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Altair Club Cars Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY electric car racing series – Jonny Smith test drives | Fully Charged

Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY electric car racing series – Jonny Smith test drives | Fully Charged

Just as the new 2020 season of FIA Formula E ev race series kicks off, Fully Charged wheelman Jonny Smith finally gets the chance to drive the support race vehicle – a Jaguar iPace etrophy. The eTrophy is still the world’s first all-electric production based international race series, with the 400ps Jaguars being the same as the production all-electric SUV ipace, but stripped out of luxuries and added with race safety equipment. New for this season the eTrophy Jags will be able to use Attack Mode like their Formula E cousins, meaning drivers will have to arm their car and drive off the racing line and through a designated attack zone. It’s only then that then that an extra 35kW of power is provided. Jonny gets to experience this function as well as interviewing current (first!) IPACE eTrophy champion Sergio Jimonez, who was testing on track on the same day. They may be heavy large cars, but this is the promising starting point for what Fully Charged show sees as the birth of electric touring car racing. Robert Llew was happy to let Jonny try and tame the 2-tonne beast on this test drive episode, given Jonny’s penchant for EV muscle.

Just deployed attack mode so i’ve now got 20% more power hello and welcome to fully charged to date an important moment because today i’m getting to drive a car i’ve been trying to drive for a couple of years now and i actually got into electric cars through evey motorsport believe or not back in the early 2000s watching electric dragsters being made in the states

Since all that time though i’ve built my own drag car and something called formula e came along and as a consequence i’m now driving this the jaguar type ace a trophy in its finished form and this is actually the very first car this is the car that they developed the entire race series around so what you’re the new series manager for the ipas each row fee yes and

It’s quite a minute one make series are nothing new but this is this is pretty unique and it’s it’s all-electric road car based quite a real world series in many ways because it’s not radically different from the car you can buy absolutely customer racing and road based cars from doing customer racing is nothing new but this car is certainly something new it’s the

The first electric vehicle production based technology to be doing an international series and so much of this car is based on the road car as well so it uses the road battery their road inverters road motors and they take away a lot of the luxury that jaguar normally comes with and to remove a lot the weight but in essence this is very much a road car you have

Not long been in a job i know and we’re about to start season two what are the big differences from the previous season i suppose get people up to speed with what they’ve missed but what are the big changes that are possibly going to make it even better one of the the great things that has been done is to involved attack mode where from inspired by formula e yeah

We’re really really excited about a tech mode it’s gonna give quite a lot of more strategic options for the drivers so based on a very similar way to formally do it the drivers are going to have to arm their system and then drive over some loops in this circuit these are generally well offline and so you um system drive offline and as soon as you’ve activated that

Attack mode the the car is going to unleash an extra 20% of power and torque for a fixed duration now here we’ve been playing with two minutes of extra generation so the guys have had it had it to play with here at bedford and yeah they’ve been reporting it really does change the way that you come into corners the the places that you brake and then even the region

And for the car because the car is is putting energy back into its batteries every time you’re braking and that is all affected by the extra torque extra power and how that comes into the driving so is it a mode mandatory for every driver for every race for the races yes we will be mandating the number of times they they need to use it because you do sometimes

Need to go far off line sometimes there is a penalty to actually taking it and then you win back and then some with the application and other races there’s not so much of a penalty qualifying we won’t have a tack mode because that would effectively just restrict you to the number of laps that you had that attack mode initiated or activated but no yeah will be

Mandatory in the races but the drivers won’t know how many activations and how long those excavations will be until very close to the race so they’re not going to be able to strategically think for weeks beforehand how i’m gonna how i’m gonna plan my strategy from my tech mode it’s gonna be a little sleazy event yeah a little curveball to throw there from with

A few days leading up to the event so what ten races coming up yet ten races across eight cities so we’re doing a doubleheader in saudi arabia at the first one and then looking forward to doubleheader in london at the excel centre for our season finale ting again with the wonders of electric vehicles we’re going inside the excel centre outside around some of the

Doctrine right well you’ll go in around the pit lane is actually inside the excel centre itself so that’s gonna be amazing for the fans to get really close to the the pit lane for the for murray and yeah our our paddock area is in inside the building as well so yeah definitely you cannot do that with any legacy technologies that is pure electric vehicle stuff and

I’ve seen some of the other cities paris i mean paris is the king of congestion be able to put a race on you know that’s zero emission is amazing it is absolutely the new paris is the embodiment of the whole philosophy when pulminary wanted to go racing in city centres to be driving literally with the eiffel tower in view around one of paris’s most iconic buildings

But without without upsetting the relative the local residents because you are you’re racing and it’s it’s quiet it doesn’t help there it doesn’t pollute their streets and it’s a little bit more congestion but yeah that is absolutely fantastic he’s going to come out of the final corner and stamp his authority all over the jaguar i face each row v-series presumably

This was your first experience of driving an electric race car was it let’s river race end on the streets so yeah my first time in the electric car was in the race car okay i told okay what’s the first time i was silverson last year yeah i think september 18 yeah and it was very strange because first time in the car the guy said okay turn on the car okay you press

The button hey no no no i don’t need to warm the angel thing nothing and this was very strange for us and then we could understanding that how we drive by sound yes and this car will have no sound so you need to adapt in a style for driving like that how do you do that because i was gonna say you don’t have any rev counters there’s no gears you have region braking

Of course this helped a lot yeah we can change a little bit inside the car these you have you can play with the steam you with the abs you can do that yeah i can yeah driving and you can you can change the region on or off this make big difference in the braking some parts is good some parts is not but help a lot and yeah you can play also with the the power put

More forward or rear so this is kind of three things we can change the other thing i mean obviously formulary is an amazing idea given that you can race in places you wouldn’t normally be able to race but with these these are big cars yes when there’s ten of these on the track there’s a lot a lot of space is very very tight so what’s the what’s the the tactic i

