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Altair Club Cars Jeep Grand Grand Wagoneer Summit Eddition, 110K luxury yes or No?

Jeep Grand Grand Wagoneer Summit Eddition, 110K luxury yes or No?

In This video I show you guys a quick look of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. I saw this at the new York Autos show The Grand Wagoneer start at 86K. and it has multiple package. The Summit edition is one of the best looking jeep that I have ever seen. Is it worth 110K I will let you guys be the judge of that. the McIntosh sounds system. the technology package and multiple other safety features can definitely make you really think about it this is a short review and I gave you guys. This is a big car and the luxury in the car is Amazing. So you guys can take a look at it and tell me what you guys think.

I was at the new york auto show a couple weeks ago  i saw the jeep grand wagoneer this is the summit   i got a chance to look at it a little bit   it quickly guys also guys the normal one comes   with the v8 471 but the summit has 500 horses  8-speed automatic with 13 cities and 18 highways   sports and rock i believe

Nighttime vision driving   automated parking system it would use the cameras   and or sensors to help you park the car by itself  all the cameras and sensors are used to help with   collision warning as well then blind spot   monitoring is also part of it available third  row seating nighttime vision for pedestrian  

Detection available as well all right guys so  i got to show you again and this one is the   functional cut out usually they are not so guys  this car comes with 20 inch wheel i think they   have different packages for the wheels um the  back is a very nice entertainment system i don’t   have any specification on it but i’m

Going to  show you quick pictures of some of the stuff   that i look like everything is with big screen  and entertainment for your kids this would be a   perfect perfect family wagon everything is very  nice and very well done super beautiful so guys   this guy comes with a very precise led that has a  motor to light up

Where you need it it’s very nice   of the inside of the car so just give me   a minute there’s someone inside it also checking  it out but that color i mean wow jeep called this   i love the color blue and i want to say a  wood grain a brown i’m sorry memory seat   with a very nice heads up display with  it comes with

A 12 inch macintosh touchscreen  display a 12.3 driver information digital cluster   is also included it also has cabin monitoring  system in the car so you can see what’s going on   i love the navigation the touchscreen i  think that’s probably i’m gonna guess 12 inch   maybe 13 i might be wrong this looks really nice  it

Looks lovely start button guys look at the   tweeter look how nice the tweedle looks look at  that that is so beautiful this car also offer 23   and i believe that i’m sorry oh no you’re fine  i think there’s a screen here for the passenger   also so the passenger can use it it’s not on now  the passengers has their own screen

They can see   the map they can watch their own movie and other  entertainment as well i love the ambient light i   mean guys the inside the inside of the car is  lovely guys android auto apple carplay i mean   it has everything you need in it it looks amazing  it was very well done i love it i think it’s turd   i’m

Not sure but really nice interior it looks  very nice and has the suede roof on the top there   so i think the this comes with the full spare i  haven’t seen that in a while lately but that’s   very nice it’s right under the trunk it doesn’t  all right guys so that was a jeep ring  there we go that’s it guys

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Jeep Grand Grand Wagoneer Summit Eddition, 110K luxury yes or No? By CarStomIt

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