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Altair Club Cars Isuzu landscape Truck | 16ft Closed-Body Box Truck w/ Split Dove-tail Ramps

Isuzu landscape Truck | 16ft Closed-Body Box Truck w/ Split Dove-tail Ramps

2019 Isuzu NPR HD (16ft Landscape Truck)

Hello my name is quinn mckee with industrial power trucking equipment aki p truck here in full-bore texas today we’re to take a look at stock number one to 531 again a stock number one to 531 which is an isuzu npr hd gas crew cab now as ooos who has two different engine models for the in series gas and diesel however this truck is going to be with a 6-litre v8 gas

Engine married to a 6-speed ison transmission that’s automatic so it’s literally a turnkey operation and go now most you’ve been are probably pretty familiar with the isuzu brand but it’s actually been the market share leader in the cabover market class three through five for the last 35 years it actually boasts a seventy-five percent market share in this current

Market so when i say they are the key in the cab over they truly are the first thing you’ll notice about this truck is its cabover design like i alluded to earlier which means the cab is over the engine or over the front axle which is going to give you a couple really nice and hearing qualities such as reducing your footprint your overall footprint by reducing the

Front end here as well as giving you great maneuverability visibility and in fact serviceability on these trucks now again it is going to be the isuzu npr hd which is gonna give you that 14,500 gvw rating which you can keep you well below cdl well i’ll still give you plenty of payload capacity in the landscape market to get your product from job site to job site a

Couple of really nice features they’ve done here with the isuzu is if your guys ever get into a tight situation or actually actually ding your mirrors here you won’t be popping them off because they have memory stay technology there so it’s easy to convince as well as bring it back out and also a side marker light here that’s gonna alert the drivers to your side

That you’re changing lanes which is it guess just gonna do increase your safety rating now again this is going to be the crew cab design so it’s guy super spacious backseat here i’ll let the cameraman take a really good look back there it is going to be a four-man bench and one thing i really want to point out here is it’s got four safety belts back here so four

Men can fit in this truck legally and comfortably and using this grab handle here they could go down the road extremely easily it will have your fire extinguisher kit as well as triangle kit for the factory take a look up front zuzu’s done a really nice job designing this cab to be really driver centric and passenger centric using the grab handles get it in and

Out of this truck it’s super super easy it’ll be a two-man bench with a one-man cap to seat up here with a fold down workstation here so your guys can get out of the elements and do any kind of log books or job reviews from inside the cab and out of the elements power locks power windows are standard in this truck as well as an am/fm cd bluetooth and ac as well

As like i said before a six-speed automatic transmission so it’s a turnkey put it in drive and go a moulting information – display will give your guy your driver a great point for data points and keep them super efficient while still keeping his eyes straight to the road and the cameraman take a really good look up the front you can see that great visibility it’s

In fact an eight foot driver to ground visibility rating which means i can see the ground eight feet in front of me now compare that to some of your conventionals you’re up to 20 to 25 feet well take a look at the back of this truck here and the cameraman to get really good look at the side frame you’ll see it’s a super clean side frame so when you got tool boxes

Gravel cages or whatever you want to put back here can be put on with our body shop and it will be sitting on some on a spring ride and hydraulic brake situation now this is kind of a unique situation as far as the box goes this is going to be a brand new chassis paired with a used body with a new ramp system in the back that’s still going to be in really great shape

And we’ll get with some really good pictures and videos of inside the box so you can see it firsthand but cosmetically this truck is in really really great shape another thing i want to point out too is a lot of people just see a 16-foot white box going down the road but here’s an industrial power we actually see the opportunity to just turn your fuel dollars into

Advertising dollars i put it in a simple decal system or a full customizable rap and we can do here at the body shop it will literally turn your truck into a mobile billboard and just spur more business for you or for your company by giving it more advertising and more exposure now again i said this is gonna be a used body but it will have brand new ramps that

We’ve manufactured here at industrial power here at industrial power we’ve done a really good job over the years of catering to the landscape business so we have developed these ramps to really be a great asset for you out in the field the expanded metal here will allow for your the dirt soot mud whatever it is your guys have on the boots to go straight down to

The floor without actually tracking it inside the body it’s gonna have a nice pitch so any kind of zero turns or any kind of wheeled equipment can easily get up in here as well as like i said it will be a used body it’ll have slat line with two rows of each track all the way around as well as scuff boarding on the bottom it will hard work really hard floors as

Well as aluminum siding aluminum roofing and what’s really great about these hardwood floors is if you have any kind of push mowers you can actually do a bracket system nailed down to the root to the floor so they’re not rolling around again it’s a really really great shape i don’t see any kind of sponginess to the floor or any kind of dents and dings or any kind

Of light coming through the e of the floor sides or the roof so i think we’ve done a really good job take a look around this truck if you have any specific questions please go to our website and search for one two five three one again it’s one two five three one put a korean artists truck and one of our salesmen contact you directly go to our linkedin youtube and

Facebook pages give us a follow on all three we’re constantly updating our inventory online so go take a look at that now pre should take you saying take it sometime look at this vehicle have a great day

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Isuzu landscape Truck | 16ft Closed-Body Box Truck w/ Split Dove-tail Ramps By IP Truck – Hino Isuzu Cummins Allison

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