jeep wrangler vs ford bronco
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Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco

Jeep Wrangler vs Ford Bronco tres días de paliza extrema en la expedición de Baja 1000 de

Today we travel to baja california sur where we are going to torture ford bronco versus jeep wrangler rubicon versus land rover defender in santa inquisition for three days of beatings in baja sur to resolve once and for all the issue of what is the better we play random autodynamic wondering if ford bronco is the best 4×4 of all time our motor therapy comrades tell us

That the indomitable has already arrived in the country while al vázquez assures that ford bronco is the nightmare of the jeep wrangler and today the version that we present is ford bronco batlands which is the equivalent of the jeep wrangler rubicon and the land rover defender okgones which one is the best of all i am going to make it very clear to you which is parakeet

Where you want green and what it is rabbit then rabbit where you want to eat purslane the three vehicles are super capable and their limit is regularly bumped by the ability of the pilot the first challenge of the pri the first day they went to a steep doubt in the dunes of the mogote near la paz baja california sur

That we have to set up like we have to configure the bronco

Neutral transmission to put four wolf a lot of torque at low speed we are going to dodge obstacles like a easy tank the ford bronco driver was not me it was juan bosco de bosco scam 4×4 that if you are interested in doing this type of expedition i highly recommend it is worth going to the routes and expeditions with them because you are going to learn a lot and i guarantee

You that you will never you’re going to be thrown in conclusion the bronco went up in four low manual mode without fights with bosco at the wheel i lacked eggs it got stuck a little here when going up the queen is already a little looser i think she came in first and in third she has to go more relieved the engine and go up how did you start in third in third the changes

Fourth before going up i mean you have to keep the odometer below 4000 5000 revolutions pa ra that i mean you have to make the changes that a manual either up or down to make the changes change to the style go come reverse the second challenge to jeep a tire came out lack of bitlock rims and technique of i drive because a tire comes off regularly we occupy low pressures

Logically the tire is easy to come off the rim if it does not have the rim the bedlock when you curve a lot left right you can get away jump in challenge 3 a land rover defender seemed to struggle for another climb but no it was the truck the driver needed to give him more throttle from below to have more continuous momentum one of the basic lessons i take from this route

Is that when it comes to muddy climbs or difficult steps you have to maintain continuous acceleration all the time you can’t hesitate later after going up and down dunes we reached a part where the high dunes were on one side below there was like an esplanade with mud and water to climb those dunes it was necessary to gain momentum from a good distance through the mud and

Through the water, what is missing is a bit of technique in manual power fifth sixth to climb and with the windshield wipers to remove the mud continue on ascent to the moon a jeep stayed on top of a dune because it caught water through the high- flow filter or some sensor that possibly got wet on the and if other jeeps did pass and they did not, this is also their fault

It’s a bit of the owner’s fault, especially because the owner, instead of leaving the normal air filter that some jeeps have, had his jeep with a specific high-flow filter because the air filter got wet. it’s high-flow to precisely increase the power and that notice that it will turn off and block the challenge 5 is a little more to continue passing our swampy water and

Although someone with experience in a vehicle that does not have electronic assistance can pass these challenges in 4 high in vehicles that already have electronic traction control and stability control systems it is best to pass in 4 low what do i mean when you enter the mud the tires skid the traction control comes in brakes the tire so that stop skidding and you get

Stuck before you get in there you put the four wheel drive selector in 4 l or 4 it’s going to disable the traction control completely so what we’re doing is teamwork to get it out the challenge number 6 they passed long dirt roads until they reached the abandoned lighthouse for food and then more dirt and mud and then we arrived at the abandoned lighthouse which is the

Lighthouse of the innocents and then more swamps more mud crossings day one was very long let’s do it a rescue maneuver using the slinger and a raptor towing method to land rover defender most likely stopped him and from what i see in the direction he gave him a lot right, that creates a barrier in the tire that will stop it, it’s completely technical. we already saw that

10 cars passed in front of us, it was technical well, another of the challenges to start day 2 was a quicksand river crossing in in these cases, it is essential to bring the wings, a very technical crossing, the rivers in baja california sur are seasonal, they do not run all year round, almost always, just sand, therefore the sand can be very soft and literally they are

