is the tesla model s basically a
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Is the Tesla Model S basically an iPhone?

We’ve heard the comparisons before, people claiming that Tesla is just like Apple; sometimes they mean it in a good way, sometimes it’s more of an insult. Well today, with the help of @iupdate we investigate the 2022 Tesla Model S to determine in which areas this comparison applies, and where it falls apart.

There’s something that i see pretty often and that is a comparison between tesla and apple a lot of people think that tesla is the apple of cars but is that actually true well to find out today we’re gonna need two things and the first well is another youtuber that’s perfect here’s one right now hey what’s up man it’s sam cole from my update hey what’s up guys now

The only other thing we need is a tesla preferably are we gonna get a tesla i mean they’re back ordered for like a year it’s like a full year so i mean we could run by the dealership let’s go i think we should take this one i think we should take this one yeah 2017 lamborghini huracan evo let’s go i think i saw it bro did you see it was right out front i think so

Bro i’m like anxious as hell i mean i’m always anxious but like i’m excited i feel like such a new one i think that’s my check for my credit union i got my little folder this looks like this is the first time i’ve done this dude all right so is this the m1 max macbook pro i would consider this tv more of an m1 ultra but 484 okay a 48 core of an ultra that’s not

The plaid 64 core m1 ultra when you talk about tesla being the apple of cars build quality is the number one thing that stands out to me as being maybe not on the same level it’s us tesla does have a reputation for being a little bit slap dash when it comes to that stuff i’ve got our first i’ve got our first note here this tail light piece and this taillight piece

Are not quite aligned now you are right i will say that’s it’s not terrible pretty close it’s it’s not bad usually if there’s panel gaps you can come back and they’ll fix it yeah that looks perfect that looks okay that panel gap looks even oh no the hood though look at this right here that’s like barely a finger that looks like more of a finger hey step back come

Here oh no am i crazy or is there a much larger gap above that headlight no that you’re definitely right about that yeah okay an m1 max macbook pro would not have that no no apple apple would have checked it’s incredible that like tesla this many years in is still i mean listen i had a couple of minor gaps on my model 3 in 2019 i thought they would have figured it

Out yeah three years right 100 grand we’re gonna go ahead and pop that handle open i have to say i’m digging this interior i’ve got it i like this more than the three i really like a dark headliner i think that’s definitely the mood all right peep this dude look at this door panel oh do you see that wobbling oh that’s bad on the home page of the youtube app here

Is an elon musk video oh my god i am cringing so in terms of this being the apple of cars i think we can go ahead and put that as a myth for quality control quality is very different quality control this feels more like an android phone than an iphone all right initially very soon very quiet okay all right now hand over hand in the yoke is looking so far this

Is a bit weird it feels a bit unsafe i’m not gonna lie that uh let’s do a poll oh my god damn it oh that’s 40 bro dude okay we got a light coming up here we gotta have to do that again now on the road we had some time to reflect about tesla’s most infamous feature i feel like nobody’s really said that like this doesn’t feel like anything you’ve ever touched in

A car before like i’ve i sh i’m surprised this is legal frankly the yoke is certainly not to everyone’s taste but isn’t that kind of similar to the way apple decides what’s best for us they decide whether or not we get a headphone jack heck for six years they decided that the best keyboard was one that barely worked at all with all this in mind i hopped in for my

First ever drive in the model s did you unbuckle that’s probably not wise with me at the wheel i was just coming to say hi i’m a menace okay so first of all we gotta swipe forward to go into drive which i do not like that feels fake this whole car kind of feels like a video game yes oh no i’ve always wanted to get an idea of what it’s like to drive with the yoke

Mainly out of curiosity god i just grabbed at nothing it’s been one turn that oh my gosh okay sam you were right when you said that completing a turn is not easy i know what you mean despite these quirks the yoke that takes a lot of getting used to the swiping to control literally everything in the car on the touch screen something about this new model s feels

