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Jeep Grand Cherokee | Your 4xe SUV

Introducing the all-new 2022 Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee 4xe.

Hello everyone from our technology center near the city of detroit this is where we design and develop the all-new 2020 jeep grand cherokee the most technologically advanced 4×4 capable and luxurious jeep grand cherokee ever and launching the next generation of the jeep grand cherokee is not something that we’ve taken lightly when first introduced almost 30 years

Ago the first generation jeep grand cherokee shattered and redefined the full-size suv segment with a combination of upscale design cutting-edge engineering technology and capability since then the jeep grand cherokee has become the most awarded suv and one of the best selling suvs in the world with more than 7 million cells around the globe and today the all-new

Jeep grand cherokee is ready to shift the paradigm once again first of all earlier this year we expanded the reach of the jeep grand cherokee the introduction of the all-new grand cherokee l the first grand cherokee ever with three rows to accommodate up to seven passengers this is a great addition for markets such as the united states where roughly 75 percent

Of the full-size suv segment has a third row jeep grand cherokee l feels the white space for the jeep brand and so far it’s doing great in the u.s the grand cherokee is number one in the segment and we’re now getting ready to launch the grand share l in many other markets such as australia chile japan korea and the middle east like the grand cherokee l the 5th

Generation grand cherokee 2 row offers a new architecture a new exterior design and a new interior with world-class craftsmanship and the latest technology on top of that the all-new jeep grand cherokee is ready to lead the new phase of our electrification capability offering for the first time in the grand cherokee are exclusive for by electrically powered

Capability fobaei is jeep brand’s unique electrification approach allowing us to deliver more capability by increasing on-demand torque for maximum traction and four-wheel drive performance instantly and more fun by allowing owners to enjoy the open air and nature in near silence and more sustainability by delivering zero emission freedom in full electric mode

4 by e is good for jeep it is good for the jeep community and more importantly it is good for our planet and 4 by e is already proving to be a major success shortly after launch jeep wrangler 4 by e became the number one selling phev in america and is up to a strong start in both europe and china in countries such as italy our largest market in europe the jeep

Brand has been the number one plug-in hybrid electric brand for the last 12 months the new jeep grand cherokee 4 by e is a critical milestone toward achieving our vision of zero emission freedom by 2025 our plan is to offer a zero emission electric jeep model in every suv segment and there is so much more to know about the new jeep grand cherokee let’s take a

Look the all new 2022 jeep grand cherokee is built at the new mack avenue assembly plant in detroit the result of plant investment of 2.5 billion dollars this fifth generation version offers more of what customers around the world love about the jeep grand cherokee the all-new slim sculpted exterior delivers more modern and updated premium appearance while the

Next generation interior offers more world-class craftsmanship resulting in the most luxurious grand cherokee ever it offers more technology with available segment first front passenger screen active driving assist new high definition rear seat entertainment system and the five times faster uconnect 5 making it the most technologically advanced grand cherokee

Ever grand cherokee also offers more than 110 advanced safety and security features the most available in its class in north america with technology such as 360 degree surround view and night vision cameras there are more powertrains the first electrified jeep grand cherokee 4 by e is the most sustainable grand cherokee yet in terms of emissions it uses plug-in

Hybrid technology targeting to deliver an estimated 25 miles or 40 kilometers of all-electric range 57 mpge and a combined driving range of 443 miles or 712 kilometers with three e-select modes hybrid electric and e-save the jeep grand cherokee 4-by-e driver can tailor the hybrid powertrain to best suit each trip whether it be commuting off-roading or long-distance

Travel the jeep grand cherokee also offers a full array of gas engines allowing a class leading 7200 pounds or kilograms towing when properly equipped in the u.s market the all-new architecture offers more innovative features and more capability than before with independent front and rear suspensions three available 4×4 systems quadratrac 1 quadratrac 2 and quadra

Drive 2 with rear electronic limited slip differential and the class exclusive available quadralift air suspension this delivers class leading 11.3 inches or 28.7 centimeters of ground clearance and 24 inches or 61 centimeters of water forwarding a full 4 inches or 10 centimeters more than the outgoing model grand cherokee this technology is coupled with a new

Class exclusive available sway bar disconnect that provides improved articulation and traction over rocks and rough terrain with a perfect balance of on-road dynamics off-road capability and 4-by-e performance the 2022 all-new jeep grand cherokee is the most technologically advanced luxurious and off-road capable grand cherokee yet as we grow our product portfolio

Globally we’re constantly improving our quality the latest initial quality study released last month by jd power in the united states show that the g brand is positioned in the first quartile our testing in north america and around the globe is key to deliver vehicles ready to strongly perform in the most demanding conditions and surfaces around the world as an

Example our new grand cherokee was tested in the legendary rubicon trail the outback in australia the sand dunes of the middle east the severe cold of canada and sweden or in this case the beautiful and challenging trails of moab in utah thank you christian and welcome to moab the jeep brands home away from home it seems like it was just yesterday when we were

Here launching the last generation jeep grand cherokee which set uncountable sales and loyalty records along the way to become the most awarded suv ever with that as the benchmark it’s with great anticipation and pride that we bring to you the all-new 2022 jeep grand cherokee and in this case specifically the all-new jeep grand cherokee trailhawk 4 by e the most

Off-road capable grand cherokee yet earlier this summer we tested the jeep grand cherokee trailhawk on the rubicon trail in california the most demanding rock trail in the world where the 4xe version conquered the rubicon under all electric power while recharging on the trail proving to the world that the new grand cherokee lives up to its trail rated badge and

Today our mission is to tackle one of the most famous and grand trails here in moab with a daunting 65 degree incline rising up 350 feet or over 100 meters lion’s back is truly a one of a kind challenge and our goal today is to complete the climb in all electric mode so here we are at the base of lion’s back it’s in four low for maximum traction and i’ve opted

For the rock setting in select terrain let’s raise the suspension to the highest setting which is off-road two we’ve disconnected the front sway bar for maximum articulation and traction this is a class exclusive feature and i’ve also selected pure electric mode let’s open our trail map and get going there are some jeep jamboree guides to help us along the way

As you can see it’s very steep okay let’s do this i’m impressed by the incredible torque and performance of this new jeep grand cherokee also listen carefully the only thing that you can hear are the tires climbing over this incredible rock this is the best of both worlds amazing off-road experience and almost absolute silence the all-new jeep grand cherokee

Trailhawk brings full-size suv capability to a new high not only does the all-new jeep grand cherokee offer more technology comfort and features than ever before it’s now electrified and it is the most off-road capable suv in its segment the all-new jeep grand cherokee trailhawk this 4 by e will take you places that no other full-size suv will ever dare back

To you christian thank you jim it’s great to see the jeep grand cherokee trailhawk 4e being tested in its home away from home out there in moab in summary designed and assembled here in detroit and tested in the most challenging environments around the world the all-new jeep grand cherokee is the most technologically advanced and off-road capable jeep grand

Cherokee ever and now it is ready for its debut in the united states in the last quarter of this year and then in global markets in 2022 so here you have it the jeep grand cherokee legacy lives on their grandfather once crashed an auto show by driving through a plate glass window on purpose their father was the most awarded suv ever and their crazy uncle raced

Sports cars and won and while the blood of their relatives still runs true none of them can do what these can introducing the next generation of jeep grand cherokee available in two row three row and four by e the legacy lives on you

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