kia ev6 gt line 325hp 0 193 km h
Altair Club Cars KIA EV6 GT Line (325hp) | 0-193 km/h acceleration | by Automann in 4K

KIA EV6 GT Line (325hp) | 0-193 km/h acceleration | by Automann in 4K

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Autobahn acceleration test with the 2022 KIA EV6 GT Line delivering 325 hp & 605 Nm of torque. Please watch the video to see the numbers which are significantly stronger than of some of its rivals. Please also make sure to follow all our stuff about this car on instagram! #KIA #EV6 #Autobahn

Oh handling is quite good you can really feel the battery in the way down below oh that is nice hello everybody how are you doing um we are sitting in a kia in a kia with that new logo and you’ve already seen it from the outside and by the title this is the ev6 um as the current top of the line gt line with all-wheel drive and 325 hp yes there is a real gt

Model coming with almost 600 horsepower this is simply mind-blowing um but this is not coming until end of this year or beginning of next year even so we still have to wait a bit longer for that one of course today we want to try out how fast it goes using race box um on the country road first and of course also on the autobahn as it does not reach more than

200 kilometers we won’t be able to do 100 200 kilometer runs but nevertheless also test a bit of the autobahn acceleration and top speed of course in the end first of all most important a country road drive something i want to say before we start we have debated a lot about electric car sounds at the ix and the aqs videos i’m actually a fan of an interior song

For a simple reason because it gives you a connection to driving a car if everything is quiet you don’t have a relation to speed so anything that is sound brings a connection to the driving and makes that drive more emotional so you can of course turn it off you don’t hear anything but as said it’s totally boring you can go up to totally strong which you can

Definitely hear but the cool part about this ev6 gt is you can go to advanced settings you can choose from three different sounds you can actually go to individualize your sound press on settings and you can even change how loud the sound is and how let’s say progressive it should start while you’re measuring the throttle i think that is very nice so nobody can

Complain about it’s too loud it’s too quiet it’s too spacey it is too natural i don’t know you can change all of that stuff in here i think that’s a pretty good thing we of course have it in dynamic and the loudest setting possible put it to sport mode of course put it to sport mode and let’s try out the first launch control zero to 100 winter tires it’s pretty

Cold but nevertheless i guess or i hope we’ll get at least in the direction of what the factory is claiming you can even hear launch control that’s pretty nice five seconds on the race box i would say that is quite okay as this is not the gt model that is significantly faster than what we have tested with the i think q4 etron and the id4 gtx if i’m not mistaken

So let’s do another try just to see how reliable that result is now it’s the same number i would even say five point something i think i think that’s quite good of course no wheel spin which is pretty surprising even in that winter conditions i also forgot to mention we’re not at 100 we’re currently at um around 79 or around 80 state of charge i think that should

Be okay for the acceleration but there might be even a better number in it if you’re at i don’t know 95 or 100 or whatever so let’s now see how fast the ev6 gt line goes 100 to not 200 but top speed so that is electronically limited to 100 order was on speedo which equals 186 on the gps box so definitely real gps speed more than 180 so i guess we have seen some

Pretty good times for this let’s say this medium sporty um ev um yeah a time of about five seconds zero to 100 is um around what the factory is claiming and considering the fact that we have wet outside uh winter tires everything i think that’s that’s that’s quite okay that we get into this this direction and very interestingly there is no traction issue at all

Even in this wet surrounding i mean to really get it sliding you have to turn off the traction control and really provocate the drift or something like that um other than that it’s a very comfortable and safe driving that you have in this car um i i really like that honestly um also and the the pull from let’s say 100 to top speed it’s almost 200 on speedo then

Is is okay i would say it’s not super punchy but it’s okay for this class probably what you would expect and it’s a very um yeah competitive offer that that kia’s having here you

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KIA EV6 GT Line (325hp) | 0-193 km/h acceleration­čĆü | by Automann in 4K By Automann-TV

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