its official half of you hate th
Altair Club Cars Its Official: Half of You Hate the Design of the New Electric Chevy Silverado

Its Official: Half of You Hate the Design of the New Electric Chevy Silverado

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So howdy folks a ton of you have asked many questions about the upcoming chevy silverado ev and not only do we have those answers we’re going to be reading some of your questions and directly answering them and then after that we’ve got something special right andre yes this is an episode of you said what said what because these are your comments and questions

We’re going to read them directly from our podcast our other tfl truck channel and also um share some more accessories and news that have to do with the work truck version of the new electric silverado and also an off-road little piece of news that’s right so if you’re waiting for information about the affordable version of the silverado ev you’re at the right

Place yes so let’s go nathan to our tfl talk channel page and this is our podcast tfl talk on youtube and also everywhere podcasts are distributed yep um here’s the first uh response and comment from gumgum okay go for it gumgum says as always nist and andre delivered an excellent review thank you this is a this is a top rated comment it is a top rated comment

Thank you guys really we do appreciate it that was a little bit of self-promotion it did not write this no of course he didn’t yeah so let’s continue all right jordan johnson says so excited for this the the ev truck market is getting exciting this is very reminiscent of the avalanche i immediately thought of that the second i saw it and this is a very common

Comment it is indeed but the funny part is is that they do not want to really talk about the avalanche when andre was at the event they’re basically like no it’s not really an avalanche and it is it’s an electric avalanche i’m sorry but it has a folding mid gate which apparently is an option we’ll get to that at the end of this video i freaked me out when i saw

It exactly so here’s the next comment from tfl talk channel from kenyon gillespie that rst is one of the best looking trucks i’ve seen great job gmc i think he meant gm came at gm i’m sure he just accidentally yeah but hey it shares its platform with the gmc hummer ev right it’s narrower and longer than the gmc hummer but they are brothers so to speak sisters

The ultim platform right they both use the same very similar chassis just like you said elongated or made narrower right and what’s interesting is that the base model is going to have a similar range to this fully loaded one you guys have been looking at here’s another one from spencer s young he says i like how they did the mid gate once you add the tonneau

Cover it makes so much sense absolutely yeah i’m curious real quick did they show any tonneau covers like the old ones it had a three-piece removable tonneau cover on the original avalanche yes uh there is a clip of this there’s a clip of this and we’ll share some more images so they have a soft roll up that they’re showing and also a three piece that folds out

Ah okay yeah so the three piece is similar an idea to the original one the original one i believe they were individual panels that you could pull out so that’s cool by the way i just uh i saw this during lunch yeah when we were out uh h2 hummer h2sut the original yeah uh truck hummer truck also had a mid gate they’re they’re identical with respect and they had

A lot of components that were crossed over but the very short short bit very very short bed and then there was also the cadillac i think was called the ext or something like that and that had the mid gate as well not the hottest seller amongst the three of them so now let’s go to the tfl truck channel yes here on youtube to read your comments and also thank you

For writing your comments on we do appreciate it yeah we’ll see some of those as well yeah um so barela family adventure says 20 000 pounds of towing and thirteen hundred pounds of payload this does not add up boom on your nose on the nose right there dude yes in theory the truck is limited by the payload thank you we keep saying that all the time

Yeah it doesn’t make a lot of sense and they haven’t clarified exactly what that means not my guess my guess is they’ll be able to bump or pull something that weighs up to 20 000 pounds a few feet kind of like what toyota did with the space shuttle i guess but we don’t know for sure um but here’s another thing the 20 000 pound version of this truck yeah they

Said it was going to be based on the work truck version which only has 1200 pounds which is even less than the fully loaded one which doesn’t make any sense at all makes no sense right but they said there’s going to be a special version for this maximum towing weight so maybe they’ll rejigger something maybe change the wheelbase i don’t know or call it a heavy

Duty and put suspension on it that’s different so we’ll have to wait and see they haven’t announced a lot about this here’s another comment from adventure rocks great presentation andre oh thank you uh thank you for sharing can’t wait to see the 20 000 version on the ike once again so it seems like a lot of people are interested in this heavy towing well i mean

If you’re going to throw a number out there like that that’s a hell of a thing to back up so chevrolet needs to up their game in order to make this really happen here’s a comment from uh from ace acosta he says i’m so confused so what’s the point of this being so expensive when it’s supposed to be an alternative to a gas powered version of itself also 100 grand i

