its finally on we drag race all
Altair Club Cars Its Finally On – We Drag Race ALL The EV Trucks You Can Buy to See Which One RULES the Rest

Its Finally On – We Drag Race ALL The EV Trucks You Can Buy to See Which One RULES the Rest

( ) Check out our new spot to find ALL our TFLstudios content, from news to videos and our podcasts! It’s Finally On – We Drag Race ALL The EV Trucks You Can Buy to See Which One RULES the Rest! Ford F-150 Lightning Pro, Lightning Lariat, Rivian R1T, and GMC Hummer EV truck!

In this video we’re going to find out what is the quickest truck of all time except we’re missing one the ram trx which has already been vanquished let’s play that footage right now yes oh it’s close but i’ve got him i’m pulling away you got a really good start come on old friend you can do this see now the question is can he come back at me i don’t think he’s

Gonna do it he’s running out of runway yes oh with one set of parameters electric trucks are by far by far quicker than traditional trucks all right andre so the ram has been dethroned but what do we have today well we have an array of electrified trucks we have the most affordable the f-150 lightning pro and we have the most expensive the brand new hummer ev truck

We also have a rivian r1 t and a lightning lariat with the bigger batteries in case what are we doing today well we’re gonna get all four of these trucks going down the drag strip because these are pretty much the only electric trucks that you can buy right now so let’s line them up and see what does all right so in the first race it’s lightning versus lightning

It’s the most affordable electric pickup versus well a fairly well optioned expensive lightning pickup this f-150 lightning pro model is by far the least expensive of these four at forty five thousand nine hundred dollars but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features this truck has dual motors a 98 kilowatt hour battery it has pro power on board a pretty decent

Interior and it even has a power frunk that takes its sweet time pro power on board with this f-150 lightning is a combined 2.4 kilowatts of power in the front and 7.2 here in the back so you can power a lot of things including even a welder yeah that’s really nice case your lightning pro is okay but if you want more features you need this truck well you’ve seen

It before this is the brand new f-150 lightning lariat it’s an extended range which means it has more power 580 horses and this truck also have been to the arctic ocean well it went to that horse alaska all on electricity well actually i do love work trucks like cases but here in the lariat model of the 150 lightning i just have more creature comforts first up

Is the 15 and a half diagonal infotainment screen here which i love and also i’ll be using sport mode of course just like case and i have of course the digital display here i have blue cruise there’s just kind of a monitor here that watches my face so this truck will even drive itself in a semi-autonomous mode on pre-mapped highways and lots of leather lots of

Convenience and it tows more let me show you case doesn’t have this either a power operated tailgate i also have 9.6 kilowatts of export power so still the same and because it’s an extended range max tow model it will tow up to 10 000 pounds but there’s a price the price is almost 81 000 msrp i’m rolling on 20s and i also have a frunk foreign how do you like

Them apples if it comes in the base model and i do have a horsepower advantage 580 horses here in the lariat extended ranch but it’s heavier because it has a bigger battery about the 134 kilowatt hours of it um i this truck weighs about 600 pounds more maybe a little bit more than that bass truck which has 452 horsepower so i am down on power by a good margin

Compared to the blue lightning but i’m also down on weight which is going to be a good thing the other thing i have going for me in this race is that i am on michelin primacy tires which are very road oriented and we have this truck thanks to our friends at columbine ford out in rifle they lent us the truck so that we could do this testing so if you want to go

Check out a lightning be sure to give them a shout that’s why we have it and i’m ready and now we’re getting ready to go three two one go oh i think i fell asleep that bro took off really really fast and now the lariat is coming up okay so i launched a little bit better than andre and and it’s gaining on me no i think i launched better because this truck

Is playing so he has more top end power but to release look at that 13.2 in the quarter mile at 106.2 miles per hour which is impressive all right dave uh let me know your number wow what is the price of 45 grand truck versus 80 000 trucks and at least from where i was standing like it looked neck and neck that was crazy i did 13.2 at 106 miles per hour and that

Launch in this truck was better i’d imagine because this truck is lighter wait did you say 13.2 13.2 is the number i got so the best uh time we ever got in the lariat was 1307. all right guys i just wanted to explain the lightning versus lightning drag race a little bit more when we drag raced our blue truck before it was on stock tires now it’s also running

All terrains so that’s my excuse and i think i fell asleep at the line just by a millisecond too so there you have it on the lightning race so case won that last race but it was so interesting to see how close the pro and the lariat were even though they’re nearly 40 000 difference in price but now it’s rivian against lightning pro so we’ve got a 45 000 truck

Taking on an 88 000 truck next up we’ve got the rivian and we’ve got so many differences between the ford and the rivien now of course both fords are dual motor the rivian quad motor which is really really cool now the price on this one about 88 000 but the owner scott got this truck early and now would be like 94k oh and by the way if you want to check out scott’s

Channel you definitely should rivie and dad on youtube he does some really really cool videos but let me show on the inside that’s where this thing is so cool now the inside of the rivian is like a spaceship compared to the other two the use of materials is open aired concept it’s very futuristic very space aged and very very luxurious let’s check out that full

Glass roof really cool a couple other cool things let’s check out the back the ravine of course is known for its super useful gear tunnel which none of the other trucks have and check out the back it’s got an electric tonneau cover and it’s got these really unusual tailgate with these pretty wild hinges fold down got this really really long bed floor oh and the

