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Altair Club Cars Jeep Renegade 2020 All Features Explained

Jeep Renegade 2020 All Features Explained


Your oil change indicator helps take the guesswork out of oil changes when it’s time to change the oil you’ll hear a chime and the oil change required message will appear briefly in the instrument cluster the system is duty cycle based so the oil change interval may fluctuate according to your driving style keep in mind though until reset the oil change message

Will continue to appear every time you turn on the ignition to reset the system after scheduled maintenance shift into park and put the ignition into the on run position don’t start the engine then fully press the accelerator pedal slowly three times within 10 seconds then cycle the ignition off if you still see the message when you start the vehicle the system

Did not reset and you’ll need to repeat this procedure if equipped the forward collision warning system or fcw can warn you about potential front-end collisions fcw uses data from the front sensors electronic brake controller and wheel speed sensors to calculate a probable collision when the system decides a forward collision is probable it delivers audible

And visual warnings if a forward collision is no longer probable the warning deactivates other objects like guardrails or signposts can trigger these warnings too especially when driving on a curve this is normal fcw function remember fcw is not designed to avoid a collision on its own and it can’t detect every possible type of collision the driver has the

Responsibility to avoid a collision by breaking and steering you can adjust fcw sensitivity to far medium or near in your touchscreen you’ll find the headlight control switch on the left side of the instrument panel it controls your headlights parking lights and fog lights turn the switch to the first position for parking lights turn it to the second position

For headlights you can also set the switch to the auto position which automatically turns the headlights on or off based on surrounding light levels the dimmer control switches adjust the brightness of your ambient lighting instrument panel backlights and interior lights with the parking lights or headlights on or with the switch in the auto position rotate the

Dimmer control on the left to adjust ambient lighting the control on the right adjusts your instrument panel backlights rotate the instrument panel dimmer all the way up to the first position to put the interior lights into daytime mode rotate it to the second position to turn on all the interior lights rotate to the bottom position to disable the interior lights

And set the back lights to their lowest dimmable setting to activate the front fog lights turn on the parking lights or the low beam headlights or put the switch in the auto position and push in the headlight control switch push the headlight control switch a second time to turn the fog lights off your instrument cluster display provides important information

About systems and features it also lets you customize a whole range of preferences you’ll find it on the instrument panel use the steering wheel controls to browse the menus and submenus push to a previous menu you can learn more about vehicle information fuel economy warning message displays tire pressure driver assistance features if equipped trip functions

And much much more you can even adjust the display’s appearance for example you can customize the information that appears in the display’s upper corners and bottom center area here’s hoping you’ll never have to but just in case let’s talk about changing a flat tire if equipped you’ll find the jack tools and the spare tire underneath the load floor in the

Rear cargo area remove the jacking tools and the wing nut securing the spare tire now you can remove the spare tire now loosen but do not remove the wheel bolts by turning them counterclockwise one turn while the wheel is still on the ground make sure you’re parked on a firm level surface safely away from traffic avoid ice or slippery areas also make sure the

Ignition is off the hazard lights are on and the parking brake is fully set use the chocks provided to chock the front and rear of the wheel diagonally opposite of the jacking position for example if changing the right front tire chock the left rear tire place the jack under the jacking location closest to the flat tire the saddle cutout should be indicated

By an arrow shaped indentation center the jack saddle inside the cutout do not raise the vehicle until you are sure the jack is fully engaged now you’re ready to raise the vehicle by turning the jack screw clockwise raise the vehicle only until the tire just clears the surface and enough clearance is obtained to install the spare tire remember minimum tire lift

Provides maximum stability okay now go ahead and remove the wheel bolts and wheel position the spare tire on the vehicle with the valve stem facing out the vehicle could be damaged if the spare tire is mounted incorrectly reinstall the wheel bolts with the cone-shaped end toward the wheel lightly tighten the wheel bolts clockwise now you can lower the vehicle

By turning the jack screw counterclockwise and remove the jack once on the ground you can finish tightening the wheel bolts alternate wheel bolts until each wheel bolt has been tightened twice maximum effort should be used for final tightening of the wheel bolts it’s always a good idea to have the titans checked with a torque wrench by an authorized dealer or

At a service station now just secure the tire jack and tools in their proper locations remove chocks from the wheels and you’re ready to go keyless enter and go lets you lock unlock start and shut off your vehicle without ever touching your key fob as long as the key fob is within 5 feet or 1.5 meters of the object in use to unlock the driver door just grab

The handle like this the door will unlock automatically the sensor is inside the door handle the front passenger door works the same way to lock all the doors push either of the lock buttons on the outside of the front door handles be careful not to touch the unlock sensor inside the door handle at the same time or the door could unlock you can also lock the

Doors with the lock button on the interior door panel or with the lock button on the key fob to start the engine make sure the transmission’s in park then press and hold the brake pedal while pushing the engine start stop button and you’re good to go to turn off the engine come to a complete stop shift into park then push and release the engine start stop button