Mean people love watching touring cars because there’s a bit of our g bar g is a bit of paint swapping but seeing these on some of the street circuits you wonder how how’d you even overtake well the tractor was made in four formally and we we arrived in the fifth season formula e with this car so the tracks have been narrow some parts only passed one car or one

And a half car and but anyway we have already we have a space also two overtaking and things like that but i think this is the challenge you know you’ll be fast but to be fast you can’t you know made a mistake and those stranger to a quiet quick car i’ve got to get used it’s mostly about the braking and the weight throttles very very light this is normally a

Five seat suv that way some 2.3 tonnes not today brakes are very good actually steering will set very high up actually i love the brakes love the brakes or not it comes off the production line in austria the same as all other i paces summer most of them are destined for the road this one isn’t it becomes a race car and it lives as a race car it goes to special

Vehicle operations which is jaguar land rover sort of skunk works for the hottest and most extreme vehicles and then they start preparing it with m sport malcom wilson’s rally guys up in cumbria and they put the roll cage and all that stuff and then remember this car has standard motors front and back axle as the standard 90 kilowatt hour big battery pack that goes

Up in the belly and vaults in there what’s different is they’ve whipped a load of weight of it i mean in there there’s nothing compared to the five seat original luxurious beautiful interior there’s none of that it’s all gone different – really flimsy race – very very bare carbon-fiber centre console would develop with cosworth and then you go down here and you’ve

Got look not slicks road tires michelin pilot sport row tires that are actually you know bearing in mind this is a race car these are all-weather tires so if it’s wet you leave them on if it’s dry you leave them on and tires are really the most important part of this because it’s although it’s had a good few hundred kilos removed of it there’s a lot of composites

In here different bumpers and and splitters and stuff it’s still it’s still just over two tons so it’s a heavy race car and it’s wide in standard form it’s 2.01 metres wider than two metres the eyepiece but the good thing about the eyepiece is the fact that although it’s not the most efficient electric car in standard form what it’s really good at is going around

Corners and being sporty and they call it in suv but it’s not really an suv it’s just a it’s a decent five-door hatch that you can rise up on air suspension if you so wish okay i’ll just i’ve just deployed attack mode so i’ve now got 20% more power okay and it’s giving me a countdown of how much so i’m reaching about 125 on this track ah i love it when they start

To finally learn a circuit and you can start going in a little bit harder oh i like the throttle response is now much sharper on attack mode like you can use them i’d like it down mode all the time it’s very hard actually to get the modulation i’m finding this corner of particulars an absolute swine of a corner i’ve gone in much much you know that was yeah when

In slower so no i’m doing about 140 kilometres an hour on this try i tell you what though it’s the way it really is i mean even stripped out for a race car is still massively heavy but i do love a relatable race car and that’s what this is it’s a relatable race car a lot of the trick differences on this car compared to the road car is in the damping it’s got

Ol in the swedish very expensive beautiful √∂hlins adjustable damping different springs the car is lower it’s got ap racing brakes and again brakes are so key you’ve got to stop this damn thing because it’s carrying a lot of mass and as i’ve just found out going around the track although the weight the bulk of the weights down here when you go into a corner it

Feels nice and light and nimble but when that weight starts to go when the tires start to break or you go into a corner too hot suddenly it will really push you so and i’m getting used to the four-wheel drive you can play with a full drive the bias of the torque you can throw much more bias to the rear wheels which is nicer because then it just feels like you can

Oversteer a bit and bring it back in but yeah i mean i think it looks like i think it looks really good as a race car i’ve always thought it looked good as a race car i’m going to use boost again you get a blue light attack mode deployed and this is what i really want to drive this and rub mirrors and doors with a bunch of other i paces that’s so much nicer in

Attack mode see as a road car the eye face always was good at going around corners the eye pace is a really good road car but it’s a sports electric motor which means it’s got white eyes wide track so it’s not the most efficient of electric cars what i can’t believe is going round there bedford autodromo is this big wide-open old airfield and it just feels massive

And the outright sort of torque and acceleration in this car is not that impressive what’s impressive is hustling one of these around a tight circuit with a dozen other ones and that’s when it would get really freaky i reckon a car would love to be able to enter it in a race as a wild-card everyone’s going to be needing to go electric in the future and the guys who

Are involved in the techno hypertrophy and making those sponsored bridges now they’ll reap benefits in the future for sure because it’s it’s coming for all racing a lot of customer programs are now talking about hybrid hybrid is piper it’s been in the more you know endurance for a while it has absolutely it’s not the future and zero emissions is the future rather

Than hybrid terminology which is why jackie o has embraced it so so wholeheartedly and yeah it’s it’s where everyone’s going to need to be in 10-15 years dear jag uri pacey trophy i realized that there is a vip invite only wildcard entrance in every race hello i can only imagine what it’s like driving that on a far narrower circuit than that with a dozen other

Ones driven by very competitive people who are willing to sacrifice mirrors and wings must be a right who and the thing is it’s still such a young series it’s only gonna get faster it’s only gonna get more progressive and in turn it’s only going to make those things better and i suppose that’s the point of all of this isn’t it thank you ever so much for watching

Fully charged if you’re a patreon already and you pledge a bit of cash every month towards making of this show thank you so much if you don’t know what i’m talking about you can pledge from as little as two dollars a month to make these shows better i guess if you’re a subscriber thank you if you’re not you must subscribe otherwise i’ll be likely annoyed and i’m

Going to go home now because that one’s not road-legal in my matching suit that i’ve borrowed bye bye you

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Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY electric car racing series – Jonny Smith test drives | Fully Charged By Fully Charged Show

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