is the hyundai elantra n the bes
Altair Club Cars Is The Hyundai Elantra N The BEST Sport Sedan For The Money??

Is The Hyundai Elantra N The BEST Sport Sedan For The Money??

What’s going on Car Family!? This has to be one of the most fun sport sedans that I have ever driven. Let’s check out the 2022 Hyundai Elantra N!

Foreign what’s going on car family i’m ben wayne and today i’m behind the wheel of a car i’ve been waiting to drive for quite some time this is the 2022 hyundai elantra n not the basic elantra we reviewed not the inline version we’ve reviewed but this is the full fat hyundai elantra and and this is an incredible machine especially with the price point coming in

At just under 34 grand for the base price so it’s competing against vehicles such as the type r i really love what hyundai is doing at this point remember that veloster and we reviewed several months ago i love that car so much i reviewed it twice right this is a lot of fun in an affordable package with practicality as well and the exhaust on this thing gives you

All the snaps and bangs that you could ever want oh wow this is just incredible this is incredible so i guess i have to talk to you guys about this car instead of just driving it so starting at the front of the vehicle you’re going to get led daytime running lamps and of course led projector headlamps as well now you’ll notice there’s major differences between the

Elantra n and the other variants of the elantra lineup this looks way more aggressive you’ll note you have vortex generators up front to help promote laminar flow from the front to the side of the vehicle you also have ducts that go directly to your front brakes and of course a massive grille featuring an m badge right so as soon as you see this car you might not

Know exactly what it is but you know it’s something due to the revisions hyundai is incorporated to separate it from the rest of the vehicles in the elantra lineup it’s an amazing machine now the hood features smooth creases i like how the hood has been smoothly defined underneath that hood we’re getting a two liter turbocharged four-cylinder giving us 276 horsepower

289 pound-feet of torque and this particular application is connected to an 8-speed dual clutch transmission the 0-60 hyundai claims about five seconds i can say that’s accurate now i mentioned it’s available with an 8-speed dual clutch transmission you also have the option to get a six-speed manual as well if i were you go with the manual it’s more engaging and

I’d imagine you become more one with the vehicle wow this is incredible now regarding the power output i mentioned that this has 276 horsepower right so in the dual clutch variant which is the variant we’re driving on the steering wheel there’s a red button that says ngs that is end grin shift and what that’s going to do it’s going to give you about 20 seconds

Of over boost that’s going to give you about 10 additional horsepower so your horsepower can jump from 276 to 286 for about 20 seconds there so the output is there and it makes it a really fun car to drive now as far as your fuel economy is concerned you’re looking at about 22 city and 31 highway i’m not gonna lie to you guys i have not reached anywhere near that

Because this vehicle just begs you to lean into that throttle it’s a really fun and engaging vehicle now coming to the side profile again you’re getting that traditional silhouette of the hyundai elantra right you’ll notice that you have massive 19-inch wheels with a nice intricate design behind those wheels you’re looking at 14.2 inch brake rotors right so you’re

Getting 14.2 inch brake rotors with red brake calipers and it really just yells aggression from the side profile of the vehicle right you’re also getting blacked out side view mirrors as well so that helps just exude the sportiness of what the elantra n is about now when it comes to the rocker panels you’ll notice that you do have more matte black accents along

With those red accents as well help bringing the car to life even more oh wow this is just incredible i’m not gonna have any gas left by the time i’m done with this review but that’s okay now for your handling they also threw in an electronic limited slip differential right so that’s going to help this car handle like it’s on rails in the turns you see all the

Options and all the tech and features i’m mentioning and you’re getting this for under 34 grand that’s insane this is you know 20 years ago you could never get a car like this that was affordable and practical and so much fun now when it comes to the rear of course you’re getting all led tail lamps just like all the other elantra models but what you’ll notice

Different is that decklid spoiler on the trunk right and its angular has plenty of lines just like the rest of the vehicle so it matches up with the theme but you’ll also notice that you have a nice large rear diffuser and then underneath that diffuser you have two large exhausts that’s your variable exhaust system that’s going to give you all the snaps crackles

And pops especially when you have the car in end mode like i do now and it sounds incredible now i mentioned practicality of course you do have trunk space but if you open up the trunk lid you’ll notice not just the trunk space you’ll notice a red brace in between the trunk and the rear seats that’s going to help provide you additional rigidity and that’s going

To help give you that crisp handling that launcher and is known for right so i love that they did it in bright red so it just screams out at you i think that’s pretty cool definitely adds to the cool features of this vehicle so along with that variable exhaust you had that brace between the trunk as well that’s going to help your driving dynamics but you also

Have a variable damping system so one at each corner of course one for each wheel and that helps change the behavior of this vehicle so while i have it in end mode i can set it up to an end custom mode and set the suspension to soft if i want to suit if i want to smooth the ride and i think that’s what helps make a car like this something that you can enjoy on a

Daily basis because you don’t have to have a firm ride every time you’re in end mode or you know if you’re just cruising to work you just want to take it easy you can have a nice smooth ride right so this car is able to wear multiple hats it’s a sports sedan it could be a regular commuter vehicle you could take it to the track you know and especially if you have