Different more special than the model 3. the model 3 to me feels like an appliance it feels like a dishwasher it’s plain it’s simple it’s nice and it’s good but it doesn’t feel very special this feels a little bit more special and the quality feels higher the materials the aesthetics are all definitely elevated however there are some things in here which confuse

Me and honestly it’s not dissimilar to apple i gotta be honest having capacitive buttons on a steering wheel what the heck is that that’s like having a touch bar right a lot of people don’t really like that and having this yoke this is like getting rid of the headphone jack right what was wrong with the headphone jack we don’t need a rectangle we’re all fine with

Circles i don’t see why this is necessary but for every utterly illogical and wholly frustrating thing that tesla does here there’s something else to balance it okay no one behind us oh my god it feels like too much sometimes it does well i don’t know if i’m responsible enough like this is a lot of power to be giving to just anyone with a hundred grand which i

Guess isn’t that many people but a tesla is kind of like its own little ecosystem where you get so used to how everything works here but i like change variety and and differences in cars and that’s kind of more like you know having an android phone where every couple years you can get something that’s totally different than what you had before or is it a tesla

Like this car on the outside has looked basically the same for 10 years so where do i go next is the roadster i think you got to go for the roadster that’s the only that’s the only logical way to do it and yet well sometimes the tesla ecosystem if you will might feel constricting other times it’s just obvious there are some things here that i actually think are

It’s kind of like imessage right one pedal driving that’s like being a blue bubble right you can’t go back just just driving around without having to hit the brake pedal is something that is just so obvious that like i it’s it’s gonna be hard to go back to like switching back switching pedals all the time your foot gets tired and stop start traffic it’s it’s kind

Of a pain another thing that’s really good here that’s just like super obvious is having the air come out of the dash in front of you instead of being like in the middle and the side where it’s blowing on your hands and your arms like i’m just sitting here and i’ve got air blowing directly on my face and chest that is like that’s how it should be and i don’t have

Any visible dents that’s amazing that’s like how apple doesn’t want to have all these like visible seams and ports around it’s exactly what we have here and it just makes sense our whole time with the tesla model s was this back and forth between things that just make so much sense and seem so obvious and that every car should have and other things that are so

Infuriating and stupid that you wonder why they would even bother putting them in here i do have to say though i use my indicators a lot because i’m a good driver and this heals me this absolutely kills me i mean maybe you would get used to it maybe after a while it would feel normal but it’s so weird that you’re you’re always indicating with your thumb and it’s

On the wheel and it’s not even a button that you can feel it’s like it feels like the iphone 7 home button which is like like halfway between being a button and not a button i don’t i don’t like that at all i i would replace the steering wheel so given all of this back and forth it’s difficult to come up with a conclusion is tesla really the apple of cars well

In some ways i think it definitely is one pedal driving the vents the charger network the feature set in the infotainment system these are all things that apple would do they are obvious they make a lot of sense and that’s further supported by the new model s’s increased focus on minimalism and interior quality the materials are a dramatic improvement from both

The model 3 and the previous model s and this is the direction that i hope tesla is going but at the same time there’s still a lot of ways in which i think the tesla apple comparison doesn’t make that much sense number one of course being build quality i mean check out the issue that sam had with the windshield wipers oh that’s so loud like i’m sorry but that is

Completely unacceptable a 100 000 car with the windshield wipers hitting the hood there’s no way apple or any other car manufacturer even would ship a car with something that bad we had the chance to go and check out a used porsche tie can with nearly 10 000 miles on it already and it was miles ahead of the tesla like it’s it’s not even the same league but using

The software well it just feels a little bit more lacking and obviously the lack of autopilot is something that a lot of people would be bothered by so we’re kind of stuck in a feedback loop where some things are very apple both good and bad and some things aren’t very apple again both good and bad so i guess we can really only rely on an impression and i think

There’s a reason why most people have the impression of tesla being an apple like company and while it’s not going to be universal it’s not going to be in every single aspect i think people kind of have a point thank you

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Is the Tesla Model S basically an iPhone? By Luke Miani

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