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Welcome everybody back to another dragon video as you guys see in my background i have the gladiator uh we’ve got new new season going on right now we are in summer uh they gave us the jeep here the uh gladiator here so i’m gonna show you guys a tune for it i mean i don’t know if you guys are gonna drag race this thing or maybe just off-road it uh 99 of the

Time but i have a drag tuned video for you guys for this car and also like four other or five other uh jeeps that i have here um i want to show you guys all the tunes for those as well uh so you guys just don’t look at the gladiator so everybody new to the channel hit that subscribe button and let’s get right to it so i just got here the 2020 g gladiator rubicon

Edition uh let’s go right to the upgrade so uh in the upgrades was really nice they actually gave us an engine swap uh they gave us this bracing 72 liter v8 with it was really nice gives us a 1 356 horsepower with a torque of 1021 weight in at 900 pounds so it’s a we all knew it’s going to be pretty heavy so let’s drop that motor in there let’s leave it all wheel

Drive because we don’t get drag tires we only get like off-road tires so let’s leave it all wheel drive and then let’s put those twin turbos in there now let’s go right to the engine build uh we’re going to fully built it there just like so so i’m going to show you guys a couple more jeeps as well so it’s just this is not just going to be only on the gladiator

It’s going to be on some other jeeps as well um the trackhawk i already have a tune for you guys if you guys have not seen that tune i already have it up on the channel so please go check out on the trackhawk but let’s put those rally suspension and let’s put everything on here no roll cage this is a heavy monster and fully weight reducted like that now let’s

Go over here guys let’s fully build everything as you guys see there we go there we go there we go and now let’s go right here to the tires see we can’t put drag tires so we’re just going to put these off-road tires uh gives it a little bit more on the grip leave it alone in the front with the width and then go massive in the big at three 15s in the rear um and

Then wheels just whatever wheels you guys like that are light i got these uh welds on there besides that um with the sizes you can just make them bigger but you can’t make them smaller so we’re just going to leave at the original size that it came with uh 17s all around and then the only thing that reduces weight is actually doing this on the top here um actually

Reduces weight on the car see so we’re going to leave that take off that top there move it backwards like that um and that is it with the build let’s go right to the tune guys uh car doing a three three point one zero to sixty five point seven zero to a hundred uh 15 15 tire pressure here goes to tune 270 final drive 435 290 115 and 170. nice little four gear

Tune and here goes the uh fifth and sixth there if you guys want it uh everything else is zeroed out and seven nothing with this uh one and one and then stiff in the front soften the rear and then the vehicle dropped all the way on the back um let me see if i can drop it on the front if i get a better zero to 60 so i got a better zero to 60 there so we’re just

Going to drop it all the way front and back and then 1.4 10 1.4 and 10. nothing with this nothing with this and then 100 0 100 0 and 75 so that is the full tune for this 1300 horsepower cheap gladiator um let’s take it out outside and take it out for a little spin you guys already know what the 72 liter racing engine sounds like it’s like uh like a it’s a lower

Sounding v8 sounds pretty good with the twin turbos got it all the way forward as you guys see the gears are back to back to back with it so i mean the 1300 horsepower is trying to you know move this uh 3 900 pound vehicle but yeah let’s go right to the track real quick show you guys how to launch it it’s going to be a nice little simple 2k launch um with this

Engine uh this engine actually likes it more 2k launch than uh 5k launch so let’s uh let’s reverse here let’s get uh hope i don’t get hit so let’s line it up like so we can’t even heat up the tires not even going to do a thing here that’s why i tuned it to not even heat up the tires but we’re going to do a 2k launch all you got to do is press down on the e-brake

Slowly i’m talking about slowly press the gas keep pressing the gas until you have the gas press all the way if you guys just press the e-brake and slam on the gas this is what’s going to happen all right you don’t want that so just slowly slowly slowly press the gas until it holds right there a little bit higher than 2000 rpms torque is 425 11 pounds of boost