Quicksand, as in the movies, the ideal is do not attempt the crossing without first walking there even if you know the place because you have no idea how the sand is going to be these river crossings have quicksand we have to perfectly trace the crossing so as not to be left on benches there but it ‘s all good it seems that we already have the first fallen this boy is

Leaving by his own power well imagine that you are driving see that the cars get stuck in the moving arenas das and again the people who could not make the crossing from the first to the third fourth attempt once they explained well how things were and they acquired the technique and even the leader’s bronco the leader entered without much flight without much travel and

Now we are a little stuck well second challenge of day 2 dirt road through the hill until you reach the river and a bit of relaxation so you had a chance to spend some time at ease this is the san dionisio ranch ecological reserve here we are all going to leave the vehicles after the river, the vehicles went to the beach and for that they had to cross a muddy and water

Crossing and once on the beach cross the lagoon from side to side and one by one the cars passed by, some got stuck right at the in the end, yes, this was a very technical intersection, but the skill of the pilot is also very important. the technique to pass is the same continuous acceleration. and by this time of day you had some verdict as to whether the bronco was better

Than there, i had already seen several things, the first thing is that it is seen that the bronco is designed with the idea of ​​beating the planet jeep it seems to me that they are very similar, the two have a disconnection of the sway bar differential locks what i do like is that bronco it has locking of the two differentials in four high it also has something they

Call trainor or road lap something like that six airbags there are even side airbags for the second row of seats it is seen that it is well thought out to beat the jeep what does jeep have that bronco does not have what has are more years on the market more parts until the market if you want to modify it or do more things there is a lot a lot a lot a lot much more the

Last challenge that day was a descent down a dirt step one high to go down that step what is the technique slowly so that you work the sand and then the part e of the belly also help you and back the angle of departure also very slowly so that you do n’t hurt the plastic no fights there are casualties by the end of the second day we were already tired but there was still

A third day his life from a dune the most difficult of all due to its inclination of almost 40 degrees the most important thing is to maintain the momentum you have to go out in four wolf you have to go out in the correct gear or speed you have to take flight from here drive bottom there it goes bottom bottom bottom bottom bottom bottom flyero short short short short the

Risk here is that it runs out of traction in the middle and you have to go back again and try again as long as it goes straight back, well, don’t overturn and above all, don’t take diagonals but straight next challenge was great for this test needs double diff lock front and rear as well as front axle bar disconnect bronco also has the disconnection of the front bar and

It also has the differential locks it was a moment of photo opportunity my people call it the rock from the lion king for obvious reasons bosco tell us that i just passed on how things went in a test with that front rear locks at 100% and bar disconnection so as not to lose traction when climbing because there are several steps that are put to the test there apart from

The vehicle the pilot the pilot’s temper the concentration because the wave breaks precisely and bathes you then because it is skill control the next test was very slippery mud but it does not sink it is a mud that bosco calls butter to be able to pass you need to steer a little keep the acceleration continuous it was a long crossing it was a very fun crossing a crossing

Where we could also explore an al bosco loves it you know the mud fascinates him of course if it wasn’t there left or right and there he goes skidding losing par we use four low to have four-wheel drive and have control, let’s also remember that in four wolves the stability and traction control is removed and that’s very good because it allows you to lose the rear of the

Vehicle after going through that gives it out we find the following test a water crossing that must be done in four low rear differential lock the front not to be able to drive and have a little more traction with the front wheels the ford bronco is capable of carrying out this type of activities routes and above all bring all the capacity all the pharmacy in the 4×4 part

Well it looks like after that you had a good time because here in the annotations it says that they went to the beach of punta arena the beach of punta arena is great and yes it was a ride on the sand 4 high without differential locks with this they finished the route of day 3 with that we finished day 3 but we did not finish the expedition ion are well waved those of

Bosco scan let’s go to the beach for a little while and where we end up in el tecolote beach that is beautiful where the cars were in the water that’s right there is also another moment of photo opportunity and so far then it’s bronco better than rangers they are very even those two three little details that ford improved that rangers do not have included the six airbags

The turbo engine and other things are for me points in favor of bronco that would make me have a ford bronco and if you questions who would win in a drag race because our friends from the fastlane cards already did. don’t forget to go to their full video channel and leave them their well-deserved like

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