is the nissan z doomed from the
Altair Club Cars Is the Nissan Z DOOMED from the start?

Is the Nissan Z DOOMED from the start?

Let me know what you guys think of what im calling the short comings of the all new Nissan Z. Is Nissan not caring about customers? Are the dealers gonna kill the new car off because of no sales from their markups?

Nissan doesn’t care about it what’s up everyone welcome back for another video thanks for joining me let’s talk about how nissan and the nissan dealerships completely ruined this nissan z well for me at least i think a couple other people feel the same way so we’ll get this out of the way i know my hair is ridiculous gotta go get a haircut don’t worry about that

So we’re probably gonna upset some of the nissan fanboys and simps in this video and i know before you even comment i’m bitching and complaining crying about it being a baby whatever you want to say about this whole nissan release but these are my thoughts this is my video hope you enjoy now i’m going to try to keep this short and sweet because i already made

A video kind of complaining about the nissan z i’ll link that in the top corner and if you want to watch that you can pause this video check that out then come back let’s get right into the complaints in no particular order so number one nissan name this car wrong since the leaks or whatever everyone was assuming this was going to be called the nissan 400z and

They decided to just call it the nissan z which doesn’t bother me that much but at the same time you have everyone confused even the dealerships the salesmen that are trying to sell these cars don’t even know the damn name of the car very minute thing that really doesn’t make a difference i know but i’m gonna complain about it because this is a complaining video

Then we’ll get into what uh one reason why the dealers are ruining this is the dealer markups so we know it nissan proto is only 240 of them and you could have expected that they were going to be marked up but some guys are a little ridiculous you have 50k mark up here 73k mark up there and then it kind of seems like they settled at 25 and i don’t know who’s buying

These cars at that but they have sold some cars but there’s a lot of cars that haven’t sold probably because the markup and probably because of the next reason so the next reason is they’re having transmission issues so so they’re having transmission issues if you search like the facebook groups and stuff like that you’ll you’ll see some people talking about these

Issues and i know what you’re going to say is oh you shouldn’t be buying the first generation of the car blah blah blah um the automatic transmission was the first and those are already in the nissan titan and the nissan frontier and they’re having issues all around they’ve had enough time with the transmissions where this you can’t be like this is the first gen

Issue deal with it they’re having a problem with like the parking brake won’t engage or something like that and to be honest i never even looked at it because i don’t give a crap about the automatic transmission so um there you go there was rumors they were having like a stop sale or something like that on the manual transmissions now i found this that was also

Posted on the nissan groups um from i guess a dealership and if this is photoshopped or whatever good for you guy good job but this looks like it’s straight from nissan and they’re having a stop sale and what i saw was last week or the week before i can’t find the video of course because now i’m looking forward i can’t find the video of course someone that has

A nissan z proto um he sent he posted a video downshifting from fourth to third no problem then when he was going from third into second it sounded like he wasn’t even pressing the clutch that’s how much it was grinding then if you go back to a couple reviews i think throttle house did a review on this car and i can’t remember the other other one but they had

Grinding in second gear which i just chalked up to it’s a media car and people are beating on it you never know if people know how to drive man whatever but having issues stop sale what’s going on nissan then like i said in no particular order going back to the nissan z proto edition um i can’t find the exact number on it but i know they made more automatics than

They made manuals which you’re doing a limited run of these cars just make them like all manual or just make them half and half i know there’s people that refuse to drive manual there’s people that just say that autos are faster which i don’t care i enjoy driving a manual more than automatic so that’s where i stand on it i don’t care about it it’s faster whatever

I’m not i’m not racing people i’m just there to enjoy my car so i would be going with the manual if i got it like i said earlier i don’t give a crap about the auto and their issues but you’re making a limited run of these cars 240 of these protos and they’re they’re mostly automatic and now you have a stop sale on it so you can’t even sell them the dealer mock-ups

Don’t end with the proto because i’ve seen online on some of the groups someone was calling around to find out about how much some dealerships we’re going to be charging for the sport version and the performance version some people i don’t know some people 20-ish k markup to 30. he even got an answer if you got to ask you can afford it so screw dealerships now if

I remember correctly they’ve been releasing this car for like two or three years which has been completely ridiculous i know the supra was a long release but they actually got those out people they were marking them up but not as crazy as they are with this car right now but like i said it’s rare 240 of them then they’re only doing i think 1100 more after that then

Maybe you could order a car there’s a dealership by me they’re getting one in the next couple weeks and it’s automatic transmission so i don’t even care to even go look at it kind of lost interest to be honest i might just wait it out and just order a new mustang now trying to do some research for this video i know i saw in another person’s video i don’t remember

Who but they had the proof of it which i can’t find that nissan ceo or just the company as a whole they said they don’t really care about the the dealer markup or they don’t have a comment on it because the dealer makes the final price which is kind of a slap in the face to all the customers because not that you need a car but sometimes you do need a car and these

Dealerships are just taking advantage of everyone at least like four to gm try to take steps so the customers stop getting screwed seems like nissan doesn’t give a crap nissan doesn’t care about you now one thing that really has really holds no weight at all because it’s just something like most enthusiasts are going to change this anyway but from the factory the

Exhaust is quiet sounds like a vacuum cleaner i was reading that the automatic transmissions are actually louder because of whatever safety standards or foreign quality things the automatic transmission kind of has like a little loophole they did during testing where you only have to press the gas down enough to get to a certain speed without the car downshifting

But in a manual transmission you have to do it in third or fourth gear at wide open throttle or something like that so the automatics are louder but once again something most people are going to change anyway just food for thought i guess you would say my final thoughts on this car um obviously i’ll link the video in the top corner i’ll even link it at the end

I was planning on getting one of these cars now i kind of lost interest a little bit because just all the games that have been happening this car has been i could have swore i remember seeing on nissan’s website that this car was coming out the spring of 2021 and it’s basically fall of 2022 and they’re just kind of like getting to the dealerships now i understand

Supply chain issues just that the other thing or they’re a small company blah blah blah seems like this whole release has been a complete show for a lack of better word kind of lost interest let me know what you guys think down below are you still interested in one of these cars you’re still trying to get one if i could find one maybe at msrp in who knows when i

Might be interested but also the rates are ridiculous i saw the apr was 6.23 percent which is completely ridiculous if you have the money to be spending for that you’re good for you if you absolutely need a car and you’re doing this car shopping right now i wish the best for you because these dealerships are taking complete advantage of everyone and it only seems

Like a couple companies are actually caring about that i know tesla has a completely different model that’s why they don’t have any dealerships it’s just like a i don’t even know if it’s called a showroom or whatever you can’t buy a car with them you have to buy it online which thank you tesla but i wish every other manufacturer will go to that now be sure to let

Me know down below are you still interested in this car have you lost interest in it because if you do some searching on the internet there’s been a lot of people that lost interest in this car just because of this whole rollout and the issues with the transmission and stuff like that those will get settled it’s not that big of a deal but just this whole botched

Roll out of this car and yes you’re gonna complain to me that i’m just bitching and complaining go ahead leave it in the comments i will see you guys the next one hit that subscribe button hit that like button leave some comments about your thoughts on this whole thing if you’re buying the car if you’re not buying the car and i’ll see you guys the next one peace out thank you foreign

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Is the Nissan Z DOOMED from the start? By chris dz

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