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Altair Club Cars James May ROASTS the DriveTribe Dodge Charger Hellcat

James May ROASTS the DriveTribe Dodge Charger Hellcat

The Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody became a new addition to the DriveTribe garage this year. With over 700hp from its thumping great V8, we decided to see what Mr James May thought of it. Not much, it turns out…

Hello viewers and welcome to be horrible to mike who today has brought along this is a dodge charger srt dodge charger hellcat wide body dodge charger hellcat wide body is it actually wider than the standard yeah oh because of this right three and a half inches this is the supercharged one supercharged 6.2 liter hemi v8 so this is related to the one i drove on

The ground tour when we did our detroit special yes it’s not the same car but it’s the same basic engine how much power 707 and they’re putting that in everything they can these days 707 yep it’s got a thousand in the other car yeah basically they just chuck a bigger supercharger on it each time so this is the low powered version this is the you could say this is

The baby but this is the energy level cheap charger this equivalent in pounds is 61 grand for 707 horsepower it’s not bad have you bought it we haven’t bought it this is a long term like the wii we haven’t bought it like drivetribe has blagged this car yes i was going to ask you what was your punchiest long-termer as a journalist or what was your favorite frankie

Sits with you well i never had them for very long for various reasons apart from a jag which i i just borrowed in the normal way that you borrow cars as a journalist yeah and they said well you can keep it for a bit try driving around and see if you like it and i kept it for i think three and a half years wow because they kept forgetting to come and get it every

Time i read them and then i moved house but didn’t tell them and they just and eventually they tracked it down and the bloke turned up and said i’ve come for the jag and i said well do i know you have you know but he had some paperwork and he drove off and i never saw it again yeah so you’re expecting me to roast this it’s ridiculous it’s left-hand drive it’s big

It’s very big it’s very wide it’s alarming for your passengers especially on the narrow roads around here we’re in south wiltshire in the car park of the royal oak pub just off the a30 between shaft spree and salisbury with its excellent menu and reasonably priced rooms dogs welcome um as you can see what’s to commend it apart from that it’s fairly cheap for

That much power it’s it’s comfy and so it’s my old land rover it’s got bilstein adaptable suspension that settles it thank you for watching so it does if you want it to it will handle but you can ruin it true we’ve not had on track yet but i think it could come good there but nobody’s gonna get past you it’s uh it’s 12 centimeters wider than a range rover that

Was what i meant yes um or 120 millimeters in correct language wider than a range rover yes one of which is over there so it’s wow that’s a lot it’s yes that’s a huge car it’s pretty much the wide body that takes it past it three and a half inches each side did you have a choice of cars to borrow yes basically it’s a company called the aec they import them into

Europe and you’ll see it’s got german plates on it uh they gave us basically the whole dodge and ram catalog and said what do you want and i thought the challenger would be a bit obvious so go for the four-door basically dodges m5 to compare with our own m5 which we saw in a previous episode yes which you loved i did yes can we have a look inside yes absolutely

Sepia leather oh that’s quite um that’s quite caramel i think the one thing that is a european slash british person is the handbrake it’s one of those things and then the one thing i don’t like is it’s nice leather and then it descends into good yes nastiness well there’s a reason it’s 61 000 and not a 110 thousand where do you stand on car interiors do you kind

Of is a cheap interior okay as long as it looks okay yes uh to be honest i’ve always had a bit of a problem with car interiors whether they are very simple cheap ones like you get in the original sandero or a bentley continental because i’ve never been in a car and thought hmm i’d like this in my house because car interiors are either incredibly drab and poverty

And a bit miserable or they’re just ludicrously leathery and camp and i don’t really like leather you know the main reason i had a 458 speciale and not at 458 italia which i’d had previously this is a proper first world problem coming up here they add fabric seats yeah it has alcantara throughout there’s no leather in it okay so it smells nicer in my view and

It’s i just think leather is an incredibly old-fashioned idea you’re sitting on a dead cow’s ass and why is that appealing so this is crap then you really don’t like this no i don’t if i’m honest is it shite again it’s not shite it’s but it’s you’re never going to say please be my guest your majesty you know it’s it’s it’s not polished is it it’s not it’s not

Discreet it’s not um polite yeah i mean you’re paying 60 grand for what’s under that bonnet which is a supercharged heavy yes should we have a look under the bottom i know we don’t pop bombs as a general rule but you may as well see where all that money’s going because it isn’t on seats imagine there’s nothing lights on you could spec an audi a3 maybe an s3 to this

Amount of money here look at that but look at that oh what seriously what are you trying to do boil it does what what would happen if that sat there on a track day i guess that supercharger really would rip it up wouldn’t it well either the supercharger pulley would destroy the bottle of gin or the bottle of gin the neck of it would get under the supercharger

Belt shatter that pulley and then you’d lose at least 300 horsepower yeah well it’s not training that’s somewhere safe yeah but thank you for the plug what do you think do you like that it’s absolutely gorgeous it’s an engine yes it’s a massive lumpy engine the one thing i have i mean you pay for this engine fair enough but then my eyes are drawn to this what on

Earth is that look at the welding on it and it’s a very good question what is that to the side like that it looks like someone’s dad has done that on a weekend and i cannot tell what’s coming in and out of it because it’s tucked right in there it was quality checked by this man yeah so he’s approved absolutely yeah he says this is okay do you want to come in and

Have a look at this it’s remarkable as you say it does look like a no-level metalwork project we have got any of you know what our levels are anymore but you know we have got quite a few american viewers so those of you who are in the mopar world tell us what that is on the left-hand side of a doors charger hellcat wide bodies engine bay it’s yeah there’s things

Attached to it and i think deep down there there is something that goes in but it’s just is there any electrical going to it i don’t think so is it some sort of pump it reminds me of like a sweetie tin that my grandma would keep in the car that’s air isn’t it going through there it’s the vacuum advance for the timing there you go sure yep i’m sure they’ll tell

Us in the comment and it will be that are you done looking at the end i’m done i quite like the orange paint that orange paint yes hemi orange i’m sure that’ll be cool it is called something like that yes that’s very that’s very traditional 70s mopar type engine color but yes the drive tribe charger white body anything else you want to look at the drive tribe

Free car well i mean that this happens in journalism across the board long termers are a thing so you weren’t allowed them when you worked for top gear it wasn’t well actually i think we probably weren’t because we were on the bbc but it was more we felt to maintain our impartiality we shouldn’t have long termers because nothing is free mike i appreciate your

Efforts collecting them at this point magic i mean when we did the bmw the other day there were two bottles in that yes that’s over 200 pounds worth of gin you’ve bought and james where can people buy this gin people can buy this gin from jamesgin.com you can buy it in the uk and america it’s available in regular asian parsnip and asian parsnip navy strength at

57 proof which do you prefer well that’s a very good question i think for general just swilling gin and tonic in sort of richard hammond style i would say go for the regular uh navy strength is obviously stronger and also has a slightly different flavor because believe it or not we actually put slightly less botanical in the stronger one because the the greater

Alcohol content leaches it out more if we put the same amount in it becomes too botanical this is the equivalent of popping a bonnet and chatting about displacement yeah it is a bit i’d say you get regular asian parsnip for just having a regular gin and tonic in the garden if you want a contemplative gin and tonic that you’re going to sip and savour over say a

Film that you’re watching try the navy strength you’ll like it james may on the drivetrain does charger healthcare thank you pleasure thank you for watching like comment subscribe you

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James May ROASTS the DriveTribe Dodge Charger Hellcat! By DRIVETRIBE

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