ken block slays ice in dakar sta
Altair Club Cars Ken Block slays ice in Dakar Stage Winning Audi RS Q e-tron

Ken Block slays ice in Dakar Stage Winning Audi RS Q e-tron

We are back at the Zell am See frozen lake in Austria for another rad day of driving race cars. I get the pleasure of shredding the Dakar Stage Winning Audi RS Q e-tron race car, on ice… I love my job! Mattias Ekström, the driver who piloted Audi race car to the Dakar Stage win, is riding shotgun with me for a quick crash course on getting up to speed in a very new and very complex electric race car. Fun times ahead!

Hey man this thing is fresh from the car right sorry we didn’t clean it it has no new stickers that is how i finished the last day so this guy finished ninth overall yeah how many stages you win only one one but one in your first attempt at the car yeah yeah very very impressed you should be very happy i was uh happy this is what you look like when you’re

Happy and a bit surprised yeah because you know it’s the stages are very long so that you manage luck in a few corners it might be but not for a whole day so yeah we were very very happy the preparation of this is very very different to what i’m used to yeah as the majority of the parts is running with a long lifetime so to go testing for performance goes

Pretty fast but then to make sure that you’re reliable that takes hours and kilometers and kilometers how many days racing was the car we did 12 days proper days and one prologue quality stage so 13. and do you know how many miles or kilometers 8 500 kilometers racing or like transferring racing i don’t count the other ones because then you get crazy and i

Think in testing and me alone did the same so i you can say i did one docker of testing in and the same amount of the race wow incredible well looking at this thing because i looked at it one day i saw you at audi performance i think in november i mean this thing is incredible i mean the fact that just the the the electronics alone to manage all the motors

The battery and then a combustion engine that charges it all it’s mind-boggling information overload it’s very cool to see it in person again and have the opportunity to drive it but you need to show me how to drive it i think the basics are pretty complicated once you understand them it’s like anything can do then you would go okay that wasn’t so so bad once

You understand it but you have the new world yeah like stopping the car and not putting it in neutral because you don’t have a gear lever you know it’s like small things that you have to somehow get the flow to yeah so i have the same setup or similar setup with the hoonitron and the same thing to get out and i’m like okay like i have to hit a park button you

Know to get out because there is no gearbox you know yeah well take me take the golden rule is we never go to p1 because it’s so cold yeah so we only use p2 and p3 okay so p3 is with the engine you know you yes so normally you have to lift the button go for p3 and then when you press the brake you click then you have to wait five seconds until the car

Says you can go otherwise you hit the gas there’s nothing and then it comes the gear will jump in and you will have a big boom oh so as you see it’s pretty simple and the handbrake works really well you don’t have to pull very hard yeah so if you go in understand just pull it because you will feel when the front tires out this part you saw it’s full of

Doesn’t look so bad but it’s full of slash so did you shut you switched from vehicle to the vehicle one yeah so that shuts the motor off yeah so one is always electric two is with engine yeah and where’s the oasis where is the oasis what is that that is my magic button we’re ready to go sir have some fun yeah so just break we’re not going to go motor no

I do i take care of this so yes left foot brake yeah yeah and they click the gear in yeah yeah hold it too long then it’s reverse now it now let’s just wait five seconds and then we can go so you have to say this is quite a fun machine right you see when you do the placement and the instant power you have you feel so much control there is no

Lag there is no delay the torque that you want to make it do what you want there it’s not trying to find a gear turn the figure out you know only to do a show like you’re never worried am i right gear right speed do we bog down locking under braking you know a million things that makes life easier yeah it’s almost too easy you did pretty well man you begin

A luck when do we go for the first rally i won’t be your co-driver because i start to feel a bit sick already now so oh yeah all right well that was fun yeah thank you thank you for letting me abuse your vehicle you know what there was no new scratches to the 1400 i already put a little bank over there but i checked the cars in one piece and by the

Way you gave me a little challenge at some gopros can you make a competition for me place a gopro that he should try and hit it with the rear right in this corner yeah so take one gopro place it and he has to hit it with the rear right yeah and knock it away and not drive over it that’s a minus point so yeah sideways the other gopro here i told you oh man

I know you did awesome the memory card memory card yeah is it in their beer yeah okay the memory card is in one piece dude yeah so we have evidence if you did all right yeah in one piece so i can’t tell if i ran it over or clipped it though it looks pretty bad a great success but that was fun yeah the it was way more predictable than i expected and it

Definitely moves around very consistently and the instant torque made it a lot of fun out here and the jump just staying flat on the jump one time i yeah lifted it it works so well so thank you what impressed me the most was like after three corners you already understood how to do and how did you like the handbrake uh it was good i mean it’s nice because you

Barely have to pull it so i you know the fact it still kind of messes with my head a bit but it’s like completely electronic because it’s all to do with the motors right yeah so it was a bit for a bit of a difficult concept to wrap my brain around just hopping in the car and doing that but once i got in there and did it a few times it became obviously jp get it

But thank you again to audi thanks to gp ice race for letting me do that thanks to matthias for being an awesome instructor and letting me play with this car do you dare to let me drive you there uh yeah of course yeah so i i get to do all the driving first though just like you did yeah yeah once i’m all done yeah it’s scratched up yeah yeah then you could

Have it okay yeah yeah i think you should uh we put on your bucket list to drive it on a real rally stage yeah okay like a rally raid type stage baja in europe are pretty neat it’s like a two-day event or something like this ah i’d be down yeah yeah you come yes as long as audi makes it happen yeah you make audio yeah okay okay who do we tell do you tell

Her yeah yeah i thank you for thanks right now yeah okay all right all right well thank you over and out like i have to say it’s pretty funny eh yeah and it’s easy yeah i was afraid it was gonna feel a little like awkward but it’s not

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Ken Block slays ice in Dakar Stage Winning Audi RS Q e-tron! By Ken Block

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