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Altair Club Cars Jeep News October | 2023 Jeep Wrangler Updates

Jeep News October | 2023 Jeep Wrangler Updates

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In today’s video we’re going to be going over everything about the 2023 wrangler and what to expect going forward all right guys now that we’ve spent about two hours setting up my little downstairs area where i already had my desk but we just put a little bit more of a backdrop to it to make it look cooler and we’re planning on doing some more videos inside the house

Like this especially when it gets rainy out when it gets snowy out we just want to talk cheap and talk about anything that you have questions about so let us know how we should decorate this room because whatever you guys want to see on the wall if you guys want to see certain things let me know but in today’s video i wanted to go over jeep news so right off the

Cuff i was reading a lot of my commenters and i kept seeing one in particular that the diesel is going away for the 2023 model year now it seems like that’s true i was on stalantis social media and even their media website and it looks like the last edition of the diesel or i’m not sure if they’re gonna still let the regular diesels be built too but the rubicon

Ecodiesel is going to be the far out edition so i really like the way that they’re doing that the 4 out edition is much like the way out and they had a far out edition what you’re gonna see with that is a graphics kit some certain packages that come standard with it as well as just knowing that that’s going to be the last version of the diesel now fortunately

Enough for me i was lucky enough to own one in 2021 i had a rubicon studies on sarge green they might have seen in some previous videos on some other channels but i love that jeep the diesel made a ton of power and honestly it was just so cool when you had the top and doors off and hear that little grunt of almost like a tractor or that kubota diesel underneath

It was neat for me i always wanted a diesel wrangler but they never built them in the us i lie they built them in the us but they always shipped them overseas so i never had a chance to get one in the jk and then tj whenever they were a factory option which i really wanted one i was fortunate enough to own it do some odds to it so if you guys have any questions

On the ecodiesel what mods i did what performance gains i saw definitely drop a comment below or this will be a little bit of a plug if you guys have any more further questions and you want to go into our website there’s a contact us section where it’ll actually send it right to us so if you guys want to drop a comment on there contact us then we can email back

And forth and get into a bigger conversation outside of the youtube realm now besides the rubicon ecodiesel going away the purple rain color is going to be gone as well it was rumored to be gone at the end of september and i will say after seeing it at the detroit auto show i absolutely love the color it was even cooler in person the shame of it is that the jeep

Marketing team really didn’t show it off that well while it was able to be ordered so it was able to be ordered since i mean almost the beginning of the 2023 model your order banks opening but they just didn’t show it anywhere there was like one or two leak shots there was i mean i hate to say this but bad renderings on the website they look nothing like what the

Color was and then after all that they showed off the detroit auto show and go up in a couple weeks it’s gone so it was a little bit short for me i love the crazy colors you guys know i have a high velocity yellow jeep so the purple rain was a great color in my book and if you guys are fortunate enough to be able to order one or you can pick one up at your local

Lot that’s something that’s pretty cool and i hate to see it go away this quick but who knows we might be seeing some cooler colors later on in the 23 model year that’ll be up to the designers of jeep you know if you guys comment enough or write to them enough maybe you could see your favorite color come back as well one of the last things that i noticed on the

23 model year so we were doing a lot of comparisons in between the 22 and 23. the biggest thing that you’re going to notice is the price uh smallest thing is the little wrangler flag decal on the side besides those two those were two of the biggest differences and i used the word biggest kind of lightly because they were really tiny differences between the 22 and

The 23. one that i did notice at the detroit auto show and seeing some 23s come in was one change on the inside now it’s kind of hard to see and at first i thought it was a factory error on one of our 392s it was the removal of one of the adjustable dials on the left hand side so if you guys know where your headlight controls are normally if you have a rubicon or

A higher trim jeep you have two dials there now if you guys are familiar those two knobs what they did was control the interior ambient lighting which was your floor cup holder lighting and then the other one did your dash lighting as well as if you pushed it up high enough it would control your interior light so it would turn on your roll bar lights and then also

Maximize all the brightness now i noticed on 392 it only had one of those wheels so it only had one wheel on there and at first i thought oh my gosh we just found a factory air because there are some of those out there let’s be honest it’s bound to happen when building a vehicle of this nature but as i look around at more 23s i was shocked to notice that that’s

What comes standard now so when you roll up and down on that dial it adjusts all the brightness so if you want your ambient lighting up yep your dash lights going up too if you want your ambient lighting down your dash lights are going down as well this one i’m a little bit confused by i’m not confused when it comes to a manufacturing side because of course it’s

Cheaper to produce one of these products than to produce a few of the different part numbers the thing i’m confused by is sometimes i like my ambient lighting all the way up my floor lights my cup holder lights but then i like the dash a little bit darker so i did like that adjustability now for some of you that’s going to be a huge deal for me it’s it’s kind of a

