jeep gladiator 2020 in depth rev
Altair Club Cars Jeep Gladiator 2020 in-depth review – see why its the coolest 4×4 EVER

Jeep Gladiator 2020 in-depth review – see why its the coolest 4×4 EVER

When it comes to pickups, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as cool as THIS – the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon! It arrives with a 3.6-litre V6 engine, 285hp and 353Nm of torque, and for this review, it’s also got an orange paint job that can be spotted a mile away! But will Mat love it as much as other class-leaders like the Mercedes X-Class or VW Amarok? Join him for his latest review to find out!

This is the jeep gladiator and it’s basically a pickup version of the jeep wrangler and have to say it’s my favorite ever gladiator sorry about that russell i mean this thing just looked totally badass that’s because it’s in top spec rubicon trim and it starts from $43,000 but this has loads of extra upgrades on it as well which takes the price to fifty six

Thousand dollars there isn’t good news though it may well come to the uk they’ll probably cost the same in pounds as it does in dollars here anyway i’m going to review it and to do that i’m gonna talk around the design 35 inches these bad boys show you inside whose drooping down and hitting my head explain itself rotech even more chassis articulation and of course

I’m going to take it for a drive i think that says it all now before we get into all of that please make sure you subscribe to this channel hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on so you’re alerted when we make a new upload otherwise you might miss some of our latest videos you don’t want to do that dear and i start this review by talking around the design

From the front it’s classic jeep that slatted grille the two eye headlights looks really cool love the chunky bumper we’ve got some spot lamps as well on this particular one there are some vents in the bonnet and some fake vents here i’m gonna forgive it though because i just love the look at this thing the big big wheel arches looks rough tough and rugged this one

Has huge off-road tires on it look in the 35 inches these bad boys down the side you’ve got your jeep logo with gladiator name there some more spotlights as well this one doesn’t have the doors on it so you have these kind of like prison cell doors they sound like a prison cell door shutting as well they are super cool and they’re tough so there should protect you

In a side-impact loving this orange paint color it really helps this jeep stand out you can put a tell this one has been lifted it looks even more tough an off-road ii but the big difference obviously with this being the pickup is this low bed here it works with the jeep design it really does then as you move around the back there’s still the classic jeep styling

Cues such as these square roots how lights then you got the jeep logo again on the back some big tough red towing eyes i love the look of this thing i think i prefer it than the normal wrangler it’s just so cool now before you ask normally the gladiator comes with proper doors this setup is actually an optional extra inside the front it is exactly the same as the

Normal jeep wrangler so you got a slab-sided – design chunky buttons a grab handle here all your four-wheel-drive stuff in this area down there a square infotainment screen round analog doors but a digital screen in between them you can get rubberized floor mats it’s very utilitarian but also very very cool this one has the upgraded leather interior and the seats

Are quite nice now for more details on the jeep wranglers interior click on the pop-up band up there to watch my full in-depth video review the back seats of the gladiator rather like the normal wranglers knee room is alright but it could be a bit tight for people over 6 foot headroom is generally ok but not in this case with the tonneau cover fitted because it’s

Drooping down and hitting my head and when you’re driving on the motorway that would flop about in the wind and then literally do your head in the seats themselves are fairly company and you can actually lift them up stadium style and some storage under here isn’t that good i like that i also like the fact do you have some speakers appear so if you have all the body

Panels off you can still hear the stereo here in the back and they’re actually very light speakers which is great what’s not so great though is this the wheel arch does intrude slightly and it doesn’t need to because this gladiator has a long wheelbase in the normal wranglers and the wheels further back so you don’t need the arch there they should have removed it

So the door was wider obviously the key thing about the gladiator is its load bed and in order to be able to incorporate that they had to extend the wranglers chassis by 31 inches they’ve also increased the wheelbase by almost 20 inches so the back wheel sits into the center the low bed so it can take the load and the tailgate just flops their own lights it’s damp

Which is good and this one is fitted with the optional foldable tonneau cover so you can fold that back we’ve also got these optional decked drawers look at that for putting stuff in it i don’t know what you’re putting there wherever you want some lifestyle gear i didn’t all very rugged all very solid all super cool being a jeep this thing is a serious off-road

Er so you have permanent all-wheel drive a low range mode you also have front and rear rigid axles for better chassis articulation the sway bars you can decouple so you get even more chassis articulation this gladiator has been lifted over the standard setup also it’s fitted with some fox dampers as well for added performance being a rubicon you get chunky tires

A stander but these are upgraded to 35 inch for some hardcore off-roading now i would like to show you that now but unfortunately i don’t have access to an off-road course so i can’t you’ll just have to assume that he’s brilliant offroad however it’s not quite as good as the normal wrangler because the longer wheelbase because of the low bed means that you don’t

Have quite as good break over or departure angle i love how you get into the engine bay of the wrangler and obviously it’s the same on the gladiator you’ve didn’t do those clips then you just lift it up and there is your engine it’s a 3.6 liter naturally aspirated v6 with 285 horsepower and 353 newton meters of torque and i’ll tell you what it sounds absolutely

Brilliant especially on this gladiator because it’s gone upgraded sports exhaust and we listen to this in the us this jeep comes with the manual gearbox as standard but you can upgrade to an 8-speed auto alright and let’s see what this jeep gladiator is like to drive first things first the noise of the v6 oh i tell you what though it doesn’t feel quite as fast

As it oh and you can really enjoy you’ve got the doors off obviously as this thing’s lifted it’s pretty bouncy but because you got such big fat tires it’s actually really really comfy and these seats helping as well the steering is nice and light and actually considering goes around corners pretty well stays relatively flat i thought it roll a lot more than this oil

Screeches tires though this is super super cool about this i absolutely adore it driving around in la with the door panels off it just makes you feel super good about your life i’m really really enjoying this i love it i absolutely love it i must admit i’m really not the opportunity to take this thing off road but even though i can’t do that i can’t appreciate just

How special it makes it feel when you drive in it dynamically on road it’s adequate and that’s all it needs to be this thing is all about the personality it’s all about the look it’s also about being really practical because it can carry loads of stuff in that low bed this is my favorite configuration of the jeep it’s surprising that quickly can drive it on this

Canyon road it got sprayed again and it does let you know what’s going on underneath you so it’s not sloppy and the fact that he does that helps make it more fun the fact you’re engaged in the car now this isn’t a trick that’s for everybody you’re gonna really want it and it’s quite expensive but it’s just got so much character i’d really like to keep the hits i’d

Really like to keep these roads as well because they are awesome you think i’d rather be in a sports car but actually i’ve only been quite at the able hop in this thing if you’re having a bad day and you’ve got one of these gladiators in this configuration it’s gonna cheer you up i guarantee you doors off sun shining and it’s all thanks to you guys watching these

Videos that allows me to do stuff like i’d like to say big thank you a real big thank you i’d also like to say a big thank you to the guys at edmonds comm who have helped look after me while i’m here in the states and sought me out with some cars so i’d really like you to do me a favor click on the pop-up banner up there to head over to their youtube channel and

Please subscribe to them then it’s a really good videos very informative especially if you’re into american cars so go check them out and say hi from matt i think i better call it a day and give you my final conclusion on this car so then what’s my final verdict on the jeep gladiator well if you’re after one of these things you’re after one of these things it’s

Kind of neat but it fulfills that needs really really well because if you want a pickup truck that looks super cool and is a soft road this is the daddy let’s brush it again it’s a 3.6 liter naturally aspirated beast i think that says it all

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Jeep Gladiator 2020 in-depth review – see why it's the coolest 4×4 EVER! By carwow

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