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Altair Club Cars Jaguar XF in-depth review – Carbuyer

Jaguar XF in-depth review – Carbuyer

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This is the all-new jaguar xf okay so it looks rather like the old jaguar xf but then hey he wants to mess with a winning formula the good news is that jaguars kept all the things that were great about the old xf and improve the bits that weren’t so good such as the space in the back seats so for this new xf jaguar has made it longer about that much longer between

The front and the rear wheels and as a result you have more knee room here in the back more importantly though headroom yet it still got a sloping roofline but even if i sit up dead straight i’ve got room here in the old car my head would be touching the roof so this car is fine for people over six foot in the back seats look down here yes as ever with these types

Of car there’s a big hump in the floor that’s the same with this cars german rivals and the rear windows are quite small so it can be a bit dark in here but an advantage of this means you’ve got this high sol line so if you get long journeys you’re brave passengers can you can rest the head there and have a nice enough and i think overall this car is easily on a

Par with things like the mercedes e-class in the backseat so yeah if you’re an airport taxi driver you can now go british to the german well the jaguar really trump’s its rivals though is interior design the classic wraparound reaver hoop envelops you and there’s an effortless cool britannia minimalism to the layout of the controls being a jaguar this car has lots

Of kit as standard and this is the entry-level prestige model but it’s actually anything but entry-level for instance you get leather seats for heated they’re also part electrically operated of course you get dual zone climate control this new touchscreen which includes satellite navigation and you get rear parking sensors also on top of the six airbags you’ve got

Lane departure warning and autonomous emergency braking to prevent an accident in the first place and you can now get this car with a manual gearbox but i wouldn’t bother because with the auto when you start the car does this not like that it’s like futuristic now i really like the way the old jaguar xf drove and i’m pleased that jaguar hasn’t messed it up in

Fact this one is even better than before so it’s all aluminium body is significantly lighter than the old cars and that really does help with the handling and the right quality and yeah once again jaguar they’ve got the balance between handling and comfort just right now on higher specification cars you can get electrically controlled suspension so at the touch

Of a button you can make the ride further or you can make it softer fancy bit of extra comfort on this cause german rivals you need that system to make them drive as good as they can buy this jaguar the normal setup which this cars on is perfectly fine overall i think this is a fun car to drive for a big family saloon and i like the gearbox the automatic gearbox

8-speed on this jogi has tweaked it slightly over the 1 in this smaller xe and when you put your foot down it responds exactly when you want it to and yet when you’re just cruising about it’s nice and smooth the engines as well hot check your engines this has got the 2-liter diesel and you-tube litre diesel and it’s the higher power version and it’s easily got

Enough performance now some people claim that well it makes a bit of a strange noise when you accelerate but i’ll let you make your own mind up as i do that now actually think that’s alright i don’t mind an engine that makes a bit of noise it’s not clattery and it’s not artificial with sound pump through the speakers like you get with certain cars like being

Double use upon problem i do have with it is that jagger claims this engine will do about 65 miles per gallon but if i go through the trick computer i’m only averaging 38 miles per gallon which isn’t so good now there are some of the things which also let the side down for instance when you’re just cruising along this car is a lot noisier i think than an eclass

Near the tire roar and the wind noise yeah it’s definitely noticeable and then there’s this blind spot created by this big fat sweeping pillar if that visibility at the back isn’t great either because the window is quite high up so you wouldn’t notice up save you being tailgating by a lotus elise you’d have no idea it was there and then the quality if i do this it

All sounds a bit flimsy and how the asics does feel a bit more solid and watch i gave given this car a brand new infotainment system and it is pretty good to use i do find that touchscreens are harder to operate on the move than the swivel system you get in the bmw 5-series in fact you can actually upgrade this system for fully digital – but that gets quite a bit

Expensive in fact this car has 15,000 pounds worth of options and most of them just aren’t worth having for instance the advanced parking system with surround cameras is pretty cool but it costs two grand no thanks i’ll take my chances with the curbs and then if you won’t fall down seats which yeah you probably do jaguar is going to charge it extra for those as

Well so yeah thanks guys it’s it’s not as if this guy isn’t expensive enough already is it the boot itself though is a really good size it’s about as big as it gets on this class a vehicle and the open is nice and wide as well the only problem i have is that the mechanism for the electric tailgate does eat into the space which does hamper the practicality somewhat

The german car seemed to manage to get their boot almost dead straight germans for your guess way all those problems i mentioned though are only minor because overall this is a fabulous car and it should definitely be on your shortlist if you’re looking at something like a mercedes e-class which you can watch our review of by clicking down there or the bmw 5-series

Which you can watch our review off by clicking down there if you click up there you can watch our very latest video review and please click on a logo to subscribe to our channel if you’re watching on mobile click the links below the video as they do exactly the same thing now know what you international guys who are watching this are thinking yeah i love this car

And you probably think yes just because you’re british well do you know what i am not patriotic at all it has absolutely nothing to do with it what yeah so what if i like rain as well

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