The manual transmission option the six-speed manual option you know if you think about it this car wears a lot of hats that exhaust sounds nice i might make a cut scene and just let you guys hear that exhaust so let’s talk about the interior a little bit the first thing that you’re going to notice about the interior is the sport seats and when you see them

That’s what tells you what this car is about i actually took a friend on a ride in this vehicle and you know he was just like oh it’s a hyundai and then he opened the door and he’s like okay this car is about something isn’t it and i said yes it is so you’ll notice the sport bucket seats you know done with the micro suede and the blue accents that’s hyundai’s end

Color so you get the light blue stitching and then you have the n logos as well the end logos illuminate in low light conditions really looks cool so the seats are slim they’re firm provide aggressive side bolstering everything you need in a sports sedan these seats provide and they’re heated as well the door panels are done in almost what looks like a gunmetal

Color that matches with the overall theme of course you have controls for all four windows more hard plastic here i do wish they broke up the black with a little bit more color that’s just me and then you have a little bit of storage on the bottom of the doors at the top of the dash it’s done in a hard injection molded material of course you do have a touchscreen

Infotainment system it does not feature wireless apple carplay and android auto you have to connect your phone via usb port to do that but it does have apple carplay and android auto so it does give you that it’s nice and responsive there’s even an end mode menu here that shows you a ton of different information about the vehicles such as your oil temperature engine

Temperature and it also shows you your custom settings so i have the engine steering transmission all on sport plus right i’m in an end mode custom setting so you’ll notice the suspension is reading normal so it’s going to give you all the information that you could want nice and easy to use very intuitive you do have a volume knob here hard touch physical buttons

Here as well for your media navigation radio stuff like that your air conditioning system here wireless charging of course two cup holders you have your gear selector done in black leather with the blue accents looks nice and then a physical e-brake here as well so this car makes you feel like you’re in something special right and it’s amazing it allows you to feel

That special for under thirty five thousand dollars i think that’s pretty insane that crackle i hope you guys can hear that it’s amazing all right so what i’m gonna do i’m gonna go ahead and press the end grin shift button that’s going to give me additional 10 horses and floor it this car just moves and the brakes are nice and responsive as well so you’re not

Too afraid to really push this car because the brakes give you that confidence that you’re able to keep it in check wow they really did their thing with this car coming over to the steering wheel done in black leather you do have the blue stitching i love that contrast there and then two end buttons on either side so you could set up your end mode however you

Want or you could just use the standard pre-programmed end mode as well you do have shift paddles behind the steering wheel oh man and i’m sure you notice by now that you do have a digital instrument cluster so it’s about a 10 inch display there gives you all the information you could want and if you change the mode the car is in it will change the configuration

Right so right now i’m out of end mode you have sport normal or eco right and it changes the different graphics on the instrument cluster so i think that’s pretty neat now you can say that i drove it in every mode i’m going right back to end mode all right so we’re gonna do that i’ll go to the end custom setting for that soft suspension so one thing that is of

Note you’ll notice that this particular vehicle does feature a sunroof so if you have a dual clutch transmission you can get this vehicle with the sunroof if you have the manual there’s no sunroof option i’m not sure why that is but i just wanted to make sure that you guys knew about it i would say still go with the manual right the ride overall is firm you can

Tell that this is a sports sedan but it’s not uncomfortable to the point where it feels like work to drive it over a long period of time right this is something that you could easily take your family out in and still have all the practicality between you know the leg room up front and in the back you know it meets your needs now i will say that there isn’t any rear

Seat ventilation so that’s to be noted you’re not gonna fry back there but you know you have full control of the air conditioner system up here so you have to keep in mind that you do have passengers behind you who will need air as well but overall guys i think this is just an incredible machine hyundai saw a niche market or demand for a car like this and they

Delivered on it because this car sounds amazing the suspension is amazing and with that electronic limited slip differential you can really carve up some corners here and you have all the safety features that the typical hyundais come with such as your lane keep assist so the vehicle will read the markings on the street and keep you in the lanes you have your rear

Collision prevention so if you’re backing up in your driveway and you’re about to hit a bush it will slam on the brakes preventing you from running into something behind you of course you have your ford collision assist as well so all those tech features that hyundais generally come with are available in this elantra and at an incredible price point right what is

Not to like about this car because that exhaust is amazing i could listen to that all day i don’t think i’ve had this car in the week that i’ve had it i don’t think there’s been a time where i haven’t had it in end mode that’s how fun this thing is so guys if you’re looking for a fun sport sedan be sure to check out the elantra and if you want a two-door version

Of this car be sure to check out the veloster and hyundai is just knocking it out the park right now this is an incredible machine and it’s obtainable it’s not something that’s a hundred grand right this is something that’s achievable for anybody who wants something fun to drive and enjoys practicality so that’s my thoughts on this one guys let me know what you

Think about this one in the comment section i’m sure you will and until next time i’m ben wayne the automotive reviewer that youtube deserves

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Is The Hyundai Elantra N The BEST Sport Sedan For The Money?!? By Ben Wayne

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