And all you got to do is let go of that e-brake it’ll spin just a slight bit in the beginning uh but then it grips um because i didn’t want it just to all grip off in the beginning and then you’ll do a nice 160 miles per hour consistently with this heavy boat uh of a vehicle but yeah guys primarily all you guys are going to most likely make it look dope like make

It look really cool make the wheels bigger and probably off-road with it but whoever is interested in seeing a drag 2 version of this thing i got it here for you guys so uh yeah nice 2k launch with it and uh that first gear is going to splint just a little bit but then it grips and then you transition all the way to fourth gear trapping the 160 miles per hour

Uh with this truck so now let’s go to the garage i want to show you guys the other cars that i have for all you guys that are still wanting to tune all different kinds of jeep i made a nice little uh tunes here for all so not all of them but primarily almost all of the jeeps here so let’s go here to the garage let’s go right over here to jeeps okay where’s the

Jeep’s dang this thing all okay so let’s go to you to the jeeps the trackhawk here i have a tune for the trackhawk already i have a whole video on the trackhawk so if you guys have a trackhawk make sure to check that video out um this right here i have a rear wheel drive version which is a little bit better than the all-wheel drive but it’s still it doesn’t trap

That high um but let me show you guys really quick all the tunes are going to be on the storefront so just look up my gamertag make sure to capitalize mars and then ton but make sure to skip every one of the letters every one of the letters has a space between each one of them and the x is actually lowercase if you guys um want to look up my name or my gamertag

But all the tunes are just under in all caps mars tuning that’s where all the tunes are going to be so uh with this thing here um all i did was pretty much build it with the original engine because it only gives us a v10 and a b12 stop i wish they would have gave us the 1300 horsepower uh v8 because i would have dropped that engine in there and then as you guys

See i left it real wheel drive just to reduce more weight with it and all i did was pretty much just build it all the way so i’m gonna show you guys the tune on this one as well if you guys just have a regular srt version if you guys bring these things out and race against other cars um or other srts um so i got the uh the 2014 jeep grand cherokee srt edition

Fully built here of course rally oh wait i got a race suspension okay so they only gave us race suspension um no the rally suspension race break oil i’m tripping okay so back to back to the normal here put everything here on race no road cage and then weight reducted there guys so we got uh the 950 horsepower as you guys see 832 foot-pounds of torque weighing

About 3 800 pounds i mean it’s an suv i think it’s going to be a little bit heavy on the heavy side so i mean it is what it is guys fully built it you you actually get the drag tire versions on this which is awesome i left it alone in the front wide all the way in the back three massive 355s in the rear and then the cool thing about it is that you can actually

Make the wheels smaller than the original wheels so the original wheels are 20s and you can actually go all the way to 17 so if you guys like that style where the front rim is bigger than the the back wheel you can always do that it just makes it look really really drag look like as you guys see with the back tire looks really dope but for weight purposes i just

Made 17 and 17 on there so that is it with that um and then the only thing that actually reduces weight was the hood everything else gained more weight so i did not put none of that and straight to the tune guys two point one zero to sixty four point eight trapping around two thirteen fifty-five and that’s high pressure in the front fifteen in the rear and then

We have a 367 350. 220 160 and then 120 and if you guys want the rest of the gears there they are it’s gonna be a nice four gear tune uh this was going to be a 5k launch um because of the the weight and power it’s going to be a nice 5k launch it also didn’t give us the 7.2 engine so 5k launch is going to be um and then positive there everything else zero and five

65 and one soft in the front stiff in the rear vehicle race all the way up and then soft stiff soft stiff nothing with this um 10 if you guys want to do some reverse burnouts and then 100 and 100 so that is the full build on the 14 jeep grand cherokee srt edition let’s take it out outside really quick let’s take it right there to the track show you guys the 5k

