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Altair Club Cars Jonny Tests The Jaguar F-TYPE – Fifth Gear

Jonny Tests The Jaguar F-TYPE – Fifth Gear

Jonny has his hands on the Jaguar F-TYPE, which is Jaguars answer to replacing the iconic E-TYPE.

Meet motoring ‘he’s second coming by naming their latest sports car the f-type jag thinks this machine can take the place of the iconic e type so it’s got a lot to live up to i’m in spain to test it on the road and on the track let’s be clear this isn’t a radical nor is it a retro sports car but it does share some ingredients with the legendary e the grunt lives up

The front under a huge bulging clamshell bonnet there’s a tight two-seat cockpit a shallow body line a lovely flat tail rear-wheel drive and of course the promise of a serious turn of speed back in the day the e-type was famous for costing half as much as an aston martin and starting at 60,000 quid the f-type – sounds like a bargain next to 100,000 pounds worth of

Aston martin vantage but these days the jags biggest rivals are porsches the f-type is priced smack-bang between both the boxster and the 911 convertible ten years ago there wasn’t a single jaguar on sale that can compete with a new porsche today things are very different and this car could be a real porsche killer after i comes in three flavors v6 is one v8 all

Of them are supercharged this the middle car the v6 s kind of sounds like a porsche over three thousand eight cackles and farts and basically on the upshift especially it sounds like you’re being chased by a farmer with a double-barrel shotgun it’s just a shame i can’t hear the supercharger i get that exhaust note and that exhaust note only although it is a mega

Exhaust no the v6s has performance to match his porsche rivals but there’s one big issue some petrol heads might unlike the porsches the jag isn’t available with a manual gearbox now tiff’s probably getting very upset at this point but don’t panic because the ships are bound down so so wrapping incredible you’re one of these people that thinks that jaguars are

All driven by people with elasticated waist band trousers and bedside alarm clocks they got free with a pension plan we’ve been for the last five years i bet you’re still making jokes about skander’s the f types interior is more luxurious than either of the porsches and out on the road it feels a bit more refined but that is only half the story this is an unashamed

Two-seat sports roadster and is pretty and refined as it may be it’s got to have seriously sharp handling and poise luckily that’s a race track behind there and it’s totally empty what a stroke of luck it’s essential that the jag comes alive on a circuit portia’s make me feel like a driving god so the f-type needs to do the same it’s such a confidence-inspiring car

To drive very very progressive power delivery button certainly nothing nasty very satisfying it’s a bit of an ego man sarcastic it’s good we want magnificent combination of being a composer oka also a lot of fun a lot of fun deciding whether the jag is better than the porsches is almost impossible it’s more luxurious than either of them and even out on the circuit

The porsche is home turf it puts a massive grin on my face it’s crunch time what i have one up of a boxster s or a cayman s do you know what yes i would i would and the cayman s and the bog stress are both phenomenal cars we would i have one above a 911 probably not what swings it is that the 911 fills racier and more alive on the limit while almost matching the

Jags level of luxury the f-type nearly beats one of motoring ‘s greatest benchmarks and whilst it might not grab international headlines like the e-type did back in 61 it totally deserves to follow in its iconic footsteps when our cable effects and onto the runway then get nicotine judging our chain

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