jordan shows kyle the 2015 toyot
Altair Club Cars Jordan shows Kyle the 2015 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab

Jordan shows Kyle the 2015 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab

Jordan shows the 2015 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab here on our lot at Handy Toyota in Saint Albans. This vehicle comes with hands free controls on the steering wheel, and a touch screen display. It also features a back up camera with path projection. Come to Handy Toyota today to see one for yourself!

Hey kyle is jordan here from handy toyota and i’m here to talk to you today about the 2015 toyota tacoma access cab 4×4 as you’re gonna see this is one of our black models that we have here you’re gonna have your normal headlights that you have here you come around here you are gonna see that you have the 16 inch steel wheels you have the dual folding mirrors they

Are powered as well now as you come around here in the back you are gonna see you do have the regular six and a half foot bed let down you do have a couple storage compartments right here on the side as well you have one here you also have one over here on the other side parallel to it now over here on the left hand side you have the power door locks and windows

Just about automatic driver side window rolls down with one touch of a button now over here you have the hands-free controls you are gonna see this is gonna allow you to switch through different radio stations this is your turn and scroll button right here that they’ve put on there this button is gonna help switch you get back to the main screen now over here this

Is the mode button that’s going to switch you over from am and fm radio also the bluetooth capability because you can stream music on your cell phone right through the radio via bluetooth this here is gonna allow you to turn the radio up and down over here this is a vance voice recognition button now you play this button say play 95 triple x called jam it’s gonna

Do a write on voice command for you now this is going to allow you to answer and decline incoming cell phone calls as you know of october 1st back 2014 vermont went hands-free so this will allow you to speak on the phone while driving and prevent those hefty fines now over here this is your basic radio station you’re basically 6.1 inch touchscreen display so i’m

Just going to turn this on oh quick now with the audio you have the a.m. and the fm radio a receiving player up top here you have the usb and auxiliary port in the bluetooth because you can stream music on your phone now down below here this is your basic air controls this is that usb and auxiliary port that makes the iphones friendly an mp3 accessibility so when

It comes to music you’re very well connected here in the tacoma you also have two 12 volt 120 watt plug-in chargers that’s going to allow you to plug in your cell phone for both the driver and passenger making it very good convenience now over here this is your high tooth your high fours and your low fours now they get over you’re just gonna go like that switch

It right over and to get from high for too low for you’re gonna push in and it’s activated and just like that back to high tooth now up top here you do have two sunglasses containers so both convenient for you and the passenger oh so right here you have a few cup holders some plenty of stuff to store your drinks and right in here this is the center console as you

Can see got a little bit of room in there to store any small items that you may need all right kyle i hope this video is helpful and informative to you for further questions or more details feel free to give me a call two numbers one eight zero two five two eight two two five zero or you can send me an email at jay suite at thank you very much kyle have a great day

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Jordan shows Kyle the 2015 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab By Handy Toyota

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