jeep rubicon extreme recon 2022
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Jeep Rubicon Extreme Recon 2022

Hey hi hello so um where are we going yeah that we’ve been waiting to get the phone call um even though in my stomach kind of looks like oh look look what that is oh yeah even though that my stomach it might just look like i’m pregnant and it’s raining um is that we put in an order for something in january the 21st 21st 20th again and we’ve had a lot of

Struggles um is our it yeah and the uh and the place in that we bought it from was amazing when they went above and beyond just help us as soon as we fit in against the screw-ups um but then the people who made it have no idea just what they’re doing all right again we called we complained we filed a case against uh it it’s not a case per se yeah so we

Bought a um internal a complaint and and the person who that we got assigned first had no idea like where our thing was at and she was like and i’m not sure where just did it i’m like how how can you lose it right it’s not small um and then i called somebody else and she knew exactly and just where it was and everything else so i’m not sure like it’s just been

A pain and it’s been strong as well because is that we will call in and just one person and would say that it’s here then that i’ll call in another 20 minutes and somebody else would say no no and it is here like and they just had no idea then i don’t but you will see it here pretty soon um hopefully it’s not just right in but and if it is and then it is so

We’ll do a comparison a little bit yes yes chad will yes because he knows better yeah how’s the difference damn person she doesn’t like to be on camera for some reason and i don’t know why because i got fatter and so did i but then that’s okay somebody got to do it so yes and for some reason is that we decided and the one who stutters all the time should be the

One in front of the camera i have no idea why that’s just the way it worked and i need to speak in english so yeah she speaks english to me all the time so she got no choice like and i don’t and that i think and she pretty much told me and i was going to be the one in front of the camera and that i’m like yeah sure but and i kind of thinking she just did that on

Purpose only well well then that i think it’s that she she used her just an accent and as a an excuse and they’re just as andy is in his spot just passed out or just does he pass up no he’s awake i see the leg but he’s about to be snoring on us yeah the seat is to remove and we got it what it looks the same we’re here who’s excited maybe they put it in the

Back or something you saw us already oh wrong delivery oh that would stop the out of his little short ass so this is the eugene they have screwdriver so this is the new one and that is here of course the only difference i see is the this and the wheel nope so this is the new jeep and that’s the oh good one it’s a few inch fuller or higher yeah here’s

Chad without the plastic in the jeep all right like i mean is that i got so dismantled my body yep down is that how it’s funny later um so we need to find the floor there’s a floor mat no yeah let’s not put anything um that we’ll put well we need to get the blanket for just him is yeah almost seven months of waiting this is the new finally and we’re trying

To move all the things now there you go so oh that’s our old one so we can here’s this surprise it’s it’s same color as rubicon but there’s one little little bitty difference about this much so follow me this one has the 35 inch stock up tires and it’s got to be just um the beat just locking capable rims it’s got a three inch just and just lifting from the

Dodge um and the old one had four just a little uh four just i mean just a lot i’m having gears this has 458 or 456 i’m not sure but then we’ll put it all in here on how much you will but though hey it’s got really now so then it highlights this and for the safety for some states then it’s got cool actual rooms yeah the rooms are nice it’s just this right

Here oh yeah oh well you can’t see it but there’s something right there ooh what is it and it says and i don’t know and i can’t see it there’s another one here but though like a bulldog yeah ah i’ll move that i want to pull them in side by side and just to get a high yes okay do so surprise we this one right here was amazing like it it was a great just

Jeep but for the stuff that we we just are going to be doing in the future i would have to spend another 10 000 on them they just lift they just rams or the beat and i’m everything else so um is that in january is that we specially ordered this one here um it’s what a 2022 yeah 2022 and especially you’re covering the 2022 2022 but though this one here

Has the extreme econ so then that and it’s got the 35s capable rims the reinforced hinge gate um a stronger just transmission that’s got the four no yeah then i forgot where’s the tear just ratio at um it’s not on here but and here’s just how that you can tell that that was for us or for me well it was for us but since somebody’s not a si innocent and they

Couldn’t put their name on it an alien yes and um so then that it has all this and that i told them sooner that came in don’t touch it now they just guy didn’t understand or and i’m not sure different persons yeah yeah it’s a different person so then that’s so then that i had to go over there and stop them from just washing it than doing everything else so

So so then that i’ll stop them and that as you can see here like i mean and it still has it still has a plastic and on the sea bicycle here plastic everywhere so yeah even with andy yeah but addy got his blanket so then that then it came in off the truck and the guy sent me a picture and we just hauled one over and then i’ve got to take this off because i can’t

Ride with it so like i mean and it still had the stuff okay satisfying yes so everything’s good so then we just are going to get andy’s food seat belt okay so that again you

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Jeep Rubicon Extreme Recon 2022 By Chad and June

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