Coolest part front trunk it opens up electrically oh man where am i oh hey guys ruby and dad everyone here come over here scott how long have you had this truck how many miles you have about 8 000 miles now yeah i’ve had it since april so several months you think it’s gonna win the race i hope so you don’t want the guilt of it losing on my shoulders i hope so

Too because i’m driving it yeah that somehow that map doesn’t seem fair you’ve got twice as many motors and a lot more power and a gear tunnel see how this one goes all right 835 horsepower sport mode engaged yeah i’m ready got my cookie here we go what go hold her up goes the cookie oh he took off on me immediately and yeah there he goes insanity they’re

95 miles an hour ready uh there was really no shot there 110 indicated 112 in the gated and across the line 0.89 seconds 11.89 you’re pulling away from me immediately all right kudos to rivian that was that was incredible that was mind-blowing i got a cookie like caribbean dad big win today so the lightning pro 1-1 race lost the next but i still don’t feel that

Bad because at just under 46 000 this is a lot of ev truck for the money i have a bigger bed than that rivian and i still have a really really quick truck granted not nearly as nice of an interior not as many cool funky features not as good of an off-roader but you get a lot out of this lightning for so much less money all right we’re gonna do a quick funk battle

See which one’s the quickest we’re gonna go up and then down gentlemen when i say go so it’s gonna be three two one go in three two one go come on go come on hummer what andre killed it and down oh the rivian so they’re ripping and won that by pretty a pretty big margin and now we come to the moonshot of a truck the brand new hummer ev truck and that’s what they

Called it the gmc team they said it was the moonshot because they threw everything at this three motors giant 35-inch tall tires up to 16 inches of ground clearance four wheel steering a thousand horsepower and let me show you inside all right let me jump inside yep it’s over the top in every sense of the world it’s big it’s white yes of course it is heavy but it

Has all the latest technology and uh we’ll be doing other videos but this truck has removable top so there’s two panels up here um and more panels in the back so it is you can let the sun shine through but also have an open air experience the rear glass rolls down of course this is not really a work truck it will tell but up to about 7 500 pounds it does have a

Fancy tailgate foreign setup so you can easily go inside and it comes with a spare tire and it does take a bad space and finally the price with um the options like well this spare tire is about 114 000 sticker price so it’s quite expensive but also very fancy so it has a couple things going for it of course the horsepower it’s got three motors two in the back

One in the front of course all-wheel drive and then it has something called wtf mode watts to freedom it’s a little bit of a secret mode you have to tap the traction control button twice but the things are working against me are weight this truck weighs over 9 000 pounds and that rivian is heavy too but it weighs about seven thousand pounds so this truck is a ton

Has a ton more curb weight double tap oh yes i mean does it look yeah did you uh did you gain some weight in the last 15 seconds or actually going down part of the uh maximum acceleration mode so basically my center of gravity must be the lowest and it actually may affect the rotation of the earth i think all right andre let me let me know when that puppy’s

Engaged um the rivian sport mode full throttle that’s it i’m ready for something there we go three two one go oh he got a better launch oh he took off harder oh my goodness you took off murder oh it’s close we’re neck and neck come on vivian that was insane acceleration oh he’s oh i’m coming through right at the end of the corner wow that was the closest race i

Have seen yet i was out of top speed my top speed is 106. that was the most violent silent drag race i’ve ever seen would you run in the quarter there buddy 12.23 that was crazy so you got off the line a little bit better than i did um and then you kind of kept the lead up until right around like 100 yeah and then this went all the way up to 112 did you see what

Your fastest speed was yeah i’m limited to 106. so i came through at the end so what was your time uh when you ran the quarter mile 1189 no yeah so but i’m turning 35s too yeah and you have a thousand horsepower so more power bigger tires you only have three motors i’ve got four but here’s the bottom line well let’s go to the trucks okay okay yeah all right guys

Just because of science i have to do a zero to 60 uh performance test at once again at high altitude uh i’m at about 5 105 feet according to the gps in this truck i’m going to engage the wtf mode again so double click the sound comes on it asks me the vehicle will lower is this okay yes it’s okay now the vehicle is lowering and it’s kind of preparing warming up

Everything the batteries the motors it’s trying to get in the maximum acceleration mode and then now when it’s ready it’ll tell me up on the screen here it says florida and let go okay this beast 3.65 a truck on 35s that weighs over 9 000 pounds ticking off a 3.650 to 60. and the first moment where the tires grab it’s fairly violent all right andre how quick

Was the hummer ev from 0 to 60 well it was 3.65 seconds that’s pretty amazing andre that’s fast for a 9 000 pound truck yeah that is pretty incredible i mean you could just see the tires like struggling against the force of gravity it is cool it’s pretty violent different but but the king of speed today the quickest truck in the america was rivian yeah very good

Point yeah 1189 in the quarter and i want to point out a cool thing all four of these trucks are made right here in the usa totally did you say 11.89 11.89 baby but the other surprise was the pro yeah i have to say at least in my mind i think the pro was one of the big winners of today even though it wasn’t nearly the fastest truck that we tested for the money

I mean these other trucks are so much more expensive double than that pro yeah double the price you could buy three pros 45 grand or one hummer or one hummer one hummer exactly well guys let us know what you think in the comment section below as always has been andre and tommy and me okay yeah i will see on the next episode check out ravine dad on youtube because

This video wouldn’t be possible without them oh

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It’s Finally On – We Drag Race ALL The EV Trucks You Can Buy to See Which One RULES the Rest! By The Fast Lane Truck

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