is the new ferrari 296 gtb worth
Altair Club Cars Is The NEW FERRARI 296 GTB Worth Buying? Rocket League Bundle Review

Is The NEW FERRARI 296 GTB Worth Buying? Rocket League Bundle Review

Today, we are taking an in-depth look at the New Ferrari Bundle and determining whether it is worth buying! I hope you all enjoy the video, and hopefully, I can make your decision a little easier! 😀

Today’s review we’re going to be taking a look at the ferrari 296 gtb bundle and figuring out whether it’s worth not to buy we’re going to be going over all faints customization hitbox as well as taking to the casual twos to test that in game so if you guys enjoys the view or you find it at all helpful make sure to drop like subscribe let me know down in the comments

If you’re picking this car up and if you do pick this up make sure you use my support of creative code it’s inferno for zero if you do use my code i’ll send me a picture of video to my social medias are down in the description down below and i’ll shout you out in a future video just like this one hey i was just gone to the review starting out here we got the ferrari

Itself which this looks pretty clean i don’t know if i prefer ferrari or mclaren probably ferrari actually then we also got the wheels which these wheels cannot be put on any other car it’s stuck to the ferrari we got the asceto fiorano decal which is basically just another real life decal but this one’s got the yellow stripe down in the middle which that looks super

Clean and it also comes with an antenna as well to ferrari and it looks like you can put this on the car but i’m gonna assume that this is the only antenna you can put on also there’s a free player banner so if you didn’t want to buy the thing you wanted some ferrari this is zero credits so just go ahead and buy this here gonna go ahead and put the banner on now

So i don’t forget because i always forget to put it on when i do these reviews as far as customization goes like i said the asado fiorano is the only decal he could use you can’t change the color scheme of fascetto fiorano but if you do none you can change the color of a car i’m never a huge fan of this like dark dark green but this actually looks pretty clean in

The ferrari and this off color orange here this actually isn’t that bad burnt sienna ferrari actually looks nice i’m probably gonna do two games with this i’m gonna do one without decal one whiff as far as the wheels go you can only use this and like i said earlier you can’t put this wheel on any other car it’s stuck to this boost you can use whatever you want but

You can’t use cross dlc so the 711 boost for example you cannot use topper is not allowed to use any at all antenna you can only use a ferrari that makes sense goal explosion is whatever you want same deal though you can’t use cross dlc so no jurassic world no delorean ghostbuster or anything like that you can’t use that on this car trailer you can do whatever you

Want and we’ll just leave a classic on and of course across dlc but i don’t think there are any dlc trails unless i’m forgetting something and here is the engine sound okay that sounds really good it’s actually a pretty sick engine not going to lie well done that big about done yourself all right so let’s check out this hitbox real quick so this is a dominant

Set box and as we can see here there’s a good amount of front that’s actually cut off i wonder if that’ll be noticeable when you go to like hit the ball like a redirect or something it just clips for your car and the back side is barely anything cut off so it’s not going to be noticeable at all as far as top to bottom goes like nothing’s really floating at all it

Kind of just like lays nicely so that’s good and as far as the wheels go like in flip reset terms this actually doesn’t look too bad it’s not like spaced out super far so flipper sets will be easy for example because the wheels are actually accurate to the hitbox i know some cars have wheels just like spaced out visually compared to the actual hitbox of a car and

So when you go to hang on okay there we go yeah no i was just being trash right there unlike previous bundle views i actually did a game with the original hitbox before i recorded this so i did a game of dominus and i did a little free play of it just to get a feel for how a dominus is and i’m going to compare it to this ferrari right here so that way i get a more

Accurate representation of how this ferrari feels compared to the original dominoes yeah we’ll go and take us into casualties real quick i think i’m actually going to make a separate video tomorrow where i take this into ones and just like play gameplay with 1v1 the ferrari because i want to try to get some more gameplay oriented videos on my channel so let me know

In the comments if you want to see that at all and this guy’s name is smurfacant96 that’s incredible oh that was just funny oh what that’s a good save oh that almost worked oh good save man i’m getting my stuff blocked today i think oogway is upset at his teammate he’s just spamming okay indefinitely i mean i’ll take that yeah so far i like the consistency of

This it feels pretty consistent with how a normal dominance would feel and i know it sounds like something that should be obvious but there’s other cars out there nice shot there’s other dominus hitboxes out there where it doesn’t really feel like a dominus all right this is a free one unless something interesting happens i might have skipped a game too all right

