ken blocks first drift in his al
Altair Club Cars Ken Blocks FIRST DRIFT in his All-Electric 637hp Audi RS e-tron GT

Ken Blocks FIRST DRIFT in his All-Electric 637hp Audi RS e-tron GT

I can’t have a 637hp all-electric Audi RS e-tron GT for a daily driver and NOT find out if it can slide, right?? Let’s find out if the brand new e-tron GT can handle some of the things that I love to do most in cars: donuts, figure 8s and BIG slides! It wears the RS badge for a reason, so it’s safe to say I had a solid day of tire slaying. EV power is no joke, the e-tron is not nice to tires which is just another reason why I love it. Enjoy episode 3 of 6 dedicated to my Audi RS e-tron GT daily driver project!

Alright neil, we finally get to do some real playing. 5 so i have slid one of those around a priceless quattro s1e2 12 and i’ve always wanted to kind of play around with it 14 and puts me in the slide exactly where i want it. 21 i basically have to turn and just get the over steer going, 23 that you’ve hooned before, this might be too smart to hoon. 33 still have the very

Beautifully made audi roof pod. 38 i think my snowboard silver boots are still in there. 39 of racing, gone into a road car, adjusting coils, 44 so i don’t know what drive mode you are gonna be in 47 i don’t think that’s really necessarily set up for hooning 51 on the front and the toyo tires, the proxes sports. 55 tough on the suspensions, see how it dips a little. 65

I’m trying to figure out how much gas to give it, right? 78 so that’s why we just gotta experiment a little bit. 81 how difficult is it to gauge where to put the throttle? 85 with electric motors, the wheel speed can go from zero 90 literally got all or nothing, it squats back and goes. 93 little dizzy, there’s still no heat in those front tires 108 that’s hot but these

Toyo tires are really holding up 110 like it’s either all on or off when i’m doing this, 119 like the mid range, there isn’t a whole lot of feel there. 120 how fast we were going while we were going sideways. 123 insane, there was a point where we’re just spinning 130 the wild thing about that is that it’s much more serene 136 like inside the car, ken’s working hard on the

Wheel. 138 if you watch carefully, normally midway through a donut, 143 the car, like you said earlier, it’s doing everything 160 and once i get it sliding one direction or another, 164 so trying to learn that and the throttle modulation 166 got a little figure eight going, but tires are wasted. 170 but i’d like to do a little bit higher speed thing. 177 the thing is we

Are putting the car at risk at this point 178 because you know, one of these tires can come apart 179 so we have a special guest today, this is carson. 190 the dream on 3 foundation and we did not tell him 192 well thank you for being a fan, i really appreciate it 198 we’re gonna try and see if it will go what we want it. 213 well, i’m glad you’re able to experience that

With me. 226 is there a lab record for a car with a roof pod? 231

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Ken Block's FIRST DRIFT in his All-Electric 637hp Audi RS e-tron GT! By Ken Block

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