its here the new 2022 sierra 150
Altair Club Cars ITS HERE The New 2022 Sierra 1500 Elevation Premium

ITS HERE The New 2022 Sierra 1500 Elevation Premium

We have a real treat here at Transwest Buick GMC!

How’s it going guys kyle back here at transwest today i’m very excited to go over the brand new 2022 refresh sierra elevation package beautiful truck as you can see from the new from the color this is a brand new color for 2022 only available on the elevation and the at4 so kind of a cool color definitely changes light so as we walk around you’re gonna see the

Light change in it and see all the different contrasts that it has on it a couple things i want to go over with on the front are first are going to be the new headlights that gm came out for the 2022 refresh as you can see there are auto dimming led lights very bright during the day and very bright during the night as well still going back to the attention to

Detail you have the gmc and the logo the high definition bulbs everything like that another thing that gmc tr changed on this vehicle from the 20 22 old body style limiteds and the previous model year is the fog lights as you can see they’re a little bit closer to the to the road or the highway so it’s going to show more shine more on the vehicle then you have up

Here just the black accents that go along where the fog lights used to be this one that i’m showing you today is a diesel so the cool thing with this is your engine block heater is no longer attached to the battery it’s actually a plug-and-play cord that you get with the vehicle so that way you don’t have to worry about opening the hood running it through just

Lift this up plug it in and plug it into an outlet kind of like your phone cord standard on all the vehicles is the tow hooks as well so if you do take this somewhere rugged where you can’t quite get out you have easy access tow hook points to get to the vehicle another cool feature about this the elevation with the premium plus package is it has the hd surround

Vision as you can see it has a camera in the front of the vehicle with also a washer on it as well so that way when you’re driving around in the snow or anything like that you can spray this off so that way you can see your camera when you do get close to something one of the packages that this elevation has on it is the blackout package comes with the black gmc

Logos really cool package that is dealer installed so if you do start looking into a vehicle and has the red emblems ask them if your dealer is going to install the black emblems for you my favorite thing about the elevation that gets away from kind of the chrome and old outdated look is you get the matching painted bumpers as well brings the color down all the

Way down to the ground as well so you have a clean solid look going throughout the entire vehicle also touch on that in the back as well when we get back there as we wrap back around once again you can see how bright the led daytime running lights are very nice so people can see you coming and then at night it’s even brighter you also have the side marker lamps as

Well which light up when you’re turning and then you have the sierra emblem in the light as well another really cool feature about the elevation that comes standard is the 20 inch high gloss black wheels very up-to-date very modern look to the vehicle just adds a little pop to it another accessory that we added here at the dealership is the matching fender flares

On a normal vehicle these come in a matte black they still look very well but i think the adding the matching painted fender flares just adds a completed look to the vehicle another thing i love about gmc is they tell you what motor you’re running in the vehicle you know if you’re running the 6.2 liter the 5.3 liter vortec or the duramax it’s going to tell you right

Here so you know exactly what you’re riding what you’re driving and what you’re getting when you buy the vehicle along with the packages on this vehicle is the six inch assist black steps once again on this vehicle gm did try to delete as much chrome as they possibly can so as you’re walking around this vehicle with this you’ll notice very very little chrome when

You step up here you also have your matching painted door handles a lot of vehicles you go to they’re either going to be black they’re going to be chrome or they’re not going to match the vehicle i love with the elevation everything is uniform and in style once again you have the push button start and push button entrance so when you have the key in your pocket

Your purse or your backpack you just walk up press the button right there another cool feature is the blacked out trim around the windows going to other makes models even some other gmc trim levels this is going to be chrome it’s going to be black or it’s going to be white what i love about this is it goes along with the black package that comes with this vehicle

To make everything look in unison as we walk further down the vehicle you can also see the matching painted fender flares go around the vehicle as well this one also comes with the x-31 package with the x-31 package you get the all-terrain tires you also get the x-31 badging another really cool feature with the x-31 package when we go to the back of the vehicle

Is going to be the dual exhaust that does only come with the x31 package on the elevation pickups like i said very little chrome now obviously your elevation emblem is going to be chrome your sierra emblem is going to be chrome but going back to that blacked out package you get the black gmc logos that kind of ties everything in another really cool feature about

