kevin hart shows off his new m f
Altair Club Cars Kevin Hart SHOWS OFF His NEW M Ferrari SF90 Spider

Kevin Hart SHOWS OFF His NEW M Ferrari SF90 Spider

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When Kevin Hart turns up to a Supercar event out of nowhere in his brand new Ferrari SF90 Spider…you know it’s going to be a good day!! What an entrance! So many incredible supercars!!

Got kevin hart in it if i can get a photo i’m getting out of it kevin hall in his sf90 this is gonna be an absolute mob fest yes guys what is that welcome to supercars in london now this is what it is all about i move my face here the sun hits me on the side of the face and it is a weekend in california and that means cars and coffee and today there are three now

I’ve moved hotel from the bentley hotel which was the peninsula in beverly hills i’m a little bit west now in between beverly hills and bel-air and i’m on the 405 which is the freeway out north where all of the cars and coffee events are i’ve been hearing supercars all morning i’ve got 10 minutes to wait before i’m gonna be passenger hopping hear that i’ve got 10

Minutes to wait before i am passenger hopping throughout the day in various supercars it is going to be a ridiculous day but first let me try and find some supercars on this motorway to show you just what a perfect location this hotel is for car spotters like me i filmed you coming in oh you got me that’s the 405 yeah yeah do you want to put that in the front

I’ll put it down in the passenger football yeah let me get a look closer because i unlocked it look at this look at his shoes right does your wallet match the car as well no i i thought about that okay look at this interior bro how’s good is it to see you this is damian for those who don’t know you’ve appeared on the channel many times and on sam’s channel as

Well and sam yeah you had the corvette the crazy loud chord yeah the bright yellow or whatever color it was at the time and now you’ve got a satin chrome orange 901.2 turbo s correct straight out of dubai i literally saw you coming on the motorway i was like there’s my ride it looks like he’s living in dubai oh yeah not yet this car is insane and you know it’s not

Stock you don’t do stock cars i don’t do stuff oh my god we’ve done a little bit to it yeah uh we’ve done quite a full exhaust titanium the whole way through headers um headers yeah oh geez tune and uh that’s pretty much it nice so how much brake horsepower are we talking it’s about 700 right now 700 to the wheel to the wheel to the wheels oh you american guys

Are crazy and i suppose the good thing is four-wheel drive baby four-wheel drive now i’ve literally watched at least ten to twenty supercars drive up the four-row flight to the cars and coffee events so we’re gonna hear that one first i’m gonna film the drive here then the experience in the turbo s and then we’ll see what cars there are and then eventually

It could end up being a separate video altogether we’re gonna go to malibu cars and coffee which you say is like it’s crazy it’s crazy if you’ve never been it’s nuts okay you never know who’s gonna show up when cars are ridiculous over there well i’m looking forward to it oh my god the cracks i was up there filming all of the cars now they won i mean come on

We’ve not even left the hotel five minutes and look at the view the boxster down there and we’re heading into the valley somewhere down there there’s quite a lot of supercars like this way a little bit to the left down a bit to the left but what a view it’s not bad living here right no i can’t complain look i’ve never seen a 488 so never been modified in my life

I want to see the wheels on this bad boy look at that that’s a good spec yeah me i mean what oh porsche parking only i’ll go there oh yeah oh no there’s a dodge viper okay i was gonna say this is not a video for me if we’re turning up to a porsche me but jesus christ there are a lot of porsches and a ferrari out down at the end like oh look at that should

Gt3 take my luck and go there go down go down that is the dream another gt3 oh yeah there’s like a porsche tent drinking this is like an invite members bit only and we’ve just turned up i mean at least we’re in the right car that’s true i need to come around the other side i need the sun to hit this rap jesus come on and show me the plate come on you will

Know the reference most people won’t though oh yeah yeah that is sick so no it’s not an enzo ferrari that’s my son’s name so now one day one day i’m getting that’s the treated because i’m pretty sure we just saw black series coming in let’s wander up to the uh the front this is the first one i have seen in the flesh and my god is this thing a monster it is so

Easy to just go oh it’s just an amg gt with a big wing but my god i’ve heard so many good things about this car and jesus christ in person it’s demonic look at that look at this guy in this michelin outfit the michelin man yeah no this is uh this is the last event i went to there before like all the covets stuff they had this is actually sick though this jumper

It was made from a race service oh it’s not like a michigan thing no it was so michelin had the event at race service race service posted it but race service makes um they make clothing so they did like they did like elimination they did like a limited run and they just gave it to everyone at the event yeah i’m jealous of that i know you can’t even get you can’t

Even buy it no yeah ebay maybe i don’t even know i don’t even know whoa whoa the worst part of the show oh my god look at this cover holy wow all right look at this this is how you turn up we haven’t been to the car someday in a long time and uh that’s definitely going to change because hey which one do you think so this sf90 spider invasion right now has

Got kevin hart in it if i can get a photo kevin hall in his sf90 this is gonna be an absolute mob festival dude in the driver’s seat i don’t know what he’s doing i think this is a pretty good way to end the video the porsche vip parking was the perfect start to realize that we were turning up to what is fundamentally a porsche event to finish with that crayon

Silver wheels ceramics 992 gt3 that is stunning there’s a four or five here i’ve also just seen a 765lt parked up over there all of the people all of the hybrid cars are in that direction over there kevin hart got out of the car which is why there’s so much of a frenzy over there which is why we’ve come over this way we’re gonna jump in the 600 lts the 991.2 turbo

S and a few other cars we’re gonna head over to malibu which is gonna be a separate video because i was not expecting this to be as crazy as it was what a ridiculous thing oh my god the californian car community is up there with the best in the world i’ll see you soon guys take care give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you soon goodbye guys

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Kevin Hart SHOWS OFF His NEW $1M Ferrari SF90 Spider!! By SOL – Supercars of London

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