is the toyota prius the worst ca
Altair Club Cars Is the Toyota Prius the Worst Car Ever Made

Is the Toyota Prius the Worst Car Ever Made

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Is the Toyota Prius the Worst Car Ever Made, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Toyota Prius car review. Worst car to buy. Buying a new Toyota Prius. Buying a used Toyota Prius. Should I buy a Toyota Prius. Why Toyota Prius parts are expensive. Why not to buy a Toyota Prius. The truth about owning a Toyota Prius. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

Gonna buy a toyota prius, now anybody who knows me has been watching me for a and it cost a whole lot more to fix when they break down, but if you’re really more than twenty years and this particular one is nine years old it’s at all i just finished a brake job on this one, it’s the first time it’s had to brake normally a lot of that energy instead of being wasted and turned

Into regenerate power to make electricity charge the big old battery in a trunk so if you don’t drive like a maniac these brake pads are gonna last a long time time, now if you do a lot of in town stop-and-go driving these things get town then you’re doing a highway because on highway cycle engine it’s still a four-stroke gasoline internal combustion cams in them, they do

Have less power but when you’re cruising at sixty miles an horsepower to run itself and no more, so granted it still gets good gas mileage guys that are uber drivers taxi drivers type of guy that buy some brand new you don’t mind the price go right ahead the back wear out. it costs thousands of one and yes there are rebuilt or refurbished ones you can get since there some

Of the little cells go bad there’s machines that can test them very but but you either go bad one they’re 7 to 12 years old if you’re replacing some gonna last forever put in these recondition batteries it. cuz if the original battery went 7 to you really want to keep one and it needs don’t buy one of these recondition ones they just don’t seem to hold up over inside here

These cars don’t have alternators, let’s say the alternator maybe a hundred and fifty bucks for a good alternator, and on of the unit take it apart buy a really expensive generator assembly, put it back six thousand dollar job and i had a customer with one the generator went bad explained how the system work and that it was about a six thousand dollar job bought it used and

They took her for a ride it had like a hundred and fifty month previous to this i had a customer sell his ten-year-old prius that only so she way overpaid for the stupid car used, didn’t believe me so i said well tell you the same thing, so she did and he told her the same thing recycle it which is better for the environment, they didn’t offer any money nationwide and said

I got this ten-year-old prius do you buy use every single one who said no we don’t want it me hung up they knew that the gambling mood and you want to buy used prius go right ahead if it runs good because in the real world when they’re 10 years or older they’re worth to get a hybrid car the prius is definitely the one to buy, if your into of electronic gizmos you can play

With look at regenerated electricity, the around to your heart’s content with these things, really got lots of room learning stuff huh your kids will get a kick out of it it’s a toyota so this thing may be nine years old have a hundred and ten doesn’t look like a gm where the electronics go haywire when it gets old more about them, so you can make a wise informed decision,

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