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Altair Club Cars JEFFREE STARs Custom Rolls Royce Dawn, Yellow on Yellow on Yellow

JEFFREE STARs Custom Rolls Royce Dawn, Yellow on Yellow on Yellow

Most already probably know Jeffree Star his a heavy car collector/owner. When he purchased 2 Brand new Rolls Royce’s and wanted them both customized quickly, he knew to go to RDB. Have you ever seen a triple Yellow Rolls Royce Dawn before? Sure some will dislike but it’s one of the most unique and jaw dropping cars we’ve ever done!

The way it shines yeah i think it looks ten times better than i ever imagined it looks so perfect that looks better than the interior right now it really does it’s like a matte leather so it has heavy pearl in it you know the pearl is yeah it was sick yeah what do you think about the wheels colin they’re next level amazing and this looks so crazy most of your

Cars are pink so this is uh i wanted to switch it up time for something new and this is it so you guys have taken it on the road what’s what’s the reactions been show stopping i drive like you know aventadors all kinds of stuff that are also crazy colors and this is something else for sure so perfect oh my gosh i can’t get over it i think the pink color needs

Matching wheels are similar right you could do the same wheels because they’re so boring you know like rolls royce i love you but your wheels they’re not in all the time and then if you turn around for a second whoa i didn’t even notice that was there just the fleet of cullinan’s over here hollywood it’s perfect this is my wyoming western fantasy wow it works

It works actually with the orange and everything it works this is your favorite color right that’s a gorgeous color yeah yeah this is also printed um also has pearl in it so it’s a pearl brown yeah it looks bronze i don’t know what to call it this is this is very hard to do this this was much harder than that though much it looks crazy um it looks like a brown

Eye shadow come to life yeah see what happens when you crash your car you get two i was inspired to get two after my accident this is coming off in a week finally oh my god but so here’s what’s funny i’ve never driven a dawn before okay so i i just you know oh yeah this is amazing the dawn it’s a lot more easier to drive than this for sure yeah so you’re good

No the dawn is easy this car is so safe i think if i was in a mclaren we would be at my funeral the first roll we hit we went 20 feet and then we hit again it was really crazy but yeah the calling it protected me yeah yeah with the orange is actually so good door jam you know did everything and the beauty is both of them are one-offs so you’re not going to find

Somebody with the same wrap that’s why we came here yeah we want one of one one of ones yeah wow i’m shook i want to go see the yellow again what’s good when i heard that they’re discontinuing the dawn i go okay i collect black badges it’s time for me to get one the yellow is so unique yeah this is the ultimate turn it up to the chris brown wanted to do some

Crazy events yes it is when the when the brown one’s done we’re gonna be uh doing a big story yeah as well as rice so okay with all four nice hi what do we think yeah yes come on instant feedback they love it they’ve done pink a million times now but i’ve never seen this yeah exactly who’s the guy in rodeo that has the yellow one remember that he has that that

Guy yeah yeah bijon i’ll have to pull up next to him on monday we’re gonna go film on rodeo oh i’m gonna have so flashy i’m gonna pull up to his store and honk if you didn’t get attention you’re gonna get it oh yeah i have yellow peeps crocs and i should have worn out my flop i know it’s funny i never asked what color is the key is it normal right oh no oh it’s

The old key okay they didn’t upgrade the dawn damn okay yeah i know the colony has the best key yes the on the old yeah only the new ghost and the new colonians have that okay and okay definitely damn it i was hoping to have a pink and yellow match yeah see that works i know the big one and there’s this one oh wow there’s a dealer oh yeah because i thought it

Was gonna go back before i just saw it you weren’t online here right no i was in bed injured and shopping there’s no dogs left like okay because you have how many colons you have um used to be three now two the pink one’s next level the pink one is all factory too look i wanna get the spot off what do i do no no vic’s gonna bite me oh there it comes there’s

My plant so mine’s taking a really long time but i have a 765 lt the highest specked one they’re gonna make july no june june and it’s around the corner yeah it’s finally here but the wheels hey please don’t stop please no i don’t want to do a meet and greet while i’m injured okay oh my god i have a 765 in the back can we see it i’ve never seen one in person

I ordered it 10 months ago i uh made the paint color it’s called pink magic it’s a color like that again oh i went full crazy it’s a color stream they’ve never done it before full blue uh carbon accents remember how we ordered this one and i don’t even remember when it’s taking so long and i’ve never even seen one in bursting yeah in wyoming we don’t have all

This wow yeah so they did this for me navy blue they said we’re not gonna change it for anyone else wow wow so pink and new blue this is all blue crystal carbon fiber and then it’s like a blue purple pink crazy cotton candy color string like a forest degree what’s that tiffany over there hiding that’s a huracan white body we built and he crashed she said oh okay

Wow i’m repairing it that’s also a custom color wrap with it oh yeah let’s try let’s try peeps on the road i’m taking this out thank you oh absolutely what the hell six four in here who’s that tall okay oh my god where’s the button oh it’s up here every car is different i’m used to the culling and i’m like see that oh i think if you hold it up it goes up you

Have to hold it down is down when you’re driving it works too but i think only up to 25 miles yeah we’ll see him scrape this at this one right here okay let me get my seats in order we’ve got the massager hello necessities all right guys we are sitting inside of jeffree star’s rolls-royce dawn brand new car straight from the dealer this car is a black badge

Dawn came with this amazing canary yellow interior super super rare i’ve never seen it before i’ve seen some crazy colored interiors but this is the first one i’ve seen like this it also has this nardo gray trimming so nardo grey trimming with the canary yellow the outside of the car was actually the burnout gray color which is similar to this that’s why you see

This jeffrey wanted to go ahead and match everything to the interior of this car so the outside now matches the interior we custom printed this vinyl on a pearl base very very hard to match an interior because interiors leather it’s also like a satin matte finish but we opted to go with gloss on the outside because if we were trying to match the finish with

Satin matte i was going to throw it off even more honestly so we matched the exterior it’s a three-stage color with pearl in it we’re like 95 matching the interior super happy with that that’s a printed vinyl so you’re not going to get much better than that and then the wheels to top it off these are our 45 spoke wheels 24 inch we got them in raw material and

We went ahead and painted them at our shop in our spray booth with matching it to the wrap color the only thing left on this bad boy is tint we’re gonna be tinting it we haven’t got time to do that the outside has all the black badge black accents as well we did not touch those we didn’t go more yellow you guys already know all the white ones we’ve done where we

White out the grill all that stuff this one we opted to leave the black badge accents and go yellow everywhere else we also did door jambs of course so when you open the doors it’s also yellow did everything the right way it’s a brand new car let us know what you think i know some people are gonna probably hate on this thing um i honestly think it’s amazing i’ve

Been driving it around the block testing it and it’s gotten more looks than any other car we’ve driven it’s ridiculous the sheer fu factor of this car is mind-blowing everybody’s stopping taking pictures videos so good luck to him on driving this thing it’s convertible and it’s very very yellow what the hell is behind us trying to get in our shot i’m about to

Pull up my pistol i thought it was someone you guys knew i’m like why are you trying to kind of sob this is so clean i can’t believe it definitely everyone on sunset sees us you

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JEFFREE STAR's Custom Rolls Royce Dawn, Yellow on Yellow on Yellow By RDB LA

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