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Altair Club Cars Is The Land Rover Discovery LR3 The Most Affordable Modern Off-Roader?

Is The Land Rover Discovery LR3 The Most Affordable Modern Off-Roader?

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Foreign tfl you join me in oregon for an off-road trip with the folks over at firestone tires and the particular vehicle we’re checking out today is this land rover lr3 which is one of the most affordable off-roaders that you can buy and it’s a pretty controversial one but it’s one that we’ve actually had good experiences with because our company used to own one

Of these for a number of years that we bought for five thousand dollars which is not a lot of money especially considering just how much off-road running gear and capability you get cooked into this straight out of the box and as you can see this vehicle is barely modified so it has these firestone destination xt tires which is a new tire that firestone has launched

It’s three peaks snow rated it’s a good all-around tire but not insanely aggressive it’s definitely not at all the most aggressive tire that they make this has also got a snorkel it’s got a roof rack with some store george but otherwise this is pretty much a stock vehicle but even though it’s stock you get a ton that makes this capable so pop and open the door

There are some features here that are even nice to have in a modern off-roader you get air suspension which is one of the more controversial parts which we’ll talk about in a moment but you also get terrain modes and an overall really pretty nice interior i mean heated seats which is a nice fairly modern feature to have overall not a horrible looking interior

Comfortable seats and you get not one not two but three sunroofs in this vehicle which is pretty spectacular how many other vehicles out there have three separate sunroofs and as you can see there’s tons and tons of pinstriping on this particular one so it’s obviously been on a couple trails before now one of the things that makes this very capable but also makes

It a little questionable in the reliability department is this air suspension really great for off-roading but when the air suspension fails obviously it’s very expensive to fix something else that makes this vehicle really good though is that it’s got a v8 it’s powerful it’s got no problem keeping up with traffic even up steep grades and at altitude where we

Owned ours and we used ours as a camera vehicle a lot of the time which was awesome because when the air suspension works properly on these it is one of the most comfortable vehicles i think i’ve ever been in filming out of this when we were doing ike gauntlets or anything like that you barely had to stabilize the camera at all because it just rides so smooth so

When these vehicles work they are really really impressive and we’ve spent a lot of time off-roading them and we’re going to do some more of that today to show you just how it goes we’ve got the suspension jacked up on the lr3 we’re in low range and rock crawl and should be quick work getting through this river in the lr3 because this is a plenty capable machine

For what we’re doing so so long as we don’t have any trouble with british electronics one of the nice things about the air suspension working properly is that we can actually get this jacked up pretty high we’re not too worried about the fuse box you cannot say enough how comfortable this is behind the driver’s seat it’s so squishy climbing up out of the river

Here trying not to run over any photographers no trouble with traction on these firestone destination xt’s nice it’s a good setup with as expensive as everything has gotten as far as off-roaders go having an affordable vehicle that can get you out to places like this that’s not such a bad thing despite the presence of much more capable and much more expensive

Rigs on our overland trip the lr3 was a crowd favorite due purely to its untouchable ride quality electronics are the biggest annoyance on the land rover which the lr3 reminded us of when it wouldn’t release its electric parking brake for a few minutes after sitting parked on the trail a while otherwise it’s as comfortable off-road as it is on pavement and with

The simple addition of some firestone destination xts the lr3 goes anywhere and everywhere that you point it so right now we’re heading down a very basic washboard road here on our way to some more serious trails where we’re going to also get some of the more serious off-roaders in this group out over some obstacles and honestly over the washboard kind of terrain

This this is the machine you want to be in i mean we’ve got an fj we’ve got a kid at al tundra we’ve got a frontier here we’ve got all kinds of much newer much more modern vehicles that if you want to buy you’re going to pay a lot more money for but honestly this is about as comfortable as you’re gonna get and you can pick up these lr3s for less than 10 grand all

Day long and they can do so much more than going over a washboard road i mean again this is one of the things that it’s probably some of the best at just because of how nice the ride is on this vehicle but you can do some serious rock crawling in these and when we had our lr3 we took it on so so many trails and it it really never let us down which is impressive

Because yeah absolutely when we bought that vehicle every comment about it was you are going to regret getting that and we didn’t we held on to it for a long time especially by our standards because we usually flip vehicles in a year if not less now we held on to that lr3 for a good bit because it was comfortable it was surprisingly reliable for us and it did really

Well off-road and as awesome as a lot of the off-roaders that we test brand new from the factory like our sasquatch package bronco or even the bronco raptor we had not too long ago jeeps everything that you can think of as amazingly capable as they are those are 30 40 50 60 70 000 off-roaders i mean our lr3 for five thousand dollars you know if something happened

To it it’s not that big of a deal i mean that’s a set of wheels and tires on a lot of people’s off-roaders so there’s a certain liberty that you get with an inexpensive off-roader like this and there’s there’s a phrase about sports cars or an idea about sports cars that i think applies the idea with sports cars is that you can fast cheap and reliable but you can

Only pick two and i think it’s the same thing with something that’s off-road capable you can get a good off-roader something that’s cheap something that’s reliable you can only pick two this is cheap and it’s a good off-roader it’s not going to be the most reliable vehicle that you can buy for you know under ten thousand dollars plenty of vehicles out there that

Are going to be much more reliable but i mean toyota’s 4runners they’ve been really expensive jeeps js are starting to get pretty expensive i’m not telling you to sell your reliable daily driver and get an lr3 that has to get you to and from work but maybe if you’re thinking about getting an off-road rig in addition to your daily driver would be a pretty good

Option if you don’t want to spend a ton of money or even have to do a ton of modification so let us know what you think in the comments down below and let us know if you’ve had one of these what kind of experiences have you had was it a total money pit for you because we want to get more input than just the input that we can give out from our personal experience

So that’s all for this video and we’ll catch you guys in the next one foreign

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Is The Land Rover Discovery LR3 The Most Affordable Modern Off-Roader? By TFLoffroad

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