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Altair Club Cars Jeep Gladiator Mojave – Westin Nerf Step Bar Installation

Jeep Gladiator Mojave – Westin Nerf Step Bar Installation

Check my installation of the Westin R5 Nerf Step Bar on my 2021 Jeep Gladiator Mojave

Hey everybody this is okie twister 66 in the garage today we’re going to install a set of the westin r5 nerf step bars on this 2021 jeep gladiator mojave so stick around okay so here’s the box that it came in and i’ve already emptied the box looks like it came with you know obviously a passenger and a driver’s side rail and then in this box it’s a triangle

Shaped box but that’s probably got the hardware and hopefully some instructions yep here’s the contents of the box uh looks like brackets and some some hardware and there is some paperwork so hopefully it’s good instructions we’ll uh tear into this and spread it out a little bit see what we’ve got here’s everything that was in the triangle box not the box knife but

Looks like a good set of instructions even a cool sticker if i wanted to use it uh advertising brochure for their other products and oh my gosh this is a huge huge number of nuts bolts washers and other miscellaneous doodads and then there’s uh looks like here’s all the brackets i installed some steps on my chevy colorado but man it was not this complex there’s

Also some pieces we’ve got to remove off the jeep from my understanding so we’ll get into that during the installation proc process and uh this one just looks to be a little bit more involved than the steps that i put on my colorado over the years i’ve done so many of these projects but i can’t stress enough how important it is to inventory your parts before you

Begin there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a project and then figuring out i’ve got to stop in the middle and figure out what i’m going to do because i’m missing a nut or a bolt or some other piece of the project so do the inventory on your parts it’s well worth the time and effort also it’s a good idea to go ahead and lay out your brackets i’ve got

These laid out from left to right is front to back both driver side and passenger side so go ahead get those laid out there’s some good every one of these brackets is different so but there’s some good diagrams like this of each part so you can identify them just to save time and hassle i went ahead and just laid those out in the order that i’m going to be using

Them so everything’s been inventoried counted etc got everything laid out so now it’s time to put all of this on this okay so all jeeps are a little different they’re uh some of them have some different configurations one of the first things you’re going to need to consider is the kit includes something called a u-nut and it’s for uh the jeeps that don’t have

A threaded nut that’s already in the assembly area so they give you these that you can insert that way you’ll have something for your bolts to bite into now our gladiator had these side uh protector rail type things there are four of these mounting spots you can see right there uh ours is already threaded correctly so we don’t need to use these units so anyway

I wanted to actually continue to use these rails um so i test fitted all of the brackets they all fit except for the rear and which was there was a clearance issue i could probably modify this bracket or make a new bracket but it’s just a little bit more work than i wanted to do and the wife is good with the look without it so we’re gonna just go and install

It uh we had removed these so a lot of jeeps don’t even have these so it’s not an not an issue for some people but ours did we had to make a choice either the steps or these these covers so she elected to go with the steps so that’s what we’re going to do okay i’m actually underneath the jeep right now and this is where an example of where the the brackets and the

Support bracket they it’s two pieces for each and there’s there’s three brackets on each side and each bracket is basically two pieces of bracket and a support so this is it before the installation um see if i can try to hold the camera steady but basically this is the bracket it’s going to go it’s going to go in this area okay and then there’s this support

Bracket and it goes in this area the two go together and you can see there’s a there’s a hole here for a bolt and nut combo hole for a nut and bolt combo and then you’ve got this one right here for the main bolt but pretty sturdy setup this is what uh this is what the front one on the passenger side looks like it’s already mounted you can see this is where they go

Together and then there’s one here and then one on the other side and then the main bolt is that holds it to the frame is right there so pretty pretty straightforward um it’s not too difficult it did take me a few minutes to figure out the orientation of the brackets and how the brackets and the support thing goes together but once you figure that out it’s very

Simple just install all the nuts and bolts and torque them to spec here’s one of the uh the brackets and these supports um already kind of put together i’ve just got them loose but that’s basically what it looks like um you know you can go ahead and start this um before you put it on the on your truck it just kind of helps uh helps keep everything together and

There’s several moving pieces but uh so basically this this bolts into the the side rail this is where the uh the main bolt goes upwards into the into the frame to uh to mount everything so yeah very very simple design but so uh all your brackets they’re all different but they all they’ll all look something like this here’s what the brackets look like installed all

Three so when you’re assembling these do all the nuts and bolts just kind of finger tight till everything lines up and then go ahead and tighten them down they say that torque specifications on all these is 16 foot pounds seems a little light i just tightened them up really really good i’ll check them again in about 500 miles oh and one other thing just a little

Tip if you can get some little margarine cups or tupperware or something like that makes it handy to keep your old hardware and your new hardware a few tools and everything keep everything from scattering around and rolling across the floor the last step is to put the mount the board to these brackets they give you these square headed bolts and you basically

Just slide those dudes in foreign just kind of roughly position them you know where you want them and then what you do is you uh you flip that board over set it on top crawl underneath and you can slide those bolts around them and line them up with those with the holes in those brackets put them through there from the bottom you’ll put a washer lock washer and

Nut so get those finger tight and then you can just kind of you can see there’s a little bit of adjustability so get them all finger tight then you can get out from under the truck take a look make any adjustments you know to make it straight or whatever go back down underneath tighten them up and then you’re done so there you have it installation complete on

The westin r5 nerf step bars on the 2021 jeep gladiator mojave pretty straightforward installation i love the overall look once you give me a comment let me know what you think about it it was a pretty straightforward installation not too difficult everything lined up perfectly there was good hardware everything was used except for the little u-nuts which i did

Not need because we had a threaded hole for the the main mount for the bars so anyway there she is i think it looks really great what do you think let me know in the comments if you like this video please hit the subscribe give me a thumbs up and some comments until next time this is okie twister 66 signing off have fun ride safe two wheels down

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Jeep Gladiator Mojave – Westin Nerf Step Bar Installation By OkieTwister66

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