Definitely would pick a hummer over this ah okay so a couple things first of all the one that you saw was the fully loaded rs which is essentially the very top of the line i’m not defending them believe me i think the price is ridiculous however what we’re talking about as well at the end of this video you’ll see a lot more of it is the work truck which comes in

At a much more reasonable price in fact it’s matching the ford lightning essentially in terms of pricing for the base model so you saw the very top of the line model and hopefully there’ll be a lot less expensive ones coming out in the near future exactly but i still agree with um acosta here it from with ace because if you have a 112 000 hummer tv truck and 105

000 chevy fully optioned truck there’s not much price difference between them in theory and i think they might compete against each other but does the mid gate go down in the hummer no sorry so if you want that mid-game extra utility and up to 11 feet of cargo capacity just in length uh yeah then obviously the chevrolet makes a lot more sense so here’s a couple

Questions um that have to do with style and this was a big controversy with you guys first from canyon once again the chevy is the best looking ev truck i’ve seen great job gmc or gm in this case there’s a comment from vernon rock’s photography who says great presentation and for sure the truck is a looker love it but also there are a couple of comments that

Really don’t like this styling i it’s called polarizing so you really are kind of on one side or the other i don’t know many people who are like no it’s okay i kind of like it or whatever people are like really like it or really don’t and you know what’s interesting when you guys start seeing images of the work truck that’s the one that i think looks good i’m

Not too keen on the one that andre got to walk around so and once again so let’s move on to the news like you mentioned the work truck final the final comment here is from tom these prices are absolutely out of control the world has officially gone crazy yes well except for the starting price of this truck which is in control but everything else i would agree

Uh these prices are getting huge yeah and i really hope the dealers try to hold back from completely marking up and destroying the pricing but we’ll see so here let’s go to this is our story that we also published uh that you guys also commented on so let’s look at some of these images and look at your comments that you have here first of all let’s

Look at this profile shot of the new work truck i think it looks awesome it looks like a proper avalanche doesn’t it well it does look like an avalanche but it also looks like a proper working truck i i like the fact that it actually has black components hanging around it so you can get them scuffed up and easily replaced or fixed or whatnot also and andre

Pointed this out look at the center cap first of all eight lug now that’s also how it is on the top of the line one the eight lug is usually a heavy duty truck hub and then if you look at the center cap that looks a lot like what year was yours at two three thousand two two thousand two yeah he had a 2002 heavy duty and the center hub looks just like it the cap

So that’s kind of cool and i love the steel wheels love them yeah these are 18s a lot of you commented that 24 inch wheels it’s ridiculous obnoxious yeah much more logical yeah and i think this is what chevrolet needs to focus on you know more kind of utilitarian work-ready trucks they should increase their payloads i’m going to say it right now yes i agree

With you because they’re not being competitive with ford yes but i like the the bedrack yes is really great idea i’m glad they’re showing it here it’s gonna also be used for over landing by the way that’s right and actually this vehicle is a much better suited vehicle for over landing obviously than the one with the massive wheels but there’s more to it check

Out all the accessories now we’re gonna if you look at the article you’ll get to these pictures that you can look at as long as you want in this video we’re going to have to go through them quickly but i like that front end better than the one that’s all painted up i i’m not so sure dude i like the utilitarian version of the front end on the work truck version

That starts at 39 900 it doesn’t feel finished i know you can replace a lot of these parts and that’s the good part about it right if you then something for example or scratch it right right um i don’t know it just feels unfinished maybe it’s the color of the gray maybe and so but i love the macho look of those wheels right steelies are pretty the whole the

Whole thing i think looks pretty cool like this so here’s let’s look at some other accessories really quick before we hit the off-road news right so here’s another image um here’s another that it looks like a lot like an avalanche yeah from this angle specifically flying buttress remember one we agree on this one of our dream trucks from years ago was a heavy-duty

Big block avalanche remember yep the 8.1 liter we were seriously thinking about getting one i still think we should get one at some point in time this is the electrified version of it well except for the payload which is terrible because that one had huge payload but there are a couple things you guys need to know about that bed and that mid gate it turns out