Launch with it that’s like it kind of wants to lift off the ground and everything looks pretty low i love it i love it i wish nobody gave a little bit more horsepower at least uh like 1100 horsepower because of the weight or something like that it needs a little bit more horsepower for it to move down the street a little bit better let’s get these tires hot guys we

Have drag tires now righty let’s line it up like that press down on the keybrake press down on the gas press side on the clutch on and off the e-brake get it to about 5000 rpms we have boost to 14 pounds torque of 350 tooth and all you got to do is let go of the clutch in that e-brake and you have some nice smooth transitions uh because of the weight and power

This thing does not trap uh crazy high numbers it’ll do like a 150 on the quarter mile so it’s nothing crazy out there here maybe the the trackhawk is actually a lot faster uh because it weighs lower um but this right here if you guys have this this is what this one is going to trap now let’s go back to the festival real quick i want to show you some of the rest

Of the jeeps that i have um the tunes that i posted up for them as well um and that will pretty much sum up the video so let’s go right over here to my cars let’s go to jeeps really quick gosh i have so many cars it’s not even funny so i did a video not a video i did a tune for this as well this one also has 1300 horsepower it is also saved in the storefront if

You guys want the wrangler rubicon tune uh this one is also going to be a 2 000 um a 2k launch on it as well just like this one here this renegade is also going to be a 2k launch and this one’s pretty fun because it only weighs like 1700 pounds um but it only has two gears and a quarter mile because of it having no drag tires and you can put that massive v8 in

There so as you guys see 1300 horsepower all-wheel drive twin turbos um let’s go right over here fully built it just put everything race show you guys this tune real quick but this one’s also in the storefront just like the other ones um so you guys can just download those if you guys want to take a look at them and kind of have some more drag cars there um

Out of these jeeps if you guys can maybe do like a competition of jeeps and you know but this is going to be dominant just because weighted power ratio this thing traps like 184 miles per hour something like that so i mean this thing is freaking fast so i’m not gonna lie uh with the tires i’ve seen you guys see we have no drag tires so i just went full width in

The front full width in the rear trying to grab as much grip as i can and then i put these welds on there this thing might do a little bit better with more weight added to it that might give it a better edge in the trapping speed or the zero to sixty adding a little bit of weight onto it but what i did for you guys just pretty much weight reducted the whole

Crap out of it um and then launched at a 2k launch so 1515 tire pressure here goes guys this only has three gears um so it’s going to be 220 final drive 185 145 and 110 that is it two gears on the quarter mile and then that third gear there for top speed only traps like 207 or something like that everything else zeroed out and four dropped all the way down at

One uh stiff in the front soft in the rear vehicle dropped to the ground and then at one point four ten one point four one point four uh nothing with this this should actually go towards speed there and then nothing with this 100 0 100 0 and i evened it out at 50 there so it’s both of those front and back wheels are spinning all at once trying to get this little

Thing to move with 1300 horsepower and not spin like crazy off the uh off the line so this is going to be a nice real interesting one this thing weighs nothing nothing and uh it’s moving 1300 horsepower you know like 1700 pounds it is so we’re not going to burn out the tires i mean we’re not going to do anything with this remember to 2k launch it remember to

Always press that gas slowly so they can hold on there and 11 pounds of boost torque is 425 as you guys see is a long earth here but this thing is just moving i’m talking about 184 miles per hour in the quarter mile with this little jeep and you can actually throw in that huge engine in there with 1300 horsepower i mean that is crazy crazy crazy crazy but yeah

Guys hope you guys like the video enjoy subscribe and i will see you guys around in another drag tune video beside everybody also wait really quick to get the car that i know you guys always ask me to get the car we are in summer already all you got to do is about three races here win like first or second place actually you gotta win first place um and then you

Get this here that jeep gladiator so yeah guys hope you guys like the video subscribe and i’ll see you guys around with another dragon video peace out everybody bye-bye now

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