kia carnival 2021 fully imported
Altair Club Cars Kia Carnival 2021 fully imported model test drive review

Kia Carnival 2021 fully imported model test drive review

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This is an all new Kia Carnival MPV and it is now even more premium in its cabin offering and looks more European in its external design.

As you can see this is a very long and wide mpv it’s a huge vehicle but it’s not tall which is good news because why a lot of people like myself i really don’t like tall vehicles they look like a bread box they look like a refrigerator on wheels they look they look quite funny but this looks really handsome this is the new kia carnival and i think it’s a really

Good looking vehicle it’s long it’s sleek it’s wide it’s got that very british looking front he’s got that very american looking rear kia has done a good job now i don’t know if you remember the first kia carnival that ever arrived in malaysia after a while it was re-bed as a nazarea it was awkward looking it was tall had a snout uh i don’t know i just found it

Very awkward looking but it sold very well because why it could carry a lot of people it had a lot of space for a lot of people so that’s what malaysians wanted to bring their whole family up we like to travel we like to drive we like to go and visit you know food places with the whole family and friends as much as possible you want to carry as many people as

Possible you know in one little vehicle so the nazarea or the first kia carnival sold very well then came the second generation which also did very well it was it was more expensive but it had 11 seats and that is very important for malaysians 11 seats there might be a family of two but they still i know people who are just you know no kids couple of beds

And they have a kia carnival and i’m asking them why do you need such a big vehicle oh when the family come and visit you know when relatives come over we have a lot of space so they buy a large vehicle for that occasional use but there are others who will actually buy to use it all the time because why they have a large family they have their elderly parents

Staying with them they might have a helper maybe four kids five kids and so this kia carnival with 11 seats yes there’s 11 seats two in front middle row three third row three fourth row three now the good thing is the the the middle row here which i would actually say no the second row and the third row the middle seats are actually jump seats so you can fold

Them up you’ll see it in the pictures and fold them up and you can use it as um as a nine seater with a nice walk through to go to the fourth row now the fourth row seat if you don’t use it you can fold it and it falls flat completely flat giving you a huge cargo room so you have the option of using this as a five-seater family vehicle with the occasional third

Row and a lot of room or you drop the you even drop the third row seat and you can put in some bicycles some outdoor gear you know anything you know so it becomes a very useful family vehicle besides having a lot of seats when you need it or it becomes a vehicle that you can carry your whole family if you have a large family and still have a little bit of

Luggage room choice is yours so what is it like behind the wheel now i’ve been driving this for a few days now and it’s so so very comfortable i used to watch so so twice because it’s it’s really comfortable seating position nice steering wheel nice reach decent looking display everything is within easy reach uh you’ve got all the necessary features nice

Clear legible meters drive control is a little shift knob here we’ll remind you a little bit of a jaguar but it doesn’t rise and go down but it’s got a little shifter here beautiful finish this car is fully important so what you see is what you get and it’s a very nicely presented cabin and it’s got a very upmarket touch and feel point on it it does not come

Across as a low price vehicle and yet it costs just below 200 000 ringgit now once you start the engine you got a couple of drive modes now the drive mode selector here you can choose spot which gives you instant good response you can go smart which is something you can set to your preference and then you’ve got the normal and eco mode now because we are in

The bit of traffic we’ll leave it at eco mode for now very nice and here’s the best part you don’t hear diesel clutter right do not forget to tell you this is a diesel powered vehicle 2.2 diesel engine and you don’t hear the diesel clutter inside and also outside now if you go and take a new generation european premium brand i’m not going to mention the brand

But european premium brand a lot of them have three cylinder petrol engines you go and listen to those three cylinder petrol engines you can hear the clickety electrically like it’s it’s soft but you can hear it and it can get a little bit irritating but with this diesel you don’t hear anything it’s quiet it’s quiet okay and you’ve got air-con vents in the

Front and you’ve got roof top air-con vents for the rear roof top with a controlled unit right behind me here so that the rear passengers have their own control for lower speed and for cooling so they can control their own air conditioning system and they’re all the vents are all on the rooftop fantastic feature this is what you want in a large mpv and you

Got good outward visibility glass area is wonderful everybody gets a little bit of you know a little bit of a view romantic view you can see because why is sitting in a nice little romantic vehicle nice response to the engine and remember i’m in eco mode good firm breaks and because it’s not tall because it’s it’s it’s a normal ride height it doesn’t wallow

Along you know you don’t feel like you’re in a like in a in a boat going across a small river so this kia carnival is fully imported and the price is 197 000 ringgit which i think is very reasonable for what you get and the features you have and 11 seats and every seat has got seat belts and you’ve got like a multitude of power points all the seats at the

Back including right after the third row you have power points for you to charge your smart devices when you’re on the go so if you’re taking a whole family out for a holiday and it’s a long drive say you’re taking across malaysia or whatever not to worry everybody will be well occupied using the devices because you’ll be able to charge it on the go as you

Accelerate you don’t hear diesel all here is a nice engine rumble that is what surprises me so you

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