And i didn’t know this until we were looking at these pictures that that mid gate is an option it uh i don’t know if it’s based on trim or not what not we don’t have that information yet but if you look at that bed that is not a mint gate that is a regular bed a steel bed at that yeah and that does not fall down so yeah and a lot of you commented on on our wall

Debut video that the bed was uh composite plastic that’s not the final bed no so and they said that and i said that in the video yes you did you did say in the video so that was just a mock-up uh basically of the bed right and this one i agree with you it does not look like this faults but it kind of makes sense this also doesn’t have a panoramic sunroof nope it

Doesn’t have a lot of the other features that the other one has so i think this is the value version uh really affordable or the work version show that one shot of the tools being charged on that one oh yeah yeah this is cool yeah so this is a really cool idea now if you take a look at this you can see clearly and by the way i own some of these tools so i know

Exactly what they are and um the fact is you’ve got one two three four five things plugged in it looks like two batteries and a couple of just storage storage items yeah yeah and that makes total sense it is really cool because uh those types of tools are great at work sites obviously and i like the fact that they have that integrated into the bed as i think an

Option yeah and here’s another couple of views this is the interior of the world screen right yeah so this is supposed to be an 11 inch which is still big i’m still still good um and also the eight inch um screen in this for the gauges oh show that no show the front they want to see that that’s oh yeah this so that’s a slide out tool chest in the front in the

Front which is exactly what should be there for work truck i like that i’m a fishing guy i suck at it but i would love to put my fishing gear on there that’d be awesome yes so although that you know payload is a premium the steel case may weigh something that might be aluminum it may be aluminum yeah i hope it is i hope so too so here’s another just couple of

Shots here’s a shot of the tonneau cover we just discussed is that the soft one this is the hard version of it they also showed a little clip of a soft one and then by the way i like the pull-out tray this yeah the slide-out tray i could see for certain industries would be a really good idea and others it wouldn’t but um especially if you got stuck stuff like

Cod underneath it and and also they had an image of it towing a transformer yeah which looks really heavy but look how jacked up it is off the ground in that image yeah so it looks interesting it looks proper because the rst has air suspension right i don’t know if this version has it but it looks like it does with that picture and we’re also not sure about

Four-wheel steering so there is more information to come yeah we are waiting on that but let’s get to the final thing before we close out and that is on the kind of sort of trail bus version yes this is which is our other website where we focus on off-roading right and there’s one sentence in their press release from chevrolet that they said oh by

The way you know there will be a trailblast version of this i was like what the thing is is that we didn’t think that was going to happen because they’re building obviously the hummer and the hummer i thought was going to be the full-on off-road thing and that they would leave this alone so it could kind of stick with just being a pickup truck that doesn’t do

Too you know much hardcore off-roading but it looks like they might not be doing that by the way this image of the blue truck is actually rst first edition with different wheels yeah i think these wheels might be also huge like 24s so this is not this is not the trail bus i’m just saying that they announced the trailblaz version is coming it may not look like

This in the final version of it uh but they also shared a couple more images of the new truck off-road right wheels dirty tires it’s we’re almost at a point where we’re using wagon wheels you know in terms of size well we’re back to the uh yeah the covered wagon yeah old west well you’re hip to that so that that front end looks like it has a fake uh skid plate

On it maybe but we don’t know for sure if the trail boss version will have that type of setup and hopefully we’ll have tow hook something that toyota still hasn’t put on their full-size truck and if you look very carefully you can see that it still has the running boards and they’re not retractable that’s strange well yeah well this is just another image of the

Rst right which is they’re currently kind of the top of the line truck so that’s about it other than to say that they said the fleet version of the work truck this is the wt will be available to fleet customers so commercial customers in the spring of 2023 i wonder if we’re considered a commercial if we buy it as a company i think we might be now so anyway and

Then the rsd first edition will be closer to fall of 2023 uh-huh so they’re a little bit behind because the ribbon is already here the ford lightning will be coming in a few months in a few months so charlie needs to i think hurry up a little bit if chevy at least if you can beat the cyber truck that would be great but again they’ll say aha but we have the gmc

Hummer it is being produced just not in huge numbers yet so there you have it guys thank you for your comments we’re going to continue watching and responding to you guys and thank you for listening to us on the podcast and also watching us right here see you guys have a great week

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