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Jaguar XF 2012-2015 X250 Android System

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Hello guys so as promised this video is about the x 250 jaguar xf android system so i’m just going to tell you guys a little bit more about it something that is a little misleading is the fact that they do mention even here in the picture next to 50 2007 to 2015 yeah they also say 2007 to 2015 what does this really mean it means it’s actually not for the 2007 models

To the 2011 models so if your screen looks like this you cannot fit the system to your cars not compatible now according to them they said that the car that has the system was fitted with a harman kardon and the cars that were fitted with the newest system in other words the facelift the 2012 to 2015 models was fitted with a bose system now i don’t entirely agree

There because i think 2014 2015 jagger just went meridian all out with all models and some had more speakers and some had less speakers but they say that this was a post system and i don’t agree with it because the reason for that is bose and harman kardon belonged to the same company so why not make it compatible for both models so i have questioned them about

This and all of a sudden they didn’t come back to me so the one thing that they have confirmed is that the car that has that screen okay well similar to that screen which is the 2012 model – 2015 model this system is compatible with it but it’s not compatible with the older system so what has the system actually got this screen is not a real screen taken from

The car if i zoom in you can actually see the corners of the pasted picture here over the original car system see they’re the only thing that they will ask you if you start inquiring about this is they will ask you for a picture of your cause – and what you left to do is take a picture of your cars – with the sun system on so that they can see what homescreen it

Actually has label they know what software it is and they’ll know what is compatible with your car or whether it is compatible with your car and what functions will be retained in the system when you fit it to your car so according to them it will still retain the reverse camera function it will still retain all the car settings like whether your mirrors are set

Folding or art or whether your mirrors set it up it will retain all the regular functions of your fader and radio functions and so on i don’t actually believe that entirely because all android systems come with their own radio system and it is not da b okay so it’s not digital audio so if your car has da b right now or satellite radio you will most likely lose that

And you’ll have to download an f that you can actually use and stream it from your phone the main thing that i care about is will i be able to use siddik ways i go and so on and the answer to that was yes and also will my factory-fitted camera work through the system and the answer was yes also your ac controls will work on there as well your steering controls will

Work on there as well now this is all according to what they’ve told me this is the home screen so it looks very similar to jaguars home screen that’s what they try to do but i don’t see the ac display over here at all i don’t see the temperature i don’t see anything like that i’ve asked them if they could actually do a video and they said no they can’t do a video

My big question is if they have developed this for this car surely they did fit it too and oj picks it and why not do a video on it because the other system that i showed for the x – 16 they have fur to this system to various f bases f types and exits and there are videos on them so i can actually see it working in the car and i’m not saying that it is available

I’m saying that i think it’s available because i don’t i see a picture that’s being changed over here and they show a picture of an old xf – so what does this entail it it entails taking the old screen art and inserting a brand new screen with the android system on it the a similar system that looks like jegos will be displayed as your home screen and you can go

From this home screen into the android system so this is what the box will look like when you get it and further down this is what their production facility looks like and here are all the models that they claim they’ve worked on so you can see the meo that i’ve talked and what they’re basically doing there is they’re cloning the manufacturers system so that they

Can actually clone the home screen softly so so yeah i have been in touch with them as i say and i would recommend if you are looking at fitting the system definitely chat to them and i’m gonna put a link in the description below chat to them awesome a lot of questions and don’t let them fool you they can try and duck and dive here and then these particular guys

Have been ducking and diving my questions i’ve asked them quite a lot of questions on the harness is it plug-and-play as they say it is so here are the actual specifications it’s an android kitkat system it’s a 1.6 giga at quad core it’s got 2 gigs of ram for memory and 32 gig hard drive now that’s all you really need for this unit because you and you can see you

You you can load ways and subject and all it on there sitting takes around about 2 or 3 gigabytes that i had a mole daddy i had an android system in my old audi which all said a kit kats just a minute it works very well i must say i was actually quite impressed with the performance even with the 2gig ram and a 32 gig hard drive you don’t really need any much more

Than a because it does have mirror link with android phones so and they say as good android auto like features well it’s not it’s just a complete mirror of your phone so you can actually plug in your phone and you can use the screen to tap on all your your apps so you don’t even have to download a set nerve onto the system because it will actually use the phone

It’ll use the phone’s gps in that instance but whereas if you’re going to use waze or subject on the head unit and download it from the app store onto the head unit that you’re putting in so you’re gonna have to plug in the external gps antenna and yeah they say it includes the gps antenna and works both online and offline as maps i don’t know about ways and here

Maps i don’t think they’re all flying but i do know that such a can i go or offline you can also add 360 camera functionality i wouldn’t attempt it because that will also just retar the system’s performance just let it use your car’s rear camera and it also supports your cause park distance control and steering wheel controls and any i drive supported controls also

Supported what that means is the system actually connects to the canvas of the car and that is going to allow it to control things like the ac allow your steering wheel to control it and also for it to show you various things like correlated things you know like how much gas you’re using how much miles you got on a tank of fuel and that kind of thing it looks like a

Good system but i’m just not impressed with the fact that they’ve pasted a picture over here and i’m not impressed with the answers i’ve actually gotten from them so far because the ad says that is for 2007 to 2015 models but we all know that the facelift your xf had a different system the rear end of the screen the back end of the screen on the facelift is actually

Very much different to the back end of the screen on the pre-facelift they have different plugs so you need a different harness for the old car and you need a different honours for the new car so it looks like they are harness that they actually have is for the facelift models so if you do have a facelift you can definitely hit the link below in the description hit

Them up and ask them some more questions ask them to send your pictures of the actual screen of the actual system i have asked them that and they haven’t responded yet but i would suggest you do the same you know just check every single thing before you order this because it’s a lot of money you know i mean a thousand dollars including shipping that’s quite a lot of

Money to me at any rate because the exchange rate here is very bad to the dollar but a thousand dollars is a lot of money to spend on an older car but having said that if i do change my ex to 62 and x to 50 and i do get one i will definitely be doing this so i hope this encourages a lot of you to have some hope about the system i will give you guys more feedback in

The future if i do have more feedback on the system because i’m luckily i’m not going to let this go i’m going to continue to research this particular unit with this supplier and supply them information if i can and maybe a system if i can in further development on it there are three other manufacturers that i’ve contacted who are doing the x 360 version as well

And i’ve asked them if they can actually look into making one for the x 250 because they are actually in my mind more reputable and they’ve answered all my questions to my satisfaction on the x to 60 system so i am very confident if i had to spend all this amount of money on buying one for the x 260 i would be confident that i can fit that system and it would work

But right now as it stands i’m not very confident that this will work because i haven’t seen any and i need to see evidence of an actual unit fitted to a car as well as a video the other guys do you have a video and i’m going to actually just put a cup of that video now here at the end on the x to 60 system where you can actually see the android functionality and

This is really what we want to see working on this x 250 version as well so thank you for watching enjoy the video their rituals i suppose so cheer sisters and herschel is android 6.0 storages 32g and they rem is too late this is alright interface this is our color plate and here is a jungle mr. miss donger ends a connected to read iphone as in addition

Sir it information great and pollution was your connection with your opponent and the dial here and it can also enjoy music you

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