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Altair Club Cars Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon – Coyote Works Overland Adventure Jeep 2.0 Walkaround

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon – Coyote Works Overland Adventure Jeep 2.0 Walkaround

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon JKU – Coyote Works Jeep 2.0 Walkaround

What’s up guys cody works here well everyone’s been asking for a walk around video on the new coyote works 2.0 g pro bike on so i thought i’d do that real quick i got a storm coming in so i might have to make it kind of fast this is the new kylie whoops 2.0 jeep wrangler jk u rubicon recon so this is a 2017 and the recon model is basically just a souped

Up rubicon as far as the drivetrain the main things that it has upgraded are the axles the front rear differentials and axle housings from what i understand but it also has a few other features that the recon model saved me from buying on my own afterwards it also came with steel winch ready bumper obviously tow hooks like all of the jeep jk use and then

Projector heli d projector headlights all things that are things that i was planning on upgrading on the old coyote works jeep that on this one i won’t have to another feature of the recon that i really like is it comes standard with this heavy duty spare tire carrier which allowed me to go ahead and mount a roto pack scan my shovel and not have to worry

About messing up my tailgate on the jeep so it’s got 17,000 miles on it so it should have a lot of life left in it another 18,000 miles or so in the factory warranty which is nice so far what i’ve done to it is i put a brand new set of nitto to 85 70 17 trail grapplers on it mounted the roto packs carrier and the shovel on the back and then my buddies up

A free-spirit hooked me up with the jeep awning 72 inch deep awning and the 55 high country series roof top 10 i’m going to show you guys this rooftop tent real quick here because it’s pretty cool this is the tri layer version which is a cold weather version of this tent so i’m really excited to try it out this winter you can check out the rooftop tent and

The awning hat go fs are calm for a roof rack i went with the rhino rack backbone system again that’s the roof rack that i ran on my last jeep super strong and incredibly lightweight so there’s the rooftop tent it’s the free spirit recreation 55 high country series it’s about the same width as my last tent and it’s just a little bit longer but what i’m most

Excited about is this tri layer insulated material it’s gonna be really cool to see how that performs in the colder weather and this is the perfect time of year to be trying this tent out so one thing you guys will notice as i get this thing out is i’ve got a couple of priorities with my over landing exploring rig one is i want to keep the weight down as low

As possible on it that helps fuel economy and also helps longevity of the drivetrain and everything weight is one of the biggest killers of off-road rigs out there another thing is i like to keep it as low as i can so i want as much ground clearance as i need but i want to keep the overall height of the vehicle as low as i can so that’s it guys that’s what

We got so far of the coyote works jeep 2.0 i hope you guys enjoy i’ve got a big trip coming up next weekend hopefully some of you guys are coming along and i’ll get to meet you other than that i’ll catch you guys out on the trail coyote works out

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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon – Coyote Works Overland Adventure Jeep 2.0 Walkaround By Coyote Works

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