Finally this game’s over nice dudes these guys are being annoying in the chat hey at least the one with two online matches in a row so what they do i guess we’re going to put the assato fiorano on just so i could use this sort of game one fan knows right off the bat is that this hitbox feels really good this actually even feels better than indominus in my opinion it

Feels more mobile if that’s even a good way to describe it got me to me maybe i mean kind of worked nice oh i’m not going to talk about that all right i recently switched back over to an octane don’t know if you guys saw that on my bronco raptor review or not one of the reasons switched over to an octane as a main hitbox is because of the stiffness of a dominus

And just how like because of how slow it was in the turn department like in the handling speeds and everything and i used an octane i found how fast i was and i was still getting consistent flicks and stuff but with this uh ferrari here actually feels it actually takes care of that one issue that the dominance has so i don’t know so far i think this is better

Than a dominus in my opinion oh i was close oh oh faking hey that was maybe nice that was a good flick people wonder what the difference is between certain dominance hitboxes like the biggest one i can think of that’s not good that’s what i could think of was via aston martin valhalla that’s a dominant hitbox it doesn’t really feel that good oh my gosh that

Almost worked too good for him that was close over time it is oh man i had like 10 more boos oh wait i’m not gonna lie i thought he was to my left there oh that’s not what i thought he was going to do i was expecting him to pass right there but then he did get bumped by beans so there’s nothing much you could do there so gg though that was close all right so

Final opinion on this car i think this car is really good domino’s hitbox is always nice got good handling speeds good flicks it’s got pretty decent freestyle department as well pretty close getting a few nice things throughout those two games customization is limited but honestly i don’t really mind because they’ve been putting out so many limited customizations

Throughout the years i don’t think negative of it anymore because i understand not wanting to have like some crazy out of this world decal on a ferrari that’s supposed to look realistic and i get that same thing applied to the mclaren as well fords and nissans they don’t really care but but these fancier sports cars lamborghinis mclarens ferraris they’re always

Gonna care aston martin but overall this is worth buying i’d have to say maybe it’s a little bit pricey but like i said in the beginning i actually i might have forgot to say in the beginning i probably put in text but it’s 2 000 credits so it’s a lot higher it’s nine bucks more than your average bundle which is 1100 but again it doesn’t make sense because it’s a

Ferrari i mean i spend ten dollars on nike decals for an octane so yeah i’m a sucker right but i’d say but this is pretty good if you don’t want to spend 20 bucks when default diamonds will work fine i guess but i really do like the fact that i have a ferrari in my collection now i might even make a video on the fact that i have a ferrari a lambo and a mclaren in

My garage and just to see which uh sports car is better just because because i know this is like my first video in like a week it’s mainly because college has started and i’m trying to put more focus on that because it’s not like a summer where i don’t have much to do with that being said i do plan to get more content out there especially since model warfare 2’s

Beta is going to come out in a couple weeks suppose a multiplayer reveal trailer so i got some things to catch up with on vanguard before i’m all set for modern warfare 2 to come out that includes the red atomic series and a couple other videos i want to make as well as a goodbye vanguard highlight compilation which i think that’ll be pretty fun the best of the

Moments throughout my uh vanguard playthrough i think i’ll be pretty cool it’s basically just like closing a chapter of vanguard and moving on to modern warfare 2. i think that’ll be pretty good but i only have 60 days until the new game actually comes out so i got some work to do on that besides vanguard as well i want to keep a rocket league to 75-25 so i gotta

Start making morocco content as well trying now for akron’s esports team and their tryouts are in six days so i probably see a video on me playing at tryouts and stuff and doing games as akron’s team like against other colleges and stuff so you might be seeing more competitive like super competitive gameplay out of me as well as i kind of just want to make a series

Where i play competitive and see if you guys like that that was almost nice yeah i got a lot of content coming over the next two months preparing for model warfare 2 as well as as well as akron’s esport for rocket league as well as just regular rocket content i want to try out in the channel as something new so yeah big fans have come up for the channel so if

You’re excited for it make sure you subscribe to be a part of a community if you enjoyed the video leave a like on it and let me know in the comments if you pick this thing up and not one last note be sure to use my code in front of a zero and i’ll shout you out in future videos you just gotta send me like a photo or a video using socials down below for discord

Twitter instagram wherever by the way i haven’t shot us out in a long time but if you have a discord i have a community server so if you want to join that it’s in the description we got 20 something members in there already but we could always get more so yeah with all that being said i hope you all enjoyed and i’ll see you all in the next video peace you

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Is The NEW FERRARI 296 GTB Worth Buying? Rocket League Bundle Review By Infern0 Gaming

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