9! The EV to be!

Hello welcome to paul’s take hyundai and kia are on a roll by putting out all these great vehicles and genesis too the whole hyundai group that’s part of kia and genesis they’re all the same umbrella but they’ve been knocking it out they’ve been hitting home runs each vehicle cooler like your top models are like just cooler and cooler they’re on the road to be the

Best they really are seems to me and that is apparent with their new electric vehicle coming out possibly might be out in 2023 as a 2024 model this one is really exciting to me because i like off-roading and this one seems to be most off-road cable suv-ish vehicle um coming out by here or by a lot of mainstream uh manufacturers except for the jeeps of course uh

I probably won’t keep up with the jeep but uh it seems like it looks more legit than your typical suv and it’s all electric that’s right i’m talking about the 2024 kia ev9 so the pictures look really cool it looks like it has a good ground clearance it’s got big tires they see it has a lot of room on the inside for you all your your gear but it looks to me it

Just it looks aggressive it looks like a tougher looking i almost want to call it a truck because it looks tricky but it’s an suv course it looks also very modern on the inside i would say even too modern on the inside i would say it’s less too sophisticated to uh to clean too clean yeah that’s one word too clean for a rugged truck maybe there’s still time if

They listen to us to make it more rugged looking like uh it just it suits the interior it looks great if it was just like a typical suv if they’re going to market this as a off-road adventure vehicle yeah more rugged but they act but the exterior looks amazing to me it looks great the pitchers that i’ve seen do not have they don’t appear to be off-road tires

But they are big so maybe they could change it up a little bit as well now i’m i’m visualizing this thing with that suspension and rises up a little bit give it like three more inches for climbing over stuff and then it would be legit i don’t know the stats on that i know it’s supposed to have a uh it’s supposed to have a fuel battery hundred percent i do like

The idea of a plug-in hybrid but really that’s a pretty complex system now you get a motor a gasoline powered motor and electric motor and they got tied all together so in the end it’s probably more complex system but i’m working on the idea of having just a 100 electric vehicle this one here is 100 electric vehicle is 800 volt system bi-directional charging

Um it said that the same type system goes into the ev6 gt which has about will have or will have about 576 horsepower and 546 pounds of torque so this is a newer model maybe you’ll get the same thing and that would be very impressive the pictures here are based on the concept but supposedly representative hyundai says about 89 of what the actual model will look

Like let’s go back to the electrical system so this one here is really cool one thing about hyundai hyundai’s in kia’s which is under the same hyundai umbrella again they have really good charging systems they charge their batteries faster than anybody including tesla from last i heard the the ones they have now the ev-4 i think it is right now ev5 will charge

From 5 to 80 in like 18 minutes this one here obviously is a bigger vehicle and they’re saying it’ll probably charge from 10 to 80 in under 30 minutes so that’s pretty darn good and it should have a range about 300 miles not bad as well anyhow what do you think of the look of the new ev9 spy shots what is that spy shot the ev9 concept vehicle i saw some spy shot

On the internet but unfortunately the pictures were copyrighted i’m not going to post them but you really can’t see anything but a bunch of covering anyways but at least it tells us that they are making this thing is there you know easter they’re testing it out so it will come out soon next year like i said maybe mid 2023 as a 2024 model what do you think of the

Ev9 from kia are you on board do you love it do you hate it i love the exterior but could work on the interior for my taste hopefully that’s part of the change thanks for watching paul’s take please hit like subscribe for more videos

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