jaguar ftype r velocity ap cats
Altair Club Cars Jaguar Ftype R Velocity AP Cats and Downpipes Installed – Revs in Dynamic Mode and Dynamic Mode Off

Jaguar Ftype R Velocity AP Cats and Downpipes Installed – Revs in Dynamic Mode and Dynamic Mode Off

Jaguar Ftype R Velocity AP Cats and Downpipes Installed – Revs in Dynamic Mode and Dynamic Mode Off

Hey guys i’m back here with my velocity ap down pipes and cats for my jaguar f-type r and i just fully polished everything and they are now ready to install back on the car if you saw the last video i did a before um it’s all it had stock exhaust and everything on it so i i did a sound clip of the before um if you want to check out that video you can but of course

Once these are all installed i will then do a sound clip when these are on the car so they are all fully polished now i just polished these uh a few days ago they’re all ready to go now so and if you didn’t see the last video i’ll show you the car and everything that’s going on this isn’t really going to be an install video but it’s going to be um just to show

What it looks like when it’s all mounted on the car and then also sound clips as well so you can hear what it sounds like but this is the car that it’ll be going on my jaguar f-type r so i’ll be putting on the lift here i’ll be moving this car down putting on the left and all on the last video if you saw the last video um the jaguar was over in this stall over

Here so i’m going to put it in the same spot put the video in the same spot and make sure that we do the same exact test on the exhaust so all right i’m going to get to installing this and then uh i will be back all right i’m back now got the car moved up over here actually got the downpipes off here my cats of course this is what’s going on this is what came off

On the right side i you got to make sure to have the o2s off lined up correctly i believe because all of my different links pigtails and all that good stuff so always remember that when you take everything off and then there’s under the car in case anybody wants to kind of see i’ve got the clamps off i did do new clamps though so i’ll be putting new clamps on

These bolts are not too bad at all of course it’s this car is a low mileage car though too but uh the most difficult bolt to get to the nut is gonna be that one right there on the bottom uh some people call it a crow’s feet wrench so people can you can use that i did it a different way i just did a stubby wrench and pulled it and i was able to get it out but

That was because i also had it with penetrating oil and such it was uh soaked in there for a while one thing i did have to do though is i took the heat shield or the little shield out of the way of the cable there so of course definitely in the battery that’s power right there so you definitely want to undo the battery when working on this anyway i’m gonna get

To all this stuff installed back on the car and i will do a last video of what it looks like and then we’ll do a sound clip as well all right i’ll be back all right guys back here with the jaguar and was asked captain downpipe are all installed now like i said before i was gonna i did do new clamps which i would highly suggest even on a lower mileage jaguar

And then um i don’t know some people maybe do or don’t i’m gonna turn the light on here but that little heat shield around the uh that cable the positive cable there um i would highly suggest taking that off if you ever want to do this job it’s a lot easier and definitely unhook your battery for sure so anyway got to anti-seize on everything all the o2 sensors

Are all in the same exact spot all the tie downs are tied exactly how they were i’m going to start the car and make sure there are no exhaust leaks so all right well i will be back and we’ll do a sound clip here just a little bit all right guys back here got the um the panels and everything all installed so everything is completely done now so the next thing

I’m going to do is uh start the car up put it in the other bay so it’ll have the same exact sound as last time the same same side of the garage and everything so we can have an exact comparison a sound clip now um i’m going to wait for it to cool off it had no exhaust leaks or anything so everything was fine there so i’m gonna wait for the car to go dead cold and

Then i’ll do a cold start just like last time and then let it warm up and then i’ll do some revs so we can get an exact before and after so and i can tell you it is definitely a little louder so anyway i will uh i’ll get that done and i will be back and then we’ll finish up this video all right guys back in the garage again hold uh hold down pipes and cats here

I have now got the jag moved over to the other spot so it’s been sitting for a full day now so this is going to be a dead cold start so that way you guys will be able to tell the exact difference out i’ll see what it sounds like foreign foreign ‘s done a lot still so it’s still pretty tame if you want it to be uh this dynamic mode your driving is not

Super clean still but it’s not too bad if you’re not getting on it too much but non-dynamic mode is still still pretty tame it up here a little glass here so i can set my phone up back here foreign foreign foreign all right guys you heard uh non-dinant or you heard dynamic mode first the non-dynamic and then back to dynamic which i’m sure is pretty clear to

You guys which one was which i don’t think i have to explain that too much so anyway that concludes this video uh the velocity ap ats and down pipes and then i’ll be um i’ll be going to the racetrack with this car again um you’ve been following the channel you know that this bone stock nothing done to it at all when 11 30 to 125 and now it’s got the mods done

To it and we’ll be going back to the track again here soon all right well thanks for watching guys until next time

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Jaguar Ftype R Velocity AP Cats and Downpipes Installed – Revs in Dynamic Mode and Dynamic Mode Off By Mirror Finish Polishing

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