If equipped lanesense monitors your position within lane boundaries the system relies on a forward-facing camera to monitor lane markings and activates at freeway driving speeds to turn the system on push the lane sense button on the switch panel below the uconnect display lanesense on will appear in the instrument cluster display when both lane markings are

Detected by the system and you drift out of the lane without activating the turn signal lanesense applies warning pressure to the steering wheel to remind you to stay in the lane if you continue to drift out of the lane a visual warning will also appear in the instrument cluster display to override the initial warning use your turn signal or apply counter force

To the steering wheel at any time if just a single lane marking is detected and you drift over the marking without a turn signal lane sense will provide a visual warning but will apply no force to the steering wheel to turn the system off push the lane sense button again if equipped the parksense park assist system uses sensors to scan for obstacles anytime you

Drive forward or reverse at speeds appropriate for parking your vehicle push the parksense switch in the center console to turn the system on or off you can adjust system preferences on your touchscreen from settings in the safety and driving assistance menu when the sensors in the front or rear bumpers detect an obstacle you’ll hear a tone and the park assist

Warning will appear in your instrument cluster display the system will show an arc in the area of the obstacle based on its relative distance and location as you approach the obstacle the tone will change from slow to fast to continuous the side distance warning system or sdw uses the front and rear sensors to detect obstacles near the sides of the vehicle sdw

Provides both audible and visual warnings and can be enabled by selecting the sound and display option in the uconnect system keep in mind sdw will automatically deactivate when a trailer is connected to the vehicle’s tow hook socket and attaching a tow hook without a trailer present may interfere with the system operation always keep the sensors clear of dirt

Snow and other debris to ensure proper system function if equipped the power my sky system can retract just like a sunroof you’ll find the controls in the overhead console to automatically open the front panel push and release the open close switch to completely close it from the fully open position pull and release the open close switch to vent the front

Panel push and release the vent switch during vent operation any use of the open close switch will stop the panel from closing if equipped the select terrain four-wheel drive system lets you fine-tune your four-wheeling capabilities to meet different driving conditions select terrain combines vehicle control systems and driver input for optimal performance on

Any terrain select terrain offers the following positions auto provides continuous four-wheel drive operation it’s fully automatic and can be used on and off-road you’ll get better control and acceleration compared to two-wheel drive it’s more fuel efficient too since it disconnects the drive shaft when conditions allow snow improves traction and stability on

Cold slippery surfaces it can be used on and off road the transmission may use second gear during launches in this mode to reduce wheel slippage use sand for off-road driving or on sandy bottoms with poor traction the transmission is set for maximum traction use mud for off-road driving or on conditions like mud or wet grass rock is only available in 4wd low

Range it provides maximum traction and steering capacity during off-road driving it’s great for low-speed obstacles like large rocks or deep ruts here’s hoping you’ll never have to use it but if you do get a flat tire knowing how to use your tire service kit repair system will get you back on the road quickly and safely a quick note though for more detailed

Information including where the tire service kit is stored on your vehicle refer to your owner’s information remember that roadside assistance may be available consult your owner’s information for details if you do experience a flat tire pull over to a safe location and turn on your hazard lights position the tire that needs inflating so that the valve stem is

Located near the ground this will allow the tire service kit hose to reach the valve stem with the tire service kit flat on the ground place the transmission in park for automatic transmission vehicles or in gear for manual transmissions turn off the ignition and set the parking brake place the tire service kit on the ground next to the flat tire now screw the

Clear flexible filling tube to the tire valve insert the power plug into the vehicle’s power outlet socket start the vehicle engine push the tire service kit power button to the eye position the electric compressor will be turned on and sealant and air will inflate the tire minimum 26 psi 1.8 bar of pressure should be reached within 20 minutes if the pressure

Has not been reached turn off and remove the tire service kit drive the vehicle 30 feet 10 meters back and forth to better distribute the sealant inside the tire attach the clear flexible filling tube of the compressor directly to the tire valve and repeat the inflation process when the correct pressure has been reached start driving the vehicle to uniformly

Distribute the sealant inside the tire after 10 minutes stop and check the tire pressure if the pressure is below 19 psi 1.3 bar do not drive the vehicle as the tire is too damaged contact the nearest authorized dealer if the pressure is at 19 psi 1.3 bar or above repeat the inflation process to reach the correct tire pressure and continue driving peel off the

Warning label from the bottle and place it on the dashboard as a reminder to the driver that the tire has been treated with the tire service kit replace the sealant canister prior to the expiration date at your author i stealer the lever toward you the washer jet will run continuously until you release the lever or until the fluid runs out the wipers will operate

As long as you hold the lever in this position if you need to clear the rear window turn the control to the first position for intermittent and hold the lever away from you the spray will run up to 30 seconds the wipers will run as long as you hold the lever in this position this video is not intended to take the place of your owner’s manual for complete details

And other important safety information please see your owner’s information

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