kia ev6 gt line awd 774 kwh 325
Altair Club Cars KIA EV6 GT-Line AWD 77,4 kWh 325 TEST Najlepsze auto elektryczne?

KIA EV6 GT-Line AWD 77,4 kWh 325 TEST Najlepsze auto elektryczne?

2021 KIA EV6

Finally, 3 months after static presentation of kia ev6, i can drive it. so in this test i will talk about driving impressions, performance, fuel consumption, all other information such as the exact dimensions, space or storage compartments are already in the first material from the static presentation in terms of appearance, ev6 makes the same good impression live as

During the static, studio premiere i chose the gt-line version for testing, where there are no black elements with piano black around the body no no matter what color we choose, ev6 always draws attention. ok, we get in and go, because i described the style in the previous material. my copy is a 4-drive version with a battery with a usable capacity of 77.4 kwh and a power

Of 325 hp ev6 is also available with the rear-drive version with 58 or 77.4 kwh batteries, and 170 or 230 hp as well as in the gt version with 4×4, 77.4 kwh battery and 585 hp but this car is not slow either and it needs 5.2 seconds to 100 km/h according to the catalog, which i checked, of course. the result is 5 s, which is 0.2 s better than stated by the manufacturer!

The flexibility and reaction to gas are also impressive, but only in the right mode the car has 4 driving modes, eco, normal, sport and snow, and behaves differently in each in sport, the accelerator pedal is sharp and incredibly sensitive. you literally flush the gas and ev6 shoots forward. but seriously, instantly i had the feeling that it was even too sharp and too

Sensitive. ev6 does not swell up to a 120-140 km/h, only above this speed it feels like it becomes more lazy but driving an electric car above these speeds makes no sense, because it consumes a lot of fuel the car needs about 22 kwh at 120 km/h, but already at 140 km/h we are close to 30 kwh. this means that our 77.4 kwh power tank has a range of 300-350 km on the road

So such an electric classic, although tesla is said to have much lower energy consumption at higher speeds, unfortunately, i will not confirm this because i haven’t yet tested tesla on my channel. when i drove very calmly, i did 14 kwh, when i drove normally, i had 17-18, and i had 21kwh when i was driving vigorously so the range is about 400 km, which is good for 325

Hp and, after all, a large car. large and, unfortunately, also not very maneuverable. i say “also” because i recently tested hyundai ioniq 5, which is similar to ev6, and there i complained about the hopeless agility of the car even though ev6 is based on the same platform and floor plate as ioniq5 its wheelbase is 10 cm shorter and thanks to this, we have a better

Turning radius although it’s still bad for an electric car with a rear drive. yes, the rwd version is also the same and the turning radius is almost the same as the awd and it is weak i don’t know why, but other electrics on the market are more agile it’s a pity, because agility is the only thing that bothered me in ev6. apart from that, it’s comfortable, quiet, the

Car is steady and good, and as i said and showed, we have very good performance has a slight hint of sport, but it was required by the weight after all, the car weighs 1,800 – 2,025 kg, which is not light and you can feel it on transverse bumps, the car bounces a bit while flying through mountain serpentines, i noticed that the seats have a very mediocre lateral support,

But on the other hand, they are very comfortable, so i prefer it rather than the other way round. another remark concerns the rear visibility – it’s very poor, fortunately each ev6 has a rear view camera in the base. without it, driving backwards would be very, very difficult. operating is also a bit more difficult, especially due to the touch buttons and panels as

I said in the previous test, kia has, for example, a touch panel that can be used for navigation or for a/c all in all, a nice solution, especially that we don’t change it often, but you have to learn it instead of, for example, changing the audio, i changed the temperature or accidentally changed something on the map, because this option was turned on it is a pity that

Several times i accidentally turned on the heating or ventilation of the seats, because i touched these buttons at the bottom instead the ones on this panel. but you can live with it, maybe i’m the only such a git, but you can’t stand this navigation i was driving this car for two days in spain and the routes it was trying to lead me on were a drama it showed wrong turns,

Refreshed too late or ordered to drive into the roads, which were private properties i will also say right away that i don’t know how it is in other kias, as i usually don’t test navigation here i started using the navigation on my phone, because after a few mishaps i was fed up. i was also surprised by the system’s speed, which unfortunately had delays it’s strange

As in other kia cars this system worked much better. weird. the materials are ordinary, a classic in kia and in this segment. during the static premiere, they seemed a bit more premium to me, but that’s ok just a pity for the unfortunate piano black on the middle tunnel and on the door i also had some kind of impairment here, i don’t know what happened, maybe someone

Tried to unskillfully carry a large object and hence the scratch. on the plus side, of course, ev6 has a flat floor as i said, both at the front and rear in general, this car has a lot of space and we have two trunks, which is great because we can keep the charging cables in the front, but i talked about it in the previous material i also talked about the energy return

Function, but it is worth remembering because currently only in kia and hyundai you can charge another device from the car or, the first material also described the price list, but i will show it again as a reminder importantly, the it hasn’t changed yet, some other manufacturers have raised prices in the last 3 months, but it’s still the same for ev6 the basic ev6

With a rear drive and 58 kwh battery costs 180,000 pln a more powerful variant with a 77.4 kwh battery starts from pln 200,000, and the awd surcharge is pln 16,000 in total, we pay extra for the 4×4 drive and for 100 hp more the most expensive version is gt with 585 hp, which costs pln 282,000 the gt version will be available only at the end of 2022. the production of the

Gt version has not started yet, but i know that it’s already possible to order. before i summarize, i will add something about charging speed, because kia boasts that it supports 800 volts and that the batteries have 10% higher energy density i charged the batteries at the stations provided by kia, so i didn’t make accurate measurements but i will use those available

On the portal elektrowó they noticed that ev6 loads much faster than, for example, id4. ev3 can also maintain high charging speeds on fast chargers, for example it can charge with a power of 141 kw from a 150 kw charger, which is a great result likewise, on weaker chargers it maintains almost their full power. i will add a link to this article in the description of

The film. finally, i can fully evaluate ev6. visually, the car still makes a very big impression, both inside and outside the materials may be average, but e.g. the steering wheel or the cabin itself looks much better after driving. undoubtedly, the advantage of ev6 is its spaciousness, two trunks, the ability to return energy and the speed of charging that is, it’s

Still slow compared to refueling, but for an electric car, it can use the maximum power of the charger, unlike most of the competition yes, it’s expensive, but when we look at what we get and compare with the competition, what is really good because no one will offer us as many as 585 hp for pln 285,000 the overall impression of kia ev6 is very good and it’s one of

The best electric cars i have ever driven. unfortunately, like almost every ev car, it has such problems as the range, which is quite short on the road, and charging time as i said, ev6 charges efficiently and faster than the competition, but still on the road we need a really fast and powerful charger, so that charging takes less than an hour or even two unfortunately,

There is still no infrastructure in poland to quickly charge everywhere this is changing, of course, and more fast chargers have recently been opened, but this is still not enough and each trip is about planning, analyzing and keeping your fingers crossed so that the charger is not busy or borken… so, all in all, electric cars are still the best in the city, but then

Why have such large car. again, when the car is smaller, it will have a smaller range, because there will be no place to put the batteries in… recently, there is also a problem with the rising price of electricity, but here fuels are also not lagging behind and, unfortunately, they become more expensive.

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KIA EV6 GT-Line AWD 77,4 kWh 325 TEST Najlepsze auto elektryczne? By Autowizja

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