jeep grand wagoneer 1986 restora
Altair Club Cars Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1986 Restoration, Intro

Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1986 Restoration, Intro

Picked up a 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Interior is in decent shape, power everything works. Just a fast rundown of what the jeep is, what I have done so far. Stay tuned for the fixing part of the project.

On everyone i wanted to show you the new project here is a 1986 jeep grand wagoneer with the 5.9 liter through 60 amc v8 um i picked it up you know the interior is pretty clean and it was a okay running and driving car the carburetor and stuff was not idling correctly and it really was it felt like it needed a tune-up or something but and i had an exhaust leak as

You can tell i’ve already ripped good portion of it apart and started doing some work on it and stuff i had to do some long hard thinking on this if i wanted to restore it or if i wanted to take that engine out which is not known for great performance or fuel reliability at all and restomod it i’ve decided to go ahead and just restore it it’s such a good vehicle

It’s got some minor body damage previous owners for some reason installed some aftermarket mirrors so i’ll have to fill that in and just do a whole paint job and put the vinyls and stuff back over it so the first day i got this vehicle i had to go through and read retrace all the the vacuum lines the smog was removed by the previous owners but they left a lot of

Vacuum links so after i fixed all of the vacuum links i was able to get the cruise control you see that right there and the four-wheel drive and that’s the vacuum booster for the four-wheel drive right there i got both of those working i did get the vehicles start running a lot better with the vacuum advanced timing and things of that nature i got the carburetor

To work a lot better just by adjusting the choke and it appears that carburetors never been rebuilt in the hundred and thirty thousand miles of this vehicle so it’s probably gonna get rebuilt before i finish this project the radiator which is you know us will is missing had a seeping crack at the top of the radiator tank so it’s over at the radiator repair shop

Getting fixed power steering gearbox was seeping and leaking so i pulled it i’ve got a rebuild kit coming for that so i will show you all how you rebuild those save yourself about 120 bucks doing it yourself if you do it right if you don’t do it right well you’ve created a mess this is the passenger side exhaust manifold and pulled it because there’s an exhaust

Leak well the bolts especially back here these are half inch bolts and these are 9/16 these were finger loose so i was able to get a socket on them and just turn them flip it over they did not have a gasket so that’s why these were leaking so i’m gonna have to pull the driver’s side off today i’ve ordered gaskets for it the oil pan and transmission are also leaking

So i’ve ordered a transmission and filter kit for the pan and the engine i’ve ordered two oil pan gasket and rear main seal i’m pretty positive that it’s the rear main seal but we’ll just do both to be sure we’re down there the exhaust is pulled so it’s just a little bit of a tedious process this is actually the first grand wagoneer i’ve out ever messed with so

It’s pretty exciting you can see the old cj there that’s the daily driver but the interior on this vehicle is besides that one crack right there is actually in pretty good shape except for some reason they pulled this headliner and they threw the headliner board away and this one has a sunroof so i’ve ordered the material for a headliner and i’ll have to figure

That out when it gets here to know exactly what’s going on there this is the other problem the lock cylinders just fall down but as you can see you know it’s 130 miles 130 thousand mile jeep so it’s gonna leak it’s gonna have a few other little problems and such but i mean otherwise the interior everywhere around is pretty clean could use a good cleanup i do have

The power mirrors previous owners were nice enough to give me those so i will be putting those back on you know i do i don’t know if you guys could tell this but there’s right here is some rust and it’s hidden behind this vinyl but you can see that it’s bubbling if you feel it it’s really rough so that’s pretty much why i’m going to end up doing a whole paint job

That the top clear coats fading i’ve got your typical rust spot there so and then right here is probably the biggest damage to this vehicles this rear quarter-panel which i could chop out and replace and luckily enough most of this damage is contained to this panel this quarter panel not too much of it is moved into here so i should be able to cut this out do some

Metal stud pulling and get this back straight to where this light mounts flush so look for updates guys alright guys we got the other exhaust manifold off the driver’s side on this grand wagoneer this i did have the exhaust gaskets as you can see but they’re pretty torch so i already ordered a whole new set those will be here tomorrow tomorrow or the day after

I’d have to check amazon’s tracking but i’m gonna go get the radiator for that so i can get it back on the road and take it to some car shows and maybe do a little off-roading this weekend

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Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1986 Restoration, Intro By Nicholas Brandt

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