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ITS GOING BACK Sprinter Van Problems

In this video, Jon is walking us through the latest on the crazy squeak in the van plus the rest of the current issues.

I found it i freaking found it i’ve been chasing a squeak in the van for months now it’s ridiculous but i found it every time i’m going down the road every time squeakity squeak squeak squeak so i suspect it’s actually coming from somewhere right in this area there is a seam between two structural supports that goes all the way up into this area somewhere and it

Sounds like there is some metal on metal squeaking so knowing that this is still under warranty in every single way at this point i haven’t changed anything significant that squeak right there is going to get looked at by an actual tech but first i’ve got to clean out the van take all my junk out all that crap and get it ready to be worked on i also got to pull

Out my little magnets i’ve been using around here and the bungee cords these have been great for like a coat rack and i suppose you probably want to know where i’m going i’m heading down to georgia this weekend i’m leaving tomorrow morning and hopefully we’ll have a new mercedes but it is hurricane season so i’m gonna need stuff like this so there’s all the

Crap i pulled out of the van some of this is going in the loaner car some is not and it’s all because they need to fix that area and they also need to fix the air conditioner up front now i don’t think i’ve talked about this but when i was on my way home from my trip to colorado which was overland mountain west overland expo mountain west sorry when i was on my

Way home through there it was pretty warm right and the ac randomly decided when i was driving along to stop functioning it got warm in the car i’m like what what’s going on here the ac is running is it really that hot out it was only about 90 degrees which isn’t crazy hot and for some reason it decided to stop functioning now that could have been heat soak it

Could have been any number of things that was going like 20 25 in traffic but that’s still in my opinion enough airflow for that to not happen also this is a brand new van under 10 000 miles the ac should not stop working when it gets hot it just should not do that that is not a thing that’s acceptable for an 80 000 msrp event so they are going to take a look at

The ac they’re going to take a look at the squeaky wall and hopefully get it fixed what that means for me is that i now need to go take this drop it off at the dealer and get a new vehicle so just like that is my replacement now this is a glc 300 and it’s 4matic i don’t know what kind of horsepower this thing puts out but it’s actually pretty fun to drive in

The sport mode it’s got a really nice interior we’ll crack that open for you guys there you go nice interior this little thing moves out this is like a proper mercedes honestly like this is a nice car it’s quiet in here the stereo is decent it’s got decent power it handles well it’s fun to drive much different beast then what the sprinter is all about so when i

Dropped off the van i was kind of met with a little bit of resistance for getting this i’m driving to georgia which round trip is probably about 1500 miles just there and back and i’m going to be doing some driving around while i’m there and they tried to say that there was some sort of mileage restriction like i wasn’t going to be able to drive this thing just

Like i would drive my van and as far as i’m concerned i paid nearly eighty thousand dollars for a van that is broken and incorrectly built so i should be able to take this damn thing wherever the hell i want um i also reminded the guy behind the counter his name was jay i said hey dude uh that’s you know in different words i’m paraphrasing of course i basically

Said these things that you’re talking about are not my problem whether or not the van sits on the lot for a few days before it gets worked on because i wanted the sprinter tech to actually work on it that’s that was my request i wanted the sprinter tech to actually work on the thing so he wasn’t going to be in until over the weekend they didn’t want to let me have

This thing for six days while my van was sitting in the lot but this is with a lot full of cars that are waiting to be worked on the the shenanigans were pretty ridiculous i ended up agreeing to let the i guess shop foreman or somebody that knows sprinters as well take a look at it um i got a little less uppity basically and i said hey you know that’s fine i just

Need to get out of here and rather than drive a squeaky van 1500 more miles and have it get worse because it would so what are the issues that i’m trying to get let’s let’s break it down into a list here the squeak in the wall which is absurd that it’s as bad as it is then we’ve got the ac that’s shut off on me i don’t think i told you guys about this uh there’s

Also some drivetrain slop i’m gonna have them look at not sure if that’s an issue or not could just be sprinter parts being sprinter parts i guess i don’t really know uh and there’s a couple other small things that they’re going to take a look at but the squeak is the main one and the ac is a big problem as well and i’ll tell you what um the service department at

Euro motorcars is being put on the testing block we’re gonna find out how they handle this if it gets fixed correctly lord knows i did not purchase the van there but we’re gonna find out if they have their together and see how it goes but the next video i’m gonna break down what i’m doing we’re gonna drive into a hurricane i know that sounds kind of weird but

I’m going to an event where it’s gonna happen rain or shine at least as of now uh providing it’s not super dangerous and we’re going to talk about that in the next video but i want to say thank you to you guys for tagging along watching along as this evolves as the van project goes along i know i haven’t posted a lot because there hasn’t been a lot happening and

I’ve been traveling a lot but that is that i appreciate you guys as human beings i really do keep going do better we’ll see you next time

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IT'S GOING BACK! Sprinter Van Problems! By Jon Patton

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