is this lexus lx600 better than
Altair Club Cars Is This Lexus LX600 Better Than The New Sequoia TRD Pro?

Is This Lexus LX600 Better Than The New Sequoia TRD Pro?

Is the new 2022 Lexus LX600 better than the 2023 Toyota Sequoia? Let me know!

Hey guys john here so in front of me i have a 2022 lexus lx 600 and this one’s been tricked out a little bit so this lx600 has what they call the appearance package so we get a nice matte black grille up front essentially dechroming this whole vehicle so down on the side right here no chrome at all looks really good with no chrome you’ll also notice a little bit

Of a rugged appearance with this one so this one does have some ridge grappler tires and also some vossen wheels i believe that’s how you pronounce it so those matte bronze wheels are 20s and then we have 275 60 20s nitto ridge grapplers and honestly this luxury vehicle with those aggressive tires i think it all ties in really well especially with the appearance

Package too getting rid of a lot of the chrome kind of wish this valence back here was a little bit darker but really all the chrome is gone except for the badging right here go ahead and open this one up show you guys the back of the lx600 if you guys want to check out a video you can check out the i card up above where i had some driving experience with this

Thing we’ve got kind of like a cream interior and the biggest thing about this one compared to the sequoia is that you are able to fold these seats all the way flat so they have a flat folding floor on the lx600 versus the sequoia that has a hybrid powertrain so you get a nice flat floor back here if you wanted to actually off-road with this thing have it be a

Family cruiser nice flat floor because versus the sequoia that has the batteries under here for the rear seat sits up a little bit with an elevated floor because the seats don’t fold flat into it so seats full flat on this one and then coming on to the inside driver’s compartment area very very lexus i mean it has to be for a hundred thousand dollars soft touch

Everywhere wood grain right here three memory seats a little bit of piano black nice dark nice tan interior this is like a darker kind of caramel color oh my gosh and these seats so plush guys leather steering wheel all soft touch up here on the dash kind of a suede feeling roof liner up here all black as well black roof liner very very nice instead of a white

Roof liner just ties this whole vehicle together you have darker wood right here signature double console that lexus does from both sides wireless charger right here there’s two screens on this one too there’s two screens on this one too wanna keys not detected but this one is kind of just your vehicle screen right here for hvac some climate control stuff other

Vehicle information and then this screen up here has lexus slash toyota’s new updated infotainment so the same one that’s in the tundra and a lot of new 2023 models that are getting the updated screen but below this integrated screen right here for all the vehicle stuff you do have multi-terrain select you can select your drive mode you have crawl control downhill

Assist control usbs down here a usbc usb a heated and ventilated seats center locking diff because this is an all-wheel drive system it’s not part it’s not part-time four-wheel drive you are always in four-wheel drive so we have a center locking diff and you have your four high and four low right here looking back though because a lot of people that said they want

The toyota sequoia trd pro but they wanted it to be a bench seat right there and fold flat and fold flat seats well guess what this is that for you although it is a little bit more money but we have a bench seat right there and i showed you guys that the rear seats fold flat this one does only have a moon roof up top and then up above that a yakima storage bin up

Top too on some nice paint match it looks like uh cross rails so that’s very cool so all the chrome is nice and dark nice dark chrome here the matte grille up front these 20 inch wheels let me know guys what you think about this lexus lx600 down in the comment section all right guys i’ll catch you in the next video see you later foreign

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Is This Lexus LX600 Better Than The New Sequoia TRD Pro? By TRD JON

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