This truck is the multi-pro tailgate pretty cool because if you want you have your simple normal tailgate that’s been around for forever but say you need help getting in anything like that you just come press the button one more time this opens down pop this down you have a step to get in and out of the bed they even gave you an axis handle to get up in and out

Of the bed along with the premium package you also have the spray-in bed liner what i love about getting the spray and bed liner from the factory is that you get the gmc logo it’s just a little extra touches that gm throws in to make you know what brand you’re driving make you love it a little bit more just the attention to detail when you’re done with this super

Simple and easy to pick up now you can actually have easier access to get in and out of the bed lifting the tailgates nice and simple this tailgate is super light just grab one edge or the other lift it up now you have a workbench if you want to you know work out the back your truck sitting around fishing hanging out talking just a nice little space paid place to

Hang out lift this back up you’re back up to a tailgate another cool feature about this elevation package is it has the parking sensors on the rear this is going to help you when you’re getting in and out of tight spaces in a parking garage parking mall or even the garage at your home along with the elevation package you have the tow package you have a 7-way

Pin and you also have the auxiliary trailer camera ports and outlets as well too so if you ever wanted to add extra cameras you could definitely do that as well cool feature with having the surround vision as soon as you plug into the seven way pin and you’re driving down the road whether you’re turning left or right as soon as you turn on your turn signal it’s

Actually going to turn on the camera on the screen so you can see all the way down to make sure that your trailer is not hitting a curb or anything like that last feature on the back that i like to go over with is the wheel lock as well so this is for your spare tire it’s pretty cool you have a key that attaches to your key fob just pop in there pop the lock out

And crank it on down that way people can’t steal your spare tire going back around once again you have the led tail lights bright easy to see during the day and at night so hopefully nobody rear ends you once again they brand it with the x-31 package the matching fender flares and then the 20-inch high-gloss black wheels with the all-terrain tires with this being

A diesel what i love now is gm moved their def system from underneath the hood to in the fuel tank so when you get in here you can see you have your diesel fuel that goes right there and you have your depth that goes right there simple easy to fill up with especially gas stations starting to put depth at the fuel pump some cool features in the back of the truck

First one i want to go over with is the wood grain and the glass and the leather of this vehicle you can see nice wood grain up here leather with the dark gray stitching power windows as well bow sound system i’ll speak on that a little bit more when we get up front in the back come standard with the vehicle is it under seat storage now there is also additional

Locking storage that you can purchase for the vehicle it also comes with the all-weather floor liners as well and you have heat and air in the back of the center console too so that way your passengers in the vaccine aren’t going to be too hot or too cold the other one of my favorite features of the back of the elevation is the storage now this comes standard on

Everything above a pro so nice little storage compartment to put whatever you need special tools a bag anything like that nice and secure and then you just close it right there nobody will know what’s back there all right i’ll hop up front and we’ll go over a few of the interior features all right so now that we’re actually inside the cab of the elevation um you

Can see they changed a lot from the 2022 limited to the 2022 refresh the first thing that you notice when you hop in is going to be this 13.4 inch touchscreen this is also associated with google so if you have a gmail account you can hop in hook up all your google accessories to this vehicle listen to the podcast use google assistant the google play store one of

My favorite features is the google maps updates to the time um so you can see traffic you can see accidents everything like that and pretty nice big map that you can see on the screen sorry just had to do a few updates real quick as you can see locates everything you can zoom in you can zoom out you can move over you can go wherever you want or simple easy to

Put in a destination and find exactly where you’re looking for when you hop back out of here just like the old screens you have your home button and it pops up all of your maps going back to what i said earlier you have the surround vision which is a really cool feature on this vehicle so as you can see we’re now looking at the front of the truck if you want to

See all around you you click that button right there and it shows a view of all around the truck bird’s eye view of the front bird’s eye view of the back which is really nice if you’re trying to hook up a trailer by yourself you can see exactly where you need to go to hook up be lined and straight so you don’t have to have somebody out there helping you you go

Down here this comes with the standard standard on the premium package you get your lane keep assist you get your parking sensors in the rear auto stop start you can also open your tailgate from the inside of the truck your hazards are right there your traction control your downhill descent control this is a really cool feature of your off-roading basically like

A granny gear keeps you nice and slow when you’re off-roading and my new favorite feature that they added to the truck you can actually open all windows by just pressing this button right here going down here you have all of your controls your heated seats your dual climate control and then you have your trailer brake integrated trailer brake right here which is

Really nice on the older vehicles you know if you added them after the fact they were big clunky most people hit their knees as they came in with the 2022 refresh they also moved your shifter from on the column to on the floor so the cool thing about this is all electronic super simple easy to use you press the left button and you shift to whatever gear you want and

Then when you come to a destination all you have to do is hit p and it throws you into park some other cool features are just the cup holders the storage commit compartments that you have what i love about the at4 premium is the wireless charging as well just set your phone in here slide it down while you’re driving it’s going to charge for you it’s easy accessible

Too if you need that as well and then when you open up in here you still have two more usb ports and you also have your 110 household outlet along with a cargo organizer tray as well so as you notice looking in the vehicle what comes standard with the 84 premium or the elevation premium package is the leather this is the first time that you could get leather in an

Elevation it used to be cloth only which is really nice to add that leather feel but still get the look and the ruggedness of the elevation premium package another thing that you weren’t able to get in the elevation before was the sunroof i know a lot of people especially here in colorado like having the sunroof now you get the same sunroof that comes on the at4

And the denalis so it opens all the way up or it tilts as well going back up to the to the roof you still have your garage door openers you have your power sliding rear window as well and then you have your lights and onstar which comes standard with the vehicle so some cool features that you see on this side of the vehicle that come with the preferred package are

Going to be the adaptive cruise control that’s a really cool feature it’s going to slow you down and speed you up so when you do have your cruise control engaged you do not have to worry about it you just let the vehicle do its thing the trailer brake controller that i went over with you and also has the in-vehicle trailering app as well so you can see your tire

Pressure of your trailer you can hook up the trailer brake gain it just remembers all the important information about the trailer that you have hooked up to the vehicle some other cool features that you have on this is going to be the automatic headlights super simple easy to use just hit them on auto and they will stay on for you you also have your fog lights

Here that i went over at the beginning of the video as well now these are your modes gm and this body style came out with different driving modes so you have your normal mode you have your sport mode and you have your mountain mode now it’s not going to change your suspension or anything like that it’s just going to change the shift points of the transmission

For you and there’s your trailer mode as well you also have four wheel drive capabilities on this pickup you have two high auto four high and four low all work great another cool feature that they added was the emergency parking brake is now electronic super simple and easy you just press the button it engages for you and when you’re ready you press it again and

It disengages for you no longer do you have to press the the foot pedal thinking that you got it all the way down and it doesn’t end up releasing as we go over to the door you can def see the bose sound system sounds great very clear um has the the stand behind a bose one of the best sound systems i think in trucks right now power windows as well all are powered

Down your driver is powered back up now the other three windows you do have to press and hold to pull them back up lock unlock as well along with the nice wood grain that you get with the vehicle last thing i want to go over on this one because it is the diesel is show you underneath the hood so you can see the diesel motor and how quiet the vehicle actually is so

This vehicle has a 3.0 duramax turbo diesel i6 engine it comes with 277 horsepower and 460 foot-pounds of torque another cool feature that they added to this vehicle this one does not have it but you can get it is the max trailering package once you add that it does up your towing capacity substantially this vehicle can tow about 8 500 pounds with the max trailering

Package you will be well over 10 000 pounds this also comes with the new 10-speed automatic transmission with the electronic precision shift available as well so it’s going to be a very smooth shift point which is also going to help improve your fuel economy already on this vehicle which is about average of about 23 to 27 miles per gallon as you can hear a very

Quiet smooth running diesel it’s not like the old diesels where it’s a loud knock they can hear you coming from a mile away once again my name is kyle here at transwest buick gmc going over the brand new 2022 refresh elevation premium plus package if you like this video if you have any comments anything like that make sure you hit like subscribe to our youtube

Channel you can call me as well my cell phone number is 303-859-5537 you

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IT'S HERE! The New 2022 Sierra 1500 Elevation Premium By Transwest Buick GMC

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