Medium deal for me it’s not like i don’t really care but it’s not the end of the world so i would say the changeover to that was a little bit it was a little bit odd for me especially when you do see a price increase the removal of a feature that was already on kind of a no-no in my book and you might not notice it if this is your first wrangler having one but if

You’re coming from a 21 or even as early as an 18 you’re going to notice that difference so something you guys should be aware of now the next thing i wanted to cover was the used jeep market now if you guys know me i’m in the community i’m constantly buying trading in ordering jeeps so i’m really in tune when it comes down to it i’ve been following specifically

The used rubicon 392 pricing for about a year and a half now that i’ve peaked interest into that and i will tell you that a year and a half and a year ago the prices were sky high i was seeing some roll across the lots at mecum barrett-jackson getting 20 30 40 000 over sticker and these were used units i thought that was absolutely ludicrous but back then the chip

Shortage seemed to be a lot worse than it is right now now with the interest rates going the way they are with the prices just continuing to go for new units i’m actually seeing the exact opposite i thought that the used prices would continue to follow the new and rise with it but i’ve been following one wrangler in specific this was the highest mileage i believe the

Highest mileage 392 in the country with over 45 000 miles on it now initially when they priced it out i believe it was about seventy seven thousand dollars which was higher than its original msrp and i thought that is crazy for a jeep with such high mileage but i’ve been following that one i’ve been watching the price reductions i’ve been seeing what’s happening

With it and as of today i believe i just saw it drop up to 68 or 69 thousand dollars now what that shows to me and when i was scrolling through the rest of those vehicles is that all the other prices are dropping too you can now pick up and use 392 for 72 73 74 000 somewhere in there with 10 to 20 000 miles yeah it’s a 2021 and we’re at 2023 but in a sense you’re

Getting the exact same vehicle from a 2021 to the 23 model year if you could save yourself ten fifteen thousand dollars and pick up a used one that you’re still able to get an extended factory warranty on what’s cool to me is that these are starting to become more affordable for people so i know the interest rate is a little bit higher but if you’ve been saving for

One and want to save yourself a decent amount of money that’s the way to do it if you want any help while looking at a used 392 i personally can’t be there unless you want to pay for a flight and have me come out to california and hang out with you and if you don’t want to do that you can check out my tips on how to buy a used jl now while they’re not as old as

Some of those original jls there’s still some great tips in there on some things to check out when looking at even a used 392 it might be helpful for you the last thing that we’re holding out for and the last thing i wanted to mention is that 20th anniversary rubicon 392. that has been something we’ve been holding out for for the longest time i used to talk about

This to some people at my last job and just kind of it was so hard to keep holding up hope for this because i think it is such a perfect marketing way for jeep to give a great cool package on some 37s and then maybe give it that 20th anniversary vibe with the red interior give some crazy cool colors and if you guys do inca gold i will tell you i’ll be the first

One on the order list to place one it’s making me a little bit more curious lately though towards the end of me ordering jeeps i did notice that jeep was allowing me to add the 488 gear option on some of the extreme recons that wasn’t on the 392 it was the standard engine or the 3-6 however the addition of a 488 gear ratio kind of seems like they’re getting ready

For a larger tire that larger tire could be a 37 inch i’m not trying to lead you guys on and keep you hoping for it but come on jeep i really want you to release that 20th anniversary and i know a lot of my viewers and fans on this channel want to see it as well overall this is a fun video so i know this isn’t the typical go out there do the diy mods rip apart a

Jeep or go wheeling but some of these are nice just to slow down catch up on the jeep news and honestly just sit here and chill out with me i’m probably going to grab a beer after this and just hang out here at the house we like to do these just to keep you up to date if you guys like this style and enjoy this style of content definitely let me know in the comments

Below if you guys follow along i appreciate all the love and support of my last video or one of the most recent ones on the next chapter that was so humbling for me to read those go through all those comments and just see all those fans and people that i’ve been talking to for years really come out and just be supportive of this channel now you guys don’t have to

Do anything further besides maybe like subscribe and drop a comment i love when you guys comment back because i like to read them and comment back to you guys the next plan that we have i’m glad you stayed till the end of the video we want to drop some merch as well so let me know in the comments what kind of merch you want to see whether it’s t-shirts hats patches

Like this to put on your rig let me know in the comments so i can kind of figure out what we need to order and then gets you guys some good pricing on that and some great quality gear but it’s something we want to do because honestly we want to rep more than just a shop shirt and we want to throw some decals on our personal rigs and i’m sure some of you guys do at

Home at the end of the day guys thank you for all the overwhelming support i’m super glad to be a part of this community and until next time my name is matt with dirt road cred get out there and earn yours

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Jeep News October | 2023 Jeep Wrangler Updates By DIRT